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  1. This is only for Ice-Crown. Anyone with WoD issues please tell me what's inside your wtf folder.
  2. This may just be a visual bug, can you see both of them in the account management section?
  3. Please make an appeal using the following link. Thread Closed.
  4. Hello Leyns94, Are you still having this issue? Please ensure you are logged out in-game and wait 30-60 seconds before trying to complete your order again.
  5. Please report in-game bugs in the bug-tracker for the developers to take a look at, thank you.
  6. Please report in-game bugs in the bug-tracker, thank you.
  7. Hello Uncle Sam, You can post patches for the developers to look at in our patches section.
  8. Hello Jose Tavarez, Unfortunately we do not refund lost items, in future when posting on the us forums please post in English or you can alternatively use the Spanish forum.
  9. I feel this is pushing punishments to the extreme and a outburst of anger would occur if players were punished for something as small as using the word 'sucker'. We do our best to keep this out of world chat which people already consider being kicked is 'harsh' but as for whispers or local chats it's better to /ignore them or move to another-zone. You have to remember that trash talk occurs in almost any and every game that you play, especially for pvp as people are very competitive.
  10. Marked as declined.
  11. Why would loot boxes be updated before in-game item level is increased, this is not a server with those who have the biggest wallet can have better gear than free to play members. At the moment loot boxes stand at the following. Our Lootbox item level has been updated on Legion to match the current item level cap, the base reward is now 865 instead 855 and they can reward up to 895. That, of course, will depend on your luck! (November 21st quote). When they next get updated an announcement will be made as it was previously.
  12. We don't offer transfers. Boris normally visits firestorm for special holidays, keep an eye out for an announcement of his return.
  13. Please open an appeal thread otherwise please contact a member of staff using the firestorm discord chat as this is the fastest way to speak with a GM regarding a unban.
  14. Hello ricii, If a promo code is released an announcement will be made.
  15. Marked as declined, if you find a bug ingame please report it in the bugtracker, thank you.
  16. I'll just leave this here.
  17. This is not a suggestion thread so it will be marked as Declined. Further more, unfortunately we do not refund lost or stolen items.
  18. Character can not be sold for real money as this falls under real world trading and the account will be suspended indefinitely. Selling or Buying an Account Punishment: Permanent account suspension
  19. Marked as declined. Please report bugs found in game on the bug tracker, thank you.
  20. Christmas lootboxes are currently in the store for a limited time for player to get Christmas cosmetics and mounts. Enjoy!
  21. Please use the following link for technical support issues, thank you.
  22. Boris should now be fixed on the WOD realm.
  23. Hello Sadlife11, Please open an in-game ticket and a gm will remove the stun for you. You can also join an arena or battleground in which it will be cleared also. As this is not a suggestion it will be moved to declined.
  24. Hello, Please delete the text file located in your main wow folder.