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  1. Hello, The realm is a closed beta, you require a key to enter. Please find more information about the closed beta here - This this will be marked as declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  2. Hello, You only need one for the dalaran hearthstone, you wouldn't be able to complete both because you can't hold 2 of those items.
  3. Not right now, but once the migration bot has been updated to support freakz new patch it will start moving again.
  4. Hello, Ideally he should have left a comment on it for a higher rank to read rather than sending you to forums as they are rarely browsed by higher staff, nether the less I'll move this to general discussion and leave it open for you.
  5. Hello, The realm list for legion is - "" In future please do not post for help in suggestions, use technical support.
  6. Hello, I had issues with this quest, for some reason when I entered in combat it didn't work. I had to abandon and retake the quest and kill all the mobs first before entering and it triggered without issue.
  7. Hello, I'll upload a wow.exe for you and can you see if it's the same issue.!azgkmaTI!4neVjds73uSgZ5WMM5fvqtovxF0A61xajCe_VsuUj84
  8. Hello, We are currently only offering migrations to the slyvanas (legion) server.
  9. Hello, Please report issues in the in the bug-tracker, thank you. This thread will be marked as declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  10. Hello, You can buy horses from the vendor in the old town, i'll check the main vendor for griffins to see if it needs to be reported to bug-tracker. This thread will also be marked as declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  11. Hello, This is not a suggestion and will be declined. You can redirect a game master to this thread in your ticket as they will use it as proof that you infact got the items in the first place.
  12. It seems people are just asking the same question over and over and over....I will post this once more and lock the thread so it stops getting buried. If you do not receive a key from the live streams or in your email you will not be able to enter the realm, this is a closed beta.
  13. Hello, The mount is not account wide. I understand it's really annoying and it's been needing a fix for a while, one day it will get sorted but at the moment it's not considered important as it's old content.
  14. Hello, It's been reported, will need to be checked and fixed.
  15. Hello, Unfortunately we don't have much control over this, the third party company (paymentwall) provides all the payment methods for different countries and there is not much we can do about it, if anything.