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  1. No shit sherlock, it's not open yet.
  2. Even with 7 legendaries and 880 equipped ilvl is not worth 2700. lesser characters costing insane amounts is just unreasonable. the base price is 500 coins. 575 coins cost 50 dollars 50 DOLLARS! that's a massive price as is and the fact the the price for lesser characters has increased is crazy because it basically doubled in price.
  3. Buying a character is basically impossible right now... either the price for points should be reduced or the estimation system changed for the better and not estimate that 1 point of item level amounts to 200 coins.
  4. How can I run Firestorm Legion on a x32 bit version rather than a 64?
  5. I wanted to buy a certain character from the store today and I made a mistake and bought the wrong one. Is there a chance I can get refunded and return the character to the online store? I did not mean to buy the specific character I mistakenly have.
  6. After you do the quest "Direct our Wrath" and take the quest from the Scouting Map the NPC to give you the follow up quest doesn't give you the quest. Here's the quest that should be presented to you by : This is how it should be:
  7. How long does it take you to get the season going? atm you literally have nothing to do other than get honor talents and AP and order resources which is very boring to do and do 100 Heroic dungeons a day for a chance of getting a 845 piece. I understand that there are many bugs that require fixing and many aspects of the game that need to be treated but... at least give players more to do other than farming AP and order resources.
  8. Can i transfer any of my WoD characters to the new Legion realm? If yes, how?
  9. How do i perform this action tho?