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  1. Freakz migrations are removed due to them upgrading patch a while ago which requires our bot to be updated, so for now they are removed/disabled.
  2. Hello, Please do not make posts regarding on why a post has been removed, if it has been it would have been for good reason. On this occasion I can't see why it was removed or whom it was by so I am unable to give you any answers, if you are really wanting an answer as to why it was removed you can discuss this privately with a higher member of staff via forum messages but as for this thread, it will now be closed.
  3. Hello, If you could please ensure you report the bugs in the bug tracker for our development team to look into it would be much appreciated, I my self will run though these areas later on tonight and report a bunch so that people can at least level via quests while still having fun rather than running around and grinding what ever they can. Thank you to those who have already taken the time to report bugs.
  4. Declined due to double posted.
  5. Hello, Nice suggestion +1
  6. Hello, This is not a suggestion thread and will be marked as declined. I will send you a personal message with further details on authentication removal.
  7. Hello, +1 I agree, being able to gift other characters store items would be a fantastic idea.
  8. Hello, As mentioned above, please create an in-game ticket for assistance with this.
  9. Hello, Requirements to create a demon hunter are as followed: Have a character that is at least level 70.
  10. Hello, Are you still having issues logging in, this may have resulted in the server being down.
  11. Hello, It would be launching as a first time launch, please allow up-to 15mins for this to take effect.
  12. Hello, In the future a shop will become available for BFA, as for the content of the shop there is currently no information on this available.
  13. Hello, As mentioned above, you get the giant owl looking thing for then you transform into flight.
  14. Upto 250 is considered lag but not unplayable, unplayable comes into the 600-800 range. However we have noticed that many people are having issues with ping and it should belooked into due (not eta) to the amount of people experiencing this issue. I will keep you up to date with any information that I get regarding this issue.
  15. Hello, Could you delete your cache folder and reset the settings to default. After doing so then set the view as ultra again and see if that helps.