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Found 169 results

  1. hi i cant connect to legion server when i use my username and password and i touch login the server dont responde. please help me
  2. Today i I downloaded wow legion and i can't log . I get an error : we couldn't log you in with what you just entered. please try again. (BLZ51900003) what should I do. I grateful for help .
  3. Ok so I am a new player here found the server from a youtube video and I wanted to tryout the WoD Server. The problem is that if I try to log in with my username it says it's not a battle net account and if I am trying to log in with my email it says Unable to connect. I have update both of my launchers from the droplink I research and found but it still didn't make any change. Someone who can at least give me a hand?
  4. Hello guys! so i got a probblem with downloading the launcher,if i click on downloading the torrent,its not downloading,like there doenst happen anything,i asked my friend to try to download it,it didnt work either. So Im wondering if its a problem from me or the site What can i do? PS:I played on the firestorm server a time ago with my friend,but i dont have the launcher anymore Greeting,Linker
  5. Hello, i have ask and problem, because I download the client from te Firestorm website and I have error when i try to login i have error communicat BLZ51901001 What I must do guys ???
  6. I can not accept
  7. Hi. I complete all lore achivements in Pandaria and i sopose to get [ The Song of the Yaungol ] in my inbox item: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=31100/the-song-of-the-yaungol So can GM Send it to me or trade it. Im trying to make all panderan fraction Exalted for kite string: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=6827/pandaren-ambassador. Do not kno why but i did not get Lorewalkers reputation while completing achivements Proof:
  8. Help me, I started play worgen hunter, but when i arrived at lvl 9 in stormwind, i see everyone, but when i go to goldshire, i cannot see anyone and in westfall too.
  9. So basically I use the portal to get to Stormwind, I do my quests in Elwynn Forest, and I still don't have my racials. Is it bugged or is there a trainer to get them from? I'm playing on Sylvanas.
  10. Hi, my name is Gelanana, and i'm a Frost Mage. I've a big problem with my frost pet, it doesen't work. It say to be silenced/pacified with all but on the other players it work. I've tryed to change race ( buying it ) but it didn't resolved nothing. I've tryed to put some glyph with the hope of a new pet, but nothing happened. Can u help me pls?
  11. My character cant don anything after i leave a BG by logout, because the LEAVE BATTLEGROUND was not working. I already used the UNSTUCK button from the website, yet i am still marked as STUN
  12. i have a problem i have fire and arcane mage ilvl 851 name .Bloodwing 110 horde / arcane and fire it hapend wen i put the 3rd relic slot on both artifact wepons i lose dps wen my fire artifact bekame styronger from ilvl 834 to 877 my pyro plast dos 70k dmg lol to other players wen i pvp but wen i atack training dumy its 450k and my arcane mage has the same dps from wen the artifact was 835 to now 884 same arcane dmg it was 300k per arcane blast 4 arcane orbs full to now 300k dmg i need a fix and pls comend and tell me some one facing same ishues !
  13. Hi. I wasn't sure which category such a question falls under so I am asking it in general discussion. I want to know if there is any way for players to merge two different accounts or transfer characters from either account to the other. I'm not talking about expansion transfer within the same account. Basically, can characters that you own on two separate accounts (registered with two individual e-mail addresses) be transferred from one account to the other. If so, how?
  14. Everytime i login my account after the loading section, it says "no realms are available" i can't play .... please help
  15. I'm wondering which profession would be the most optimal because I've tried multiple and it either makes very bad money or is completely bugged. Please I don't to waste my time on the wrong profession(s).
  16. I'm just curious cause im kinda new, what do i do when i reach level 110? i.e. how to get gear.. Just keep doing dungeons over and over again? or is there more?
  17. I really like to Play goblin and i made A character but i Only got one quest that doesnt work i think so i cant Get to origmar. my character name is Jaycester pls help
  18. Hello, my friend have this problem can someone help ?
  19. Hello, i tried to send gold and few items to my friend and i cant do it please help. when open mailbox i can click send mail, but when i click it, it becomes dark and cant send. Hope for fast reply friend is in horde too
  21. Hello, we are 3 friends in group (16 lvls) and we want to join RDF together and it's not working role check is not working... What should we do? We want to go dungeons together Thanks!
  22. is there anyway i can talk with an admin ??
  23. Hey guys.. I downloaded WoW 3.3.5a for a different private server, but I want to transfer to Firestorm. I downloaded the Firestorm launcher, and I said that I already had the game installed --BUT, it's still loading like I'm still on my previous server. I would really love to know what to put in the file realmlist.wtf to make it go instead to Firestorm's WOTLK server please.
  24. Hello, as rogue, how can I get to Chamber of Shadows from Hall of Shadows?! There is no torch to click on to open the bookshelf door... any help? Thank you
  25. so I installed WOW Legion launcher and the game files but I keep getting disconnected. it says (BLZ and then some numbers and letters) What have I done wrong? What I did- *Deleted my old WOW installs from my PC *Log on my legion *under join us selected Legion 40+ GB file to download. *selected my downloads folder as the destination. *Once done, unrarr it to my other downloads folder. *Then installed Firestorm launcher -placed it on a different folder. -when pressed play on legion expansion it asked me where to install some files. -went into my unrarred files and said to install them in the same folder as my unrarr. *wow log in screen pops up. *Type my email and my pass *always get booted with a msg saying disconnected. HELP PLZ!!!!!??????