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  1. Hi Firestorm! Its been a long time. I came back here to the forums just to say hi. A lot of you probably don't know who I am but I used to be Executive GM here and I was a GM for about 2 years. So I'll put a few questons and a few answers here. "Why are you here Icemetal?" Well to be honest, I never said goodbye when I resigned about 1 year and a half ago. It wasn't an easy decision for me because Firestorm used to be a place where I can help out and I had lots of fun here, both as a player and a GM. So I decided to come to the forums today and put a post here to greet everyone. "Are you coming back?" No... more like, not any time soon. Trust me, I have been asked to come back like a million times by Inveric but sometimes you realize you have other important things to attend to and I can't give time to Firestorm because of it. I do miss some things and people here. "What happend? Why did you resign exactly?" Well guys... being a GM for 2 years straight was very tiring. There were times where all I had was problems and never any good news. I really tried to take breaks and try to get back at it but it got to be too much. Apart from that, I also started looking for what I wanted to do for my future. I moved to the US to only find out my future as a musician (singer) was very expensive and I couldn't afford it amd it was a very dissapointing situation for me. I moved back to my country (Dominican Republic) and went back to study in my old university where I first started years ago with dreams of becoming a Doctor. However, I did not go back to studying Medicine and instead opted for a new recently added degree of Biotechnology. I have been studying Biotechnology for a year and a half now and I completely love it! "Who do you miss from Firestorm?" Oh man, lots of people (Even if some I still speak with). To mention a few (I won't mention everyone, so don't be pissed): From GM side: Inveric, Legnax, Ooutah, Bax, Velanor, Kothego, Calamitatum, Latra, Ritsuka and a lot more. From Player side: Noballs, Miochan, Moogle, Sindorai, Clapton, Imbavirus, Cogburn and a lot more. Anyways, I really enjoy seeing that apperantly the server is still moving forward and that it's still as lively as ever. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you all an amazing day. -Icemetal
  2. hi

    Hello community members, I'm Minish (as a nickname) and came to Firestorm just by looking for private server until Legion comes out. I'm 16 and played WoW from it's earlier expansions for few hours maybe, using my brother's account. After this I got my account and bought WoD which was 'not best', played for year and stopped, the price WoW Token has right now is insane and I can't afford it so I wait for next expansion to pay for something better. While waiting for it, I'll be playing the servers you offer to me and other players here. I hope I will enjoy playing on Firestorm, brb because it does not take like 1 minute to download entire game folder
  3. hello

    Hello i'm neoly. i didn't get released since firestorm arrived can you please release my account? username:simplex98
  4. Hello, I'm Elk, a 25 years old guy from Austria that just joined the server to check the state of WoD Emulation and the expansion in general! Usually I'm Alliance but my first character here is fighting for the Horde. I am liking the server so far, also very friendly people Sidequestion; Does anyone know how to change ones Avatar? It's saying I'm not allowed to edit my Profile lol. Looking very forward to explore more things and to be playing with you! Regards, Elk
  5. The code is expired and a lot of people didn't get to use it because the website and game was down for like 12 hours? Could you guys put an extension?
  6. Few people talking in world chat about WoW lore. The topic is raised about the "sexual" relationships between wow characters. Some people make a few jokes, me in particular I say "tyrande got gangbanged by malfurion and illidan". All in good fun, no one is hurt or offended, everyone gets on with playing the game. 10 mins later i am teleported to GM jail or whatever and get banned for 3 days. Do you guys think i deserve a 3 day ban for this? The rules are clear, it says mute or up to 15 days ban for erotic content. I have already made an appeal and ofc no reply. I just don't understand the point of the ban, what is it going to accomplish? I don't remember the GM's name but it started with O and he was a male draenei. He's always the one people talk about when it comes to banning for horrible reasons.
  7. Hello guys It seems this server is pretty new are there enough players here?