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  1. Hello, That is odd, have you tried using the unstuck feature when dead to see if this resolved the issue? The video is a bit small so I am unable to see your buffs/debuffs in the corner it may be worth opening an in-game ticket to and requesting a .ress and .unaura all to see if it's something in-game that is causing this issue.
  2. Hello, We add stuff as we progress though patches, so new races ect will come as they were adding in retail
  3. Hello, Happened, failed, closed. But yes we tried and it didn't work out to well, there is already a large range of vanilla servers around that people have invested a lot of time into so it was hard getting it off the ground and attracting new players to it.
  4. There are plenty of addons on curse that have been updated to work with BFA -
  5. Hello, Please open your wtf folder, config (using note pad) Change the realm list to the following, (it's normally located on the top line and it may be set to US) - ""
  6. Hello, As mentioned above, have you been to Nathanos waiting on a ship called The Banshee's Wail, in which he will have a questline (The War Campaign) for you to complete in order to unlock the world quests (horde side).
  7. Hello, Can you leave the zone (to go stormwind or orgrimmar) and relog then go back and check if that refreshes the world quests for you.
  8. Hello, The launcher downloads the minimal files, you will download the rest as you play until all files have been completed.
  9. Hello, This is not a suggestion, please open an in-game ticket and ask to be send to dalaran. From there you can get a portal and set your hearthstone location to somewhere new. If you see error creating gm ticket, this is just a visual bug and would still have gone through.
  10. Hello, There are no ways to transfer characters from any realms to the Sethraliss realm at this time.
  11. Hello, An update has since been deployed to fix this.
  12. Hello, Please report this in the bug-tracker to be looked into.
  13. Hello, Joining an area or battleground normally fixes this, if not just open an in-game ticket an a game master can take care of this.
  14. Hello, In the portal area will be a mini dark portal you can use to get pack there (near the pandarian bloon area)
  15. Hello, No, one you have made a purchase unless the incorrect item was delivered from what was described on store you will be unable to get a refund.