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  1. Title: Purchasing characters from the store. Type: Shop Description:  Being able to see what enchantments are on the characters when your cursor is hovering over the items.
  2. That's good news if you guys could at least think about it? Also thank you for replying and giving some feedback!
  3. Title: Being able to convert gold firestorm points into silver loyalty points or being able to purchase items from the store with both currencies at once. Type: Shop Description:  I was wondering if this could ever work as multiple times I have had insufficient funds for items, and I believe that when a user has under 10 gold points he/she cannot use them at all ( no available item under 10) so being able to use the last of the points combined with the silver points would make everything on the store more available to everyone. For example, I have 38 firestorm gold points and 149 loyalty points, I wanted to purchase a faction change however it would cost me either 300 silver points or 90 gold points, being able to combine my contribution to the game and my money contributed to the game could possible be affordable then?