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  1. Should be about 55 mins, have you checked the other spawn spots?
  2. Still doable on wod and mop realms if you transfer, hope it comes to legion eventually though
  3. Log in with your email and password, not user name.
  4. While you wait for it to come back up join the discord for entertainment
  5. The emails seem to work for most people, are you aware that hotmail emails are unable to receive the email?
  6. Not a suggestion thread.
  8. Hello Highcloud, If this is your first launch it will be downloading background data, please open task manager and check if any wow processes are running and close them then relaunch once more.
  9. Hello Vasqar, Unfortunately we have no control over which carriers are accepted as this is up to the website that processes the payment.
  10. Most of the Achievements are already done, it's more or less rep and 1 chapter line
  11. Not a suggestion thread, please report this issue in the bug-tracker, thank you.
  12. Please open a technical support thread for further assistance.
  13. This quest seems to have issues if multiple people are running the final scene at the same time, please wait for for it to be clear before entering the cave triggering the dialogue.
  14. This thread will be declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  15. This thread will be declined as it's not a suggestion thread.