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  1. 1. Yes and no. Some of them work, some of them are 'doable' and others you will be unable to enter, if you are in it for transmogs or leveling you shouldn't have many issues with this, end game content is the most functional as developers focus most fixes on the expansion that the realm is for. 2. Again with the first answer, there are some but you may find that not all of them are functional. 3. Last I checked you could create a garrison and level it up to level 2 and level a few buildings but beyond that, no. 4. You will still use the weapons to level though legion (if you wish to) but as in retail, traits are no longer needed as the power for the artifacts is gone. 5. War campaign is working, we are still awaiting on island expeditions in the future too. Leveling - When leveling you wont be in zones for to long and you can find enough quests to level with ease. I prefer leveling up in the eastern kingdoms at low level as the quest givers seem to be closes together and you focus on one town at a time like, goldshire > duskwood > stranglethorn vale encampment > west to east plaguelands. That and it's less hilly, i find it easier getting around zones and there seem to be more people you meet along the way.
  2. Hello, Please open an in-game ticket for game master support, they will be able to re-assign this quest for you.
  3. Hello, Please ensure bugs are reported in the bug-tracker not in the suggestions section, thank you.
  4. Hello, Please contact a member of the Administration team on discord in order to make additions to your transfer form. However, characters are transfered to Slyvanas NOT Serthraliss. This thread will also be moved to declined as it's not a suggestion thread, if you require futher assistance please open a technical support thread here.
  5. Hello, The swamp bugs located in shadowmoon vally is one of the best places to farm mobs, there it almost always other people there so it's best to work together and use a aoe attack to level up even faster.
  6. You can download the full game from our play page via torrent. Alternatively you can use the firestorm launch to patch your current wow to the correct one (or use it for minimal download (download as you play)).
  7. Ofc they are not, they will be the max level on the expansion they are transferred to.
  8. That is a visual bug, your ticket will be in the queue. Please await a response from a member of the game master team.
  9. Hello, If you have forgotten the email, please log in on a new account and create an in-game ticket. Doing so you will be able to ask the game master for the email linked to your old account, you may need some information such as; name, level, race, faction on hand when doing so.
  10. Hello, If you create an in-game ticket a game master may be able to fix this manually for you, alternativly you may open a shop support ticket to get this issue resolved and so that the Administration team know that is needs fixing. You can create a shop support ticket here.
  11. They will be on the Legion realm waiting for you. Please read the original post, that will explain why some items may be missing. (Shop items or not obtainable in-game items). As for the one that didn't transfer do it again, if you are unable to request another transfer then seek Administrator support.
  12. Freakz migrations are removed due to them upgrading patch a while ago which requires our bot to be updated, so for now they are removed/disabled.
  13. Hello, Please do not make posts regarding on why a post has been removed, if it has been it would have been for good reason. On this occasion I can't see why it was removed or whom it was by so I am unable to give you any answers, if you are really wanting an answer as to why it was removed you can discuss this privately with a higher member of staff via forum messages but as for this thread, it will now be closed.
  14. Hello, If you could please ensure you report the bugs in the bug tracker for our development team to look into it would be much appreciated, I my self will run though these areas later on tonight and report a bunch so that people can at least level via quests while still having fun rather than running around and grinding what ever they can. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to report bugs.
  15. Declined due to double posted.