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  1. Did u get it back? If not check mail, there were some initial issues with upgrading legos. They quickly fixed them and sent the corrected upgraded legos in your mail box.
  2. Is it also available on other servers of later expansions? Can I go tame Thok to have an armored devilsaur?
  3. What now? Server was restared and I still see no quests in my hunter Order hall!
  4. So is the restat gonna happen now with Boris? If not, when?
  5. I am also a hunter and I also have the files placed correctly but there's no quest to accept, I've also heard the same complain from other hunters...
  6. In 3 pulls we had 2 people take fall damage that kills you in the trnastition from 2nd to 3rd phase. In my case it might have been connected to using deterrence to avoid taking the phase transition damage.
  7. Siegemakers stoping is connected to the fixated target using the mobility skills like Blink or Disengage.
  8. st phase: piles of the debri don't get destroyed after soaking the Marked for Death shots nd phase: Siegemakers sometimes just stop moving and just stand still, fire from Mortar sometimes still doesn't spread rd phase: Marked for death shots somehow spread and knock many people at the same time, tanks are always among them, so they effectivelly work like Smash. The result is whole raid flying around the map multiple times in succession and not being able to regroup for Smash or place the boss on the right spot, since he is constanly moving around while being hard to control. These bugs are from the release date of the 7th of September.
  9. After watching some more videos, the Turret frequency might be completelly correct after all. The bug with getting to the last phase when one Maiden is on the ship is probably connected to fixing the issue where ship boards were occurring even during the last phase, which is fixed now. I'm just assuming here...
  10. Also the siegemaker sank once when it was fixated to the tank. These sinking seems to somehow be connected to the aggro and taunting. Smash is also interruptable in the 3rd phase.
  11. The boss still sank below the ground level in the 2nd phase, other bugs seem to be fixed fine so far.
  12. Well the listed bugs seem to have been fixed, the coding however, created some new bugs Admiral is spawning the turrets way too frequently at 100 energy. If the last phase starts by getting 1 boss below 20% when the other one is on the ship, the maidens will completelly bug out, disappear and reappear numourous times and pulling the raid wherever in the instance they are. That's all for now, I might return later with some more info....
  13. It would make much more sense if the ranking was listed according to the raid efficency rather than who got the boss 1st. We don't want some old dead inactive guilds up there for no reason. And even if there is this time of kill ranking, we as Evolution would deserve the Iron maidens kill since we were the 1st 2 weeks ago and if there were any existing bugs, all of them were making our job harder not any easier at all.
  14. First Blackhand phase was fine, but in the 2nd one, we ecnountered some bugs related to the Siege makers. Some of them that spawned weren't fixed to the 2nd floor ground. Not all but some and sometimes just started floating in the air or diving towards the 3rd phase platfrom. This made it impossible to lead them over the mines, hide behind them when Marked for death or even focus them. This lead to them igniting the floor without it being preventable in some occurrances. Also once we progressed to the 3rd phase, the boss didn't even follow us at 1st while the mobs from the 2nd phase balconies were still dealing their splash damage to us.
  15. The bosses are doable at normal at least. There's one issue where I reported the bug but the bugtracker DEVs didn't agree on it. On a video guide it was stated that if bosses reach 100 energy before all 3 ship boards happen, meaning at least one of them is dropped bellow 20% HP before enough time passes for the 2nd or the 3rd board, maidens of course get bonus abilities, but they should also abort any future ship boards. The last issue is with Admiral's Penetrating shot which just becomes instant at 100 energy, which akes it hard to group up and share the shot damage on time.