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  1. take the matter into his own hands and..
  2. game

    Is there any reward for win??
  3. .. a painful tingle on the top of his head!
  4. One here,all others are number two or lower!!
  5. Banned Droodic and sending him to enjoy hes retirement!
  6. -No,you can have 11 chars -I think nope,try to create char with alt-key code is every name is taken,there is a lot of player's-chars in game!
  7. Banned all above to fix my mistake! Meh,oke,Freal,if you say so,am not in mood to start flame war,or argue.I should not have to start with here anyway,sry, (its forbidden,forum rules) peace!!
  8. Freal,you broke several forum rules with this post,its offensive and rude,sexual etc!Don't you think?
  9. She is she,anyway...banned Marvel cus of cool comics!