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  1. Having a broken or incorrect spell is not considered an important issue unless it can be used for unfair advantages. Complaining will never make something move along fast it just means more time is consumed listening to those who wish to complain. If you really want to help please by all means submit a patch for the fix. If not, stop expecting everything to be done in one day, we are a small team that mimic blizzards world of war craft as close as possible for people to enjoy for free. Just remember we are not part of a 18billion dollar company that can spare no expense.
  2. The current population is divided on this, while you think punishments are to harsh others would like them to be enforced more. I'll not comment on what I think should or shouldn't happen with the rules upon this occasion but I'll provide some information on what happens behind the curtain so people don't think we give people power and let them go at it. Myself, when I issue a kick I kindly whisper the user the reasons and request they stop or join the correct world chat for there language dependng on the reason. Im going to explain how some things work, firstly a Gm is someone with the iconic blue blizz symbol next to there name. If you can whisper them its more than likely one of our chat moderators and most of the time a gamemaster have whispers off and won't give a reason as to why someone else was kicked ect.. for player privacy. Which will lead to the explanation of the chat moderators role. Chat moderators can kick, mute and ban from global chats of both factions. A kick is taken to personally most of the time, this is a warning you can relog to rejoin the world chat. (All kicks are screenshotted and logged for future reference) Chat mods have a private area to speak in which if they require a mute or ban they will post proof into the chat they will ask in that chat that only contains head, executive game masters and a Admins (Inveric) for permission to issue a mute or ban. Which is why we log kicks for reference when seeking a higher punishment. If they do so issue a mute or ban without following the correct steps they'll receive a formal warning. Most of the time only a warning kick is required for people to remember they are civilised (would you go to a supermarket and start swearing as loud as you could even though its directed at no one? Why do it in world chat then, if you have the urge to swear so badly use /s or even /g) since the chat mod program started last year only a handful of mutes have been issued by chat moderators (I'd say no more than 10 which is not a lot when you see it on a timeline) I can't speak on the behalf of game masters as I'm not one and don' know what protocols they follow, however if you feel that a punishment has been unfairly placed by a chat mod or a game master, or that they are performing inadequate in their role we have a function report staff, this is a form that can be filled out and will only been seen by the Heads of staff and administrators if a head of staff is the subject of the report.
  3. You can still create a shop support ticket for the payment team to look into for you.
  4. Hello Curtis, Please read the following statement for information on what to do when points are not delivered.
  5. Hello Adambika, All the downloads can be found on our play page. Using the torrents you'd need a torrent install (bit torrent) installed to download - This is the best method for downloading the full game and would only require you to launch the game via the wow.exe and log in. Launcher - The launcher is simple click, wait and play. However data downloads as you play which can be slow as it's capped to avoid stress on the server.
  6. Hello Angel_bcn, Please move or delete the located in your main wow folder to your WTF folder replacing the current one.
  7. Hello everyone, this is a short simple and straight to the point guide to help people who are having issues changing there language from French to English on our Wrath of the Lichking realm. Firstly please download the English data pack:!2JsWBAhJ!mVNDtKQ2MsODDyPQtPTMLQQ02wVYd1jimC7em7nMbbU Please then Extract the data pack to the following location in your wow folder: data > enUS Please then move or delete the following file in the following location: frFR (data > frFR) Last but not least don't forget to change it in your config file in the following location: Edit WTF\ -> change frFR to enUS
  8. Hello, Game Master accounts should be in the firestorm staff guild, unless this it's there regular account. If you have concerns with a member of staff or any member of staff using their gm privileges to gain unfair advantage over other players, please use one of the following forms to file and report and a senior member of staff will look into it. (All staff reports are private and only head staff/Administrators will have access to them).
  9. Could you please try and delete your cache, wtf and interface folder and the wow.exe Install the launcher and try to log in again using the launcher.
  10. Hello Crustie, Is your game unresponsive (freezing) or is everything still moving without you being able to have working functions?
  11. Please use the following link to report players.
  12. Hello Alan, Please navigate to your wow folder > data > Data > delete CascRepair.mrk and try to launch again. As for settings, please move the located in your main wow folder to you WTF folder replacing the current one in there.
  13. Personally I prefer a caster, Elemental.
  14. Hello NiiK0, Your pc specs and internet don't matter when downloading the game as you play. This is because the streaming client (download as you play) is capped as it's downloaded from firestorm-servers to avoid putting high loads on the server which would cause lag. For an alternative download please use the torrent link.
  15. Will take a look and create and updated version. This thread will still be left open for now.