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  1. Hello, He may have gotten it while on the legion realm before the BFA realm was launched and all characters transfers, you can open a suggestion thread to have it brought back onto the bfa section of the shop for shamans, please use the following link to open a suggestion thread.
  2. Hello, This quest is obsolete in the BFA expansion as the power of the artifacts where used in the ending of the legion explosion, there are no issue with this apart from the fact you should not be able to obtain it anymore.
  3. Hello, For any items not received please open a shop support ticket using this link -
  4. Hello, Open an in-game ticket and a game master can send you to Stormwind. Issue has been reported on October 12th 2019 Report #85075 so you wont need to post this in the bug-tracker, however if you wish to add any additional information please do so.
  5. Hello, Please ensure you report this in the bug-tracker, I will leave a link below.
  6. bug

    It will be eventually, as to when I am unable to provide an answer to.
  7. در موضوع بمانید
  8. No, just because they look similar in your opinion it's still not correct. Use the correct languages for each channel, if you want to use other channels use google translate and copy and paste or make a macro it's not hard. If you give people and inch (in this case letting things slide because they look English, Spanish, Russian ect..) they will always take a mile and we might as well just migrate them into world_earth. The world chat rules are in-place to keep a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone as some people wish to have a conversation or ask general questions rather than seeing people spamming keys in every single chat, as Sketter mentioned above if people start using group finder others will follow.
  9. Hello, did you go into your garrison? Can you try the unstuck feature first and see if that fixes the problem.
  10. Failed to create can be fixed buy right clicking the your entire folder with the new 820 exe in it and clicking on properties > from there you will want to uncheck read only and apply. Once done you'll want to then right click the 820exe and run it as an Administrator, that way it will be able to create the new files needed for the 820 patch. If you require further assistance please open a technical support thread as they are checked on a regular basis to provide support.
  11. You will need to message a staff member/Admin on discord to be unbanned.
  12. Hello, I will upload the minimal package to a megalink for you as you don't wish to use torrent. Edit -!b3pnCCaJ!1t1AhBLDc8BTC3jVx3LEJmfj8IZyUYZWmPAsFJe4qWw
  13. Hello, Are you trying to use the minimal or full client linlk? If you are having issues with both, do you have a torrent program set up to automatically open magnet link files?
  14. Hello, Some local world quests can cause a phase issue, if there are any near by that trigger please complete them. The main one that normally causes this is - Assault on Thunder Totem. If you also have any active quests in your logs that could be the cause too, the most common quest for this one is the suramar zone starting quest.
  15. Boris was not mentioned so he is not coming, we never announce a boris or 10x event until a few days before they are due to arrive so you needn't ask just keep your eyes peeled for the announcements. That should work without any issues, you may still have to wait for some data to be downloaded so don't click it 46 times Of cause ptr data is deleted, most games delete progress from ptrs. If data was kept it would just be considered a 'soft launch'...