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Found 6 results

  1. Me and my friends constantly get Game Freezes when we do EoA. Our games freeze and we have to force end the task by the task manager. Are we the only ones that have this problem ?
  2. Hi guys, So today i went to the Raid, Sunwell Plateau, and when i got in, i noticed that some moobs weren't appearing, and when i passed NPC's, bosses, they didn't attack me. So I figured I should be getting DC pretty soon, so I logged out. When i logged in, my character got stuck, like all of the image was freezed, i didn't have anything happening in my monitor like the image was really frezzed, and i couldn't do anything. I went to other char's and they were fine. But my Paladin is stuck, So I went to Firestorm's site and did unstuck my character, and it did, I was relocated to Stormwind City, but the problem continued, the image is freezed and i can't take any action in game or have any kind or camera movement. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Tyzun.
  3. Hi guys. I logged just few whiles ago and when i pressed "J" to see who in guild is online, my game completly feezed. Four times. I tried delete cache ant WTF folders but it didnt help. Strange thing about it is when i was online yesterday evening, and was on raid whit my guild, i doesnt had this problem. I didnt do any changes from that time in game. anyone know how to fix it? thanx
  4. Hello!I would like to share with you my issue regarding the client Warlords of Draenor,which has started freezing in a while ago.Well if you ask ,yes i did download the game launcher instead of the full game and because of that when i log on i keep getting random freezes like for example: -clicking my spellbook -clicking on NPC -click on mounts icon etc. And on top of that I am not able in any way to close the client even force closing,tried ctrl+alt+delete,alt+f4 none of that worked and my wow mouse stays on the desktop and i cannot do other things. Looking forward hearing a reply from you and solving this issue as soon as possible! Edit:As for now the client closes 10 mins after opening it ,but apparently I am still getting freezes
  5. So a while ago i had the CAS thing problem, deleted and re-downloaded the game, everything went smooth for a while, then when i entered the game and started walking around i froze after a couple of seconds and had to restart the game, this happened every single time i tried, so i analyzed and repaired the game and then i got the CAS problem again, so i deleted the game and i re-downloaded it for the second time, i selected the download whole game in the launcher and now when I enter the game and pick a character, the loading freezes on about 80% and wont move at all, tried restarting it , restarting my PC, running as administrator, trying every compatibility option, through the launcher,and launching directly from the WoW.exe, and it is always the same, can't even enter the game for a couple of days now, Please help
  6. Hey Guys, Just re-installed WoW, and when I'm playing, suddenly, after some minutes playing the game stops working... It freezes completely....any ideas?