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  1. soooooooooooooooooo i have all panda reps at exalted i only need houjin/ tushui rep i got the talabard tried dungeons got 0 rep already reported on the bug tracker 6 times anyone knows how to get this rep up for the kite mount? wise mary in tojs / 2nd boss in shadopan monastary used to give 300 rep/kill but its not working anymore give info plz ty
  2. So I've been a loyal player to firestorm since first days of ashran 6.0.1 and I got a ban for a week yesterday cuz " I teleported on top of an object by hacks " with 0 info given no email reviewed no character name / time of incident / location of incident So when I first asked a gm about why I got banned while offline he told me that the one who banned me didn't leave an evidence or anything about what I did then I ask an excutive gm he sayd "you can't teleport on top of objects due to latency issus" I CAN FREAKING SWIM IN THE AIR due to latency issus so wtff did I do? And on what toon this is so unprofessional at least send a warning or try talking to players before you accuse them of doing things they don't need Im good at pvp I have tons of gold I don't need to hack to enjoy the game. Ps : plz don't move this to ban appeals I'm just charing my story with other players.
  3. So appearantly the other day/ night my brother named zoldic zoldien or any other zold smthn too he has was spaming world chat with ANY FUCKING ALGERIANS HERE and he got a 1 day ban with by the rules you should be Muted* for 1 day And then he logged on into MY account 5 mnt later and he does the same and I get A FIVE DAY BAN NOT Mute BUT ban wthell? why do I get banned for spamming world chat I re read the rules and it says that u get muted not banned appearantly new gms came this last month and they don't know where the mute button is pls help gms I can provide email a dresses and ip adressess he should gt the 5 day not get 1 day and I get 5 directly
  4. so the devs have this great idea of moving end of season awards to 3v3 well 3v3 is dead i sit in a Q for +35 mnts for 1 match then quit cuz no one is doing it and if you scroll down the "top players" matches you ll see that they got there by win trade like 1v3 matches and they are tanking thier spots by not doing matches so what i suggest is MAKE everyone loose 10 points or more each week so that makes people wanna go back ad do matches to keep their top spot otherwise they'll never do a single match till season ends and that make new players quit or go back to 2s cuz no one is queing in 3s
  5. this is regarding the grove warden mount how is it FIXED* when its not obtainable well it is appearantly cuz abut 3 weeks ago i met a sombraluna dude with in skirmishes is there a wa to get it? when its not even on the shop
  6. nah dude the recepie is better its cheap AF 25 primal spirits will take about an hour to farm
  7. the fact that some people in game have unobtainable recepies people are selling this trash at 10k in ah and this dude come with fullllll alchemy inc vial of the sands ofc & savage blood which is from lvl 3 garrison WHY U DO DIS feelsbadman