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  1. The emails seem to work for most people, are you aware that hotmail emails are unable to receive the email?
  2. Not a suggestion thread.
  4. Hello Highcloud, If this is your first launch it will be downloading background data, please open task manager and check if any wow processes are running and close them then relaunch once more.
  5. Hello Vasqar, Unfortunately we have no control over which carriers are accepted as this is up to the website that processes the payment.
  6. Most of the Achievements are already done, it's more or less rep and 1 chapter line
  7. Not a suggestion thread, please report this issue in the bug-tracker, thank you.
  8. Please open a technical support thread for further assistance.
  9. This quest seems to have issues if multiple people are running the final scene at the same time, please wait for for it to be clear before entering the cave triggering the dialogue.
  10. This thread will be declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  11. This thread will be declined as it's not a suggestion thread.
  12. You can unstuck your character in the account management section.
  13. Hello Darrkness, You must appeal your ban using the following link and wait for a member of staff to apply, this is the suggestion section.
  14. Allied race armour is only available on the character you unlock it on. If you gain it on one void elf for example and make another void elf it will not be available until it's unlocked by achieving level 110 again. So in theory it's possible to do this.
  15. Not a suggestion thread, marked as declined.
  16. Hello Cmrak, Please join and arena as this will remove all buffs and debuffs including hidden ones.
  17. Hello, You can boost to level 100 from the store and level the rest to unlock heritage armour. You can faction change and/or race change as long as you are level 109 and below and level up to 110 to unlock the armour.
  18. Hello Mopoli, When you relog of take the armour off does this offer a temporary fix?
  20. quest bug
  21. Hello, 5x is for broken isles.
  23. Yes, you can get pvp armour from arenas and battleground upon winning of being the top player on the loosing side.
  25. Please open an in-game ticket.