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  1. And what do you want me to do ? Solve the server crashes for them ? If people complain maybe they will focus and prioritize on fixing the crashes first instead of adding more content, what's the point of adding new content and stuff if your server crashes every 20 min and you can't do anything in-game ?
  2. Aaaaand it crashed again ...
  3. This is fucking ridiculous already, Sylvanas crashes every 15 min, can't even play ...
  4. Title: [Greymane] Some suggestions for server Type: In-game Description: 1.Give each newly created character a small AP item in their bag, it helps unlock the first artifact talents from the start, now you either have to do bg's or wq with your artifact "naked" of talents. 2.Add a vendor that sells the artifacts hidden skins for some currency(marks of honor) 3.Unlock Argus for all created characters so that we can use the Netherlight Crucible or add the Netherlight crucible to the malls. 4.Make the Weekly quest [Open Season] also count in bg's and arenas. 5.Add more daily/weekly quests.
  5. I talked with a gm today and he said that the xp gets set to 5x automatically when in broken isles.
  6. I read somewhere on the forum that the xp rates on Sylvanas on Broken Isles can be 5x, is this still true ? When I go with my lvl 100 dh to the xp rate valkyr I only have the 1x and 3x options.
  7. I opened the firestorm launcher, I made him scan my PC for MoP, he found it, and now it's stuck at "Waiting for an other update" although i'm not downloading anything else. Can't click the play button, can't do anything.