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  1. You know what's working ? Their VIP trolololol thing, instead of fixing other important things This server is becoming pay to win hahahaha ! no res sickness insta tp 30% honor and AP ! u serious ?
  2. Dudeu lol... relax, i've lost more than one item and not just me, and be sure that at least half of the players or more lost quests nd xp and items too in those rollbacks, so chill the hell out, u ain't getting the ring back so please stop, either way they would give everyone wht they lost each damn time.
  3. if they are doing fixes they should inform us with a message system !
  4. same, been getting 7/day but can't see em being added in the website
  5. first ,it's a copy not a full transfer. second, u'll have to wait cuz copy might take around 24h
  6. they should do that tonight or asap not tmw 10am lol..
  7. Will there be a shop for legion soon ?
  8. I hope pve realm
  9. it really is not fair that people got that savage recipe from a bug ! about the vial it is not a bug u can get the recipe from archeology ! like everyone
  10. it is not hard to get honor since u can get them with artefact fragments easely..
  11. Mage, fire mage ! dat combustion tho !!!!!! <3 ! and most of old spells are back !
  12. And also there is a problem in the website, each time i login or so, it takes me to the french version, i change it to US, click on something few minutes later, takes me to the french version of that pannel !
  13. voting doesnt work for anyone i think