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  1. Ban

    Appeal your suspension here -
  2. Please contact a member of the Administration team for assistance.
  3. Solved via discord support, anyone else with this issue joining an arena solved the cool down issue.
  4. Appeal here -
  5. This is not a suggestion thread and will be marked as declined. You can recover old accounts from pandashan using the following link, you can type in your username to recover the account.
  6. Mirror link for Windows patch -!2QFQzarJ!54F_UMPjKFErYKjlwDwz6JuVL5sbC6IH0SJQjt0wQv4
  7. It's free, you just download the game installer and let it download wow for you.
  8. Download it from
  9. It's online, come join us!
  10. We recommenced that you create a copy of your current wow folder and upgrade one, if you upgrade the folder before making a copy you will no longer have a version patched to 7.1.5. to continue playing on the live realms. The ptr realm is currently not available, please stop posting that you are unable to connect and keep a look out for the announcements.
  11. Not 100% sure what's going on with transmogs, but yes all progress on ptr will be deleted including new characters as the realm is only for testing purposes.
  12. Not sure on the transmog issue, but chars from live server will be copied to the ptr for testing and the ptr server will be then closed when we are ready to upgrade the live server and testing has ended.
  13. A package will be released with everything needed to connect (around 20mb of data), don't worry right now. More information on how to connect will be released upon release of the ptr.
  14. Hello Everyone, No need to download anything as of yet, we will be releasing a smart patcher come the release.
  15. Not a valid suggestion thread.