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  1. Hello. For the past 3 days I've tried to enter Mythic dungeons for some solo stuff I used to do in WoD Retail, but they are all empty? I can do the HC dungeons but in Mythics nothing is spawned in there. Not even the portal going out?! I always see the message "There is no connection to the cross-server." is That the reason? I've tried searching the forums but only find some old post from 2017 saying the Mythic Dungeons are to be released soon. Is it really the case they still hav'nt released? Really miss soloing it, it was great fun.
  2. türkçe

    Merhabalar, Bu server'a Kasım ayında başladık ve Alliance tarafında Zardanya isimli bir guild kurduk. Rahat, keyifli ve çok zorlamadan oynayabileceğimiz bir guild olsun istiyoruz. Yardımlaşma ve birlikte gelişme ortamı yaratmak hedefimiz. Bu tarz sevenler ve yeni başlayanlar için ideal olacaktır. Katılmak isteyenleri bekleriz. Biralar benden Oyundan ulaşabileceğiniz karakter isimlerimiz: Dunbeard, Ciho Görüşmek üzere.
  3. Salve a tutti , Mi presento sono un Orco stregone che gioca da breve tempo sul nuovo server BFA .Voglio lanciare questo appello per richiamare i compagni dell' orda alla chiamata alle Armi ! Non siate TIMIDI compagni !! Andiamo a smaciullare un po' di puffi !! In game - Gohelo
  4. Hello, My name is NightFuryG My friends and I have been doing Dungeons as of a few days ago, We cleared the dungeon in Mount Hyjal, The one in the region of the "Sulfuron Spire". We have cleared the dungeon completely of its bosses and its creatures, a day passes by and today we go to try and clear it once again, We have noticed though, that none of the bosses have re-spawned, only the normal creatures. Now, this isn't only happening in Hyjal, It's been happening even in "The Nexus", "Onyxia's Lair", and even in the Wyrmrest Temple area with the dungeon below. We have also attempted to do the Lich King's dungeon, but the Scientist boss (Don't know the name) Is bugged. When you enter its Room for the boss fight, The boss is just Stuck as a soulless Ghost of an NPC looking at the other Abomination boss cage (again, don't know the name of the boss). We quit the dungeon without completing it, After that, we have not checked but are 90% positive that the bosses we fought, have not re-spawned at all. Thank you for your time!
  5. Dear Sylvanas Community, I am opening up a topic out of curiosity. I was wondering how many achievable achievements do we have on Sylvanas? Once I saw an Orc Shaman (Abshalom, or something similar) with over 12K points. While it is still around a third of all the achievements, there was some work put into that. Probably - ok, most likely - you will not have a database or exact number for this; however, it would also be great to post some Armory links in this thread, just to make some comparison. Directly linked to this topic (achievement hunting) I found a great thread started by Istrion, and I highly encourage everyone to post into this thread and help this guy to update the list for all of us. He collected the working raids and dungeons to one list: Thanks for all the replies.
  6. I've noticed a lot of bugs in dungeons after the recent server restart. It seems everytime you fix one problem, you add a few more. There are big problems with vault of the wardens, MoS and Cathedral this week. Instances reset themself and you have to start all over. Some bosses are just crazy overpowering, like the 2nd boss in MoS. Last boss in Vault of Wardens resets in the middle of the fight. And Cathedral 4th boss doesnt reset if you wipe, meaning no one can release and is forces to quit the attempt and port out. Any fixes coming anytime soon?
  7. The problem is I have an issue about my latency in specific location. 1. When in town (Orgrimmar, Dalaran), sometime my latency get 3-15k ms sometime it between 100-200 ms. 2. When playing on random battleground my latency is normal before meet enemy, when there's an enemy even one I can't even use my skill. It's very lag. 3. What happen in battleground also happen when I'm doing RDF. 4. My latency is normal if outside the area mention above. This happen when I'm reach 110, before that I'm level up my character with no issue and no one using my internet connection. I'm downloading the full client through torrent. I'm living in Indonesia, someone said it's because the distance of server and my location. But I think my internet is good enough. I have 3 mb/s download speed. Please help me. Thank you.
  8. Hello everyone. There is not Que option for The Arcway dungeon. Will it be added in the future?
  9. When I was doing the dungeon Azjol-Nerub I got sent to a beautiful place that does not exist in the game.
  10. Hello guys! I just want to know how to join into dungeons with other players. I tried it through the Dungeonbrowser, but there is a average wait time of 40! days. I'm now want to know if there is any other option to get into dungeons with other players? I hope someone could give me an answer. Thanks for your help!
  11. Best regards, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your experience in wow as much as I do. My next report is to give you feedback to improve the gaming experience on this server, with the implementation of the new system mythic + mythic, I believe that additional rules should be put into work, to be able to continue with a healthy experience and without promoting bad intentioned people, improper behavior and whiny babies in the scene of people who dedicate time and wish to complete content provided by the hardworking team of developers from firestorm. First, to shine some light as to to why I'm doing this, I recently had the opportunity to get my first key, level two, eye of azshara, inviting a group of very good players with high levels, including an infamous healer, whom I will not mention, to prevent my feedback from turning into a witch hunt. The healer, after a mistake that every human can do, decided to leave the group after a wipe, the first wipe, leaving the group completely useless and my key ended shit back, all because according to the healer, our group did not have enough dps to kill the first boss, which was being healed by an add that the very fucking healer could do interruption or a stun. But no, it was all the fault of the dps (the lowest dps was 400k). My point is, we need to implement a rule to allow us to punish this kind of behavior that interferes with the growth and enjoyment of the game, by selfish, childish and destructive behaviors coming from people who do not have the slightest regard for others, and do not think Twice in doing this kind of shit or worse, just because there are no rules to penalize them. Regards, Your friendly horde player Pirateria PS. If you ever do this, you are the worse kind of player there is out there and should feel bad.
  12. from in DT dungeon ret skills "divine storm" no damage this bugs rdy no fix at 50 day? nice bugstorm
  13. Somos a WoW Brazilian Guild!!! Buscamos jogar em um ambiente tranqüilo e sem stress. Onde procuramos jogadores que se identificam com esse perfil. Para fazer raid com a gente, você precisa ser do tipo de jogador que estuda as lutas antes de executá-las. Valorizamos jogadores que dominam as mecânicas e têm alta sobrevivência. Atualmente 6/7N em Pesadelo Esmeralda REQUISITOS PARA RAIDAR: ILV 840+ Possuir o addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) devidamente instalado no WoW Disponibilidade e comprometimento de Horários Estudar e saber as lutas na teoria ( Guias e Vídeos) Interessados podem mandar wisper para: Halif, Aurusttower , Brzebrasc , Rjzebritiubr , Brzebrazo , Floratta , ormaline , chunzinnha , Semtempo , semcoragem
  14. Guten Abend, hiermit suche ich derweil einige Spieler um eine Gilde zusammen zu erstellen. Folgende Ränge sind noch zu vergeben: Offiziere [übernehmen die Aufgaben der Gildenmeister, wenn er nicht anwesend ist] Anwärter [führen Gespräche bei neuen Mitglieder um die dann in die Gilde einzuladen] Schatzmeister [ist für die finanzielle der Gilde sowie der Bank zuständig] Raidleiter [spricht für sich, leitet den Schlachtzug und erstellt die passende Gruppe] Die Gildenvorstellung 1. Allgemeines 2. Engere Beschreibung 3. Aufnahmekriterien 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage 5. Besonderheiten 6. Schlusswort 1. Allgemeines: Die Gilde Exodus ist eine Allianz-Gilde. Ihr Gründungsdatum war der 31. März 2017. 2. Engere Beschreibung: Die Exodus-Gildenbank besitzt 7 Fächer. Wenn man neu in die Gilde kommt, ist man zwei Woche lang auf dem Rang "Probe Mitglied" und der Gildenrat sowie die Member aus der Gilde werden ein Auge auf euch werfen. Falls ihr euch nicht daneben benehmt werdet ihr zum Mitglied. Zudem werden Vorbereitung auf den aktuelle Content sowie mystisch Dungeon gemacht. Aktivitäten: - Vorbereitung für die kommenden Raid's/mystische Dungeon - Im PVP (Schlachtfeld + Arena) trifft man uns auch öfters, meistens auch am Wochenende. 3. Aufnahmekriterien: Um bei uns aufgenommen zu werden, solltet ihr folgende Eigenschaften mitbringen: - Freundlich - Lernfähig (nicht mosern wenn man mal kritisiert wird) - Zuverlässig - Motiviert + ehrgeizig - Disziplin + geistige Reife (am Abend kann das Niveau gerne mal sinken Zusätzlich solltet ihr Folgendes besitzen: - Teamspeak³ - am besten ein funktionierendes Mikrofon , ansonsten ein Headset oder Boxen zum Zuhören 4. Teamspeak³/Homepage Zum Teamspeak³: Wir haben ein eigenes Teamspeak³ Server. 5. Besonderheiten: Was bei uns besonders ist... Zum einen unsere Spontanität - wenn genügend Leute online sind, wird drüber diskutiert, worauf wir Lust haben und dann wird gemeinsam geraidet/PvP gemacht, um den größtmöglichen Spaß für alle Beteiligten rauszuholen. 6. Schlusswort: Und wem diese Gildenvorstellung zusagt, kann sich gerne ingame bei Iynn, "Name der Offiziere" und "Name der Anwärter" melden.
  15. Premade groups are working?
  16. I hope that in this patch 7.1.5 warlock again have considerable damage in pve !!! Why this sad play of warlock on pve !!! Please fix this. They messed up so much that it sucked Please fix the affliction damage on pve please!!! I do not want to have to stop playing Warlock !!!
  17. Hello , i tried to farm for transmog items in dungeons and raids , but the bosses dont drop any loot. For example , i just ran Sulfuron Spire and killed all the bosses and nothing dropped , only 1 silver per boss. The same thing in Black Temple and other raids and dungeons. Am i bugged or this is something that is normal in this realm?
  18. When i Q for a Random Legion Heroic, it says : Internal LFG Error. Ive never seen this before so im kind of curious of what this is and how i can fix this Help me out?
  19. Quando que vão Liberar as outras Dungeons e tambem a raid Emerald Nightmare
  20. I would like to know when to pack the missing legion dungeons and the raid "Emerald Nightmare"
  21. Hello and to dev team for making me and all other ppl able to play legion server, i very appreciate, so my questions are simple 1. when new dungeons will come out 2. possible raid maybe to not make misunderstanding i like clear that i enjoying contents grind my honor.....and getting daily salt, but wait its not rant topic so yea cheers to all ppl who reading this my stupid topic
  22. I have this problem, where dungeon finder finds a group to play with but cannot enter dungeon. What should i do or is it just a bug they/you are fixing? Thanks
  23. Why i cant que for the headless horse man i know i can fly there and kill him but i cant get the mount without que in the dungeon finder and get the crate with the mount drop chance.
  24. Good evening guys, Today i made the Sunwell Plateau, not entirely because some bosses can't be killed and Kil'jaeden didn't show in the end, i've done the raid in normal 10 i think, and when i reloged to do it in heroic, i was relocated to Stormwind City, and it apeared something in the chat log like: "Transfer Aborted: Instance Not Found", as you can se in the Print Screen attached. I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me? Thank you, Tyzun.
  25. It happened three times already and it is REALLY frustrating. Join queue Get into dungeon Finish dungeon, do everything The right-click on Dungeon Finder button (at minimap) "leave instance group" is not working Press right-click leave on your portrait Now you have a 30 minute ban It also happens to others, so I have no idea how people even do dungeons on this server. Any ideas?