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  1. Hello, Are you trying to use the minimal or full client linlk? If you are having issues with both, do you have a torrent program set up to automatically open magnet link files?
  2. Hello, Some local world quests can cause a phase issue, if there are any near by that trigger please complete them. The main one that normally causes this is - Assault on Thunder Totem. If you also have any active quests in your logs that could be the cause too, the most common quest for this one is the suramar zone starting quest.
  3. Boris was not mentioned so he is not coming, we never announce a boris or 10x event until a few days before they are due to arrive so you needn't ask just keep your eyes peeled for the announcements. That should work without any issues, you may still have to wait for some data to be downloaded so don't click it 46 times Of cause ptr data is deleted, most games delete progress from ptrs. If data was kept it would just be considered a 'soft launch'...
  4. I will check to see if this has been looked into, I have a feeling we may be told this is fixed in 8.2 as new items are added to the conquest pvp items. With the ptr arriving on Monday this may not be a 'priority' report, nether the less I will see what I information I am able to get.
  5. Hello, If you are using the minimal client it will download data as you play and move to new areas.
  6. Apologies for the long delay, I have submitted this to Otacon for information. - Response
  7. I'll see if we can get someone to check this or at least explain exactly what's needed, if not tonight I'll get asking around tomorrow.
  8. Hello, Did you win any of the rank matches? There have been no other reports of complains about this in the bug-tracker or discord so it seems that at the moment it's just isolated to you. (the weekly pvp chest that is. The conquest items the ring is the last item until we upgrade to patch 8.2 so there are no issues with that)
  9. Hello, Did you get your conquest points cap?
  10. Hello, You can view the number of players currently online for each realm here -
  11. It will be as when legion was upgraded, it will just be a small package that users can use launcher that will download any updates required.
  12. bug

    Hello, Most of the low level skills have issues currently (a majority of them in the bc/outland range), it's basically trial and error until you find a good dungeon/mob/item source that works for the mats you require unfortunately. Hopefully @Sam has some tips for you in this area because he is a book when it comes to distraction and diversion content
  13. We all get slapped by rogues every now and then, get back on that horse and go get em!
  14. Hello, No, transfers to Sethraliss are not available.
  15. Hello, That error is not a software issue, it's pointing towards a connection issue. This happens when the client looses connection with the server. Unfortunately due to blizzards lack of efforts with error codes regarding connection issues we can't diagnose the direct issue as it's just a generic code, however most of the time it's a program that is running that will be blocking your connections (this can be antiviral software, firewalls, windows defender so make sure you have exceptions for the firestorms exe) if that still fails it can also be down to either your isp blocking ports due to the country in which firestorm is hosted, if you are the owner i'd go a head and give them a quick call to ensure that no connections are blocked from their end and then check your router settings and dns settings to ensure that it's not being blocked your end via this method. If you are able to you can use a free vpn such as tunnel bear that provides some free data, install it and open up the game and log in, if it then works then it's a connection issue that is being blocked somewhere between your connection and the server, you can also attempt to switch to googles public dns but I have a feeling that it may not work however anything is worth a try.