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  1. Sisters mythic mechanics don't work at the moment at all. I've already reported the bug. Is trying to progress on the Sisters considered bug exploiting if you succeed with the current bugs?
  2. It's about time the bug where adds before Naltira can't be pulled on teeming weeks, gets fixed.
  3. Is there a fix for Avatar reseting coming anytime soon?
  4. On retail, the legendary soul class rings, like the https://www.wowhead.com/item=151641/soul-of-the-huntmaster were released after the https://www.wowhead.com/item=147799/relinquished-ring. These tokens were used to snipe the specific legendaries, so when the new legendary soul rings came out, people naturally wondered whether they could also use the same techinque do get the new rings. Blizzard personel officialy answsered negativelly, meaning the ring tokens couldn't drop the Soul rings. It makes sense to ask the same question on Firestorm and I have been asking it. So far I have mostly gotten "I don't know, I can't answer that question" and also some "yes, it can be dropped on Firestorm". The confirmations however weren't really affirming and could've easily been a consequence of misinformation or a misunderstanding. Is there anyone able to reliably answer that question, either from the development knowledge or any player who got dropped that ring from the token?
  5. Do universal and general legendaries, of which effects can be used on multiple specialisations, also count as dropped on all of those specs? Since it was confirmed that first 2 legos have increased drop rate, it raises an important question whether this bonus is diminished by legos, that have already been obtained on other specs. This seems to have been the case on retail, but I haven't seen an official educated confirmation or explanation of the Firestorm system yet. I'm a hunter and among some legos I've already obtained, are the defensive helmet and the Kil'jaeden trinket, which I got on marksmanship, and Prydaz necklace I got on beast mastery. All of these legos can be used on survival, but what I really want is the all-spec Soul ring. So it really matters to me, if the increased drop rate on my survival is still present. Is my survival lego count on 3 or 0? I hope I get a DEV that has an explanation to answer this question. Thank you in advance.
  6. You get the class mount with the Mage Tower Challenge on Firestorm. I wouldn't mind this quest fixed, though, to get another follower and the Class Hall upgrades.
  7. That obviously applies to all the general legos and such, that are considered viable for the multiple loot specs, right? Even if you got the legos on other specs, it counts as if you already have them on others?
  8. Thank you, that's what I heard and wanted to make sure.
  9. I would appreciate an answer from any DEV or a well informed individual. Does the amount of legos you already have that are viable for your current loot spec impact your drop chance for the next lego? If they do, in what capacity? Does it matter whether you have 0 legos, 1, 2, maybe 4 or 5,...9...?
  10. Did u get it back? If not check mail, there were some initial issues with upgrading legos. They quickly fixed them and sent the corrected upgraded legos in your mail box.
  11. You have to find a group for normal mythic mode (mm0) in chat, when you have it, you queue as a group for a specific heroic dungeon. After that, you all exit the dungeon, the leader has to set group to raid and then back to party mode and after that, change the dungeon difficulty to mythic. After that you can all reenter and do the mythic dungeon. GL
  12. found the 30th egg The Sacred Grove in the Dreanei starting zone, behind the stone totem
  13. There's a rumor about a clue for the last egg. I's supposed to be "shammy draenei", whatever that's supposed ot indicate...
  14. Is it also available on other servers of later expansions? Can I go tame Thok to have an armored devilsaur?