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  1. Hello, Your legendaries should be max for what we are currently at, if not you can always do the quest to level them. The 3rd slot will be unlocked. You can get higher than 840 as world quests give 860+
  3. Hello, In 7.3.5 (argus) a legendary vendor in-game will arrive so you'll be able to buy one a week anyway so it would make no difference to who earned it the most. - Also removed that 3rd reason, it was not needed.
  4. Not a suggestion, please report this in bug-tracker if you think there is an issue for the QA team to look into.
  5. Not a suggestion, marked as declined. Open a ticket and let them know you are still there or eventually one of them will notice you anyway.. Which ever comes first.
  6. Upgrade to 7.3.5 Use the launch and it will automatically patch for you.
  7. Please use the privacy page to delete your data and account, thank you. Thread closed.
  8. Hello Game masters don't tend to help with pvp content, this includes pvp achievements. Please report this issue in the bug-tracker.
  9. Hello, Has the mage tower been completed or is it in destroying or building mode? You can check the table to view this.
  10. A fix will be deployed to fix this, please stay patient.
  11. You don't, we also don't offer a service for account deletion. If you want to forget about your account so bad, change the account email to a new gmail account, use a password generator and change the password to random letters number and symbols, delete the new gmail account you made for the account, remove your saved passwords history. It's as good as gone.
  12. Hello, Most tickets i've done are answered within a few minutes of opening. If the issue requires your to be online at the time it can slow the process down. Edit - This is also posted in the wrong section, moved to declined.
  13. Please contact Inveric for assistance with migration forms.
  14. Hello, This is not a suggestion thread and will be closed.
  15. Hello, If you require your form to be edited please contact Inveric via forum pms or on the discord channel.
  16. Please report quest bugs in the bug-tracker, thank you.
  17. Hello, The 3rd relic slot issue should be resolved.
  18. Hello, Are you using a hotmail account?
  19. Most likely not, we are currently running 7.3.5 with 7.2.5 content.
  20. You can use the minimal files if you don't wish to download them all before playing.
  21. Hello everyone, this guide will help you with opening in-game tickets on the legion realm. Firstly we'll need to download the fire-storm addons, this link for the addons is here - Once you have downloaded the files you will move it into your addons folder (located in your wow folder > interface > addons) Then right click the zipped folder and click on "extract here" Now we are ready to open the game, launch the game with either the wow.exe, firestorm.exe or the launcher. At the character selection page click the addons tab in the bottom left. Then make sure the addon is enabled, make sure it has a tick next to it. Now continue in-game on a character you wish to make the ticket on. Press the Esc key (top left of your keyboard) Click on "help" The ticket interface will then pop up. Write your issue for a game master to read and click "Submit" You may be asked to select your language, please do so, so the correct staff team can help you.
  22. On this Thread and in the discord Announcement channel by Inveric.
  23. Hello, Please open your wow folder > wtf > fs735 (with notepad, or something similar on a mac) Change- SET portal "EU" To- SET portal ""
  24. The que is currently closed while we are catching up on what's currently there. Another announcement will be made when it's available again.