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  1. outlaw rogue good on aoe fight at solo target he is good only if you roll all 6 bones buff if you want solo target dps use assassination spec or sublety if you have legendary boots
  2. Change realm into Guldan
  3. since ashran open wod
  4. The Blast Furnace bug too, but who care this, we will break class, that is very fun
  5. what, for example?
  6. I have a question: when you fix legendary ring quest? In our server with worked HM(not true,becouse twin`s are bugged) we must can get 690 ilvl ring. This is very importent in pve progress
  7. some classes have 50% nerf, pve die on this server....
  8. Oh , download ru client and try
  9. If russian use ru client of game, you don`t see whath they write in world chat
  10. I bought them a few weeks ago
  11. All server abusing that item and people in your guild to, and I tell you more - you too abusing same item, but not 585, hm for example 670 or 685 trinkets. When you will has the real proof, screenshot where we bug boss or have more hp and damage than normal or use cheat, then report our guild If you continue to create topics with baseless accusations, I will report you and require that you blocked at the forum
  12. Proof it,without proof it looks like bla bla blah
  13. Shop is fully broken, I want buy item in shop, but see error message that I in game, but I close game and restart my computer. Already 4 day ago I write to support and they tell me wait fix issue by itself, how long I must wait I don`t know, and nobody want fix this problem in shop.
  14. Ukraine +1
  15. All who played in Trall(russian realm) after merge have items with this signature