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  1. Are you talking about 110lvl? today? At Legion? ........... They wrote about migration in any topic here at firestorm forum something about migration what I remember little bit. Yes all characters are copied until 15.3. 24:00 but they do migration from Sylvanas later , after they stabilize server . So you must wait to the moment when they open migration from Sylvanas again. But they wrote just one character only. And probably same as usual for real gold.
  2. agree. I had 100% drop from Aeonaxx ,same from draenor 100% drop mounts. (I have all except Pathfinder because I never saw him at least dead) Also dungeon mounts what are 100% drop in wyrmest accord (both , blue and black dragon) and I had good luck only with one mount from low drop rates and its Grand Black war mammoth from wintergasp(dont remmeber raid name now) He was in my first visit and first killed boss there :D. I was asking here and one guy confirmed to me , they are but you must farm all really long time. Just this protobstrd is mystery. I can confirm also all raptors from pandaria 33% drop chance from eggs . Eggs from Argus work good . But ......but all these are from sylvanas and I belive they just copy full drop database from Sylvanas and trnsfer it to Seth. I hope :D. will see
  3. I was happy as little kid when I saw him alive (at Sylvanas) but when I open loot window I was almost crying as litle kid . I remeber him with 100% drop chance so I think we have two options. 1.buged - 2.changed drop rate from one reason (Firestorm settings). He isnt spawning at random places and isnt flying around , randomly in one from his three routes. That's how they compensate it . I wonder if anyone will answer you
  4. Thank you very much buddy. I¨ll check it right now 😉
  5. Yes, Im sorry i know I dont help and just wrote any smart bullsh.ts .How I wrote before "Just because Im really bored, I'll join you." 😉
  6. Just because Im really bored, I'll join you. Dont forget guys this isnt new server in its own . You must understand this is something just like expansion. Why boosts for new players? Why start from lvl 1? And just because this is free server and they (owners/management or how call these guys) cant instal it correctly , they release new server and trying keep clearest way to not broke economy from start. So enjoy free playing without monthly fees.
  7. pfffff I was snifing around and I found this link here at firestorm forum. https://wow.curseforge.com/addons and I see in downloads all posible versions . I hope this help someone lost as I was.
  8. Hi guys. Please know you any good website with add-ons and with easy nob-proof navigation? I need just any for better map marking / action bars sorting and profesion sorting. Thx.
  9. Thanks buddy . Nice to read it. I thought they remove it and replace it with these statues(grey soulbound items) because these are not in official drop list. But wowhead is higher game version so these things can be just version database changes. Ok, last time thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi. Please can I ask? Are mounts removed from boss loot and added just into shop? I'm trying little bit mount farming from dungeons, but I'm many time receiving any soulbound-unique items as Stalagmite Dragon or any different depend which boss I killed (grey items) but these items are not in official drop list. So I want just ask if is not lost time hunt mounts as Raven Lord, Ashes of Al'ar, Vitreous stone drake . Thanks