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  2. Hello, we are 3 friends in group (16 lvls) and we want to join RDF together and it's not working role check is not working... What should we do? We want to go dungeons together Thanks!
  3. is there anyway i can talk with an admin ??
  4. Hey guys.. I downloaded WoW 3.3.5a for a different private server, but I want to transfer to Firestorm. I downloaded the Firestorm launcher, and I said that I already had the game installed --BUT, it's still loading like I'm still on my previous server. I would really love to know what to put in the file realmlist.wtf to make it go instead to Firestorm's WOTLK server please.
  5. Hello, as rogue, how can I get to Chamber of Shadows from Hall of Shadows?! There is no torch to click on to open the bookshelf door... any help? Thank you
  6. so I installed WOW Legion launcher and the game files but I keep getting disconnected. it says (BLZ and then some numbers and letters) What have I done wrong? What I did- *Deleted my old WOW installs from my PC *Log on my legion *under join us selected Legion 40+ GB file to download. *selected my downloads folder as the destination. *Once done, unrarr it to my other downloads folder. *Then installed Firestorm launcher -placed it on a different folder. -when pressed play on legion expansion it asked me where to install some files. -went into my unrarred files and said to install them in the same folder as my unrarr. *wow log in screen pops up. *Type my email and my pass *always get booted with a msg saying disconnected. HELP PLZ!!!!!??????
  7. So I am here since the Litchiking I never had this problem until the merge of servers in to a fire storm. Ever since them I always get data downloading on my PC. Problem is that it slows my game significantly to the point where i'm stuck in invisible walls because not the who area is loaded. I had the same internet for all this time. Since WOTLK to WOD. Are there any solutions? Am I the only one with this problem? I am in a European region, and I select EU server. My pc is average. Spec average.
  8. Hey i am pretty new to this Server and i wanted to buy me some daggers, i am level 26 " Ruinous Gutripper " https://firestorm-servers.com/us/shop/category/216858 Can i use them from the moment i bought them ? or do i need a higher level. Thank you for your help. Cya Juliandry
  9. I cant launch Legion, anyone else has this bug? Please help with Fix! https://gyazo.com/1c68ff4ecf3549c3f91966f63c499bd1
  10. So I downloaded the entire game client and then went on to download the launcher. After opening the launcher it started updating and got to about 80 percent of the update. However, after that it just stopped and has been stuck like that ever since. I have tried restarting the launcher and re-installing it, but in all cases, it just starts from the beginning and then gets to a certain point and stops. It still shows it's "downloading" but the bar does not progress. Could someone please offer some assistance.
  11. I already downloaded the game, but there is still the warning that I can't play Legion with this Account. Do you know why? Do you have the same problem? What should I do? Please help me BowStar
  12. Hello GM, I need some advise, I have 2 account in same realm Sylvanas legion 7.1.5), one old, one new, both have full lvl Char, can I transfer one of my 2 chars to another account by some function? It will make them esay to be managed your promote reply will be highly appriciated, thx
  13. When i press the "Play" button on the launcher nothing hapens, game doesnt launch ..even when i go in the game directory and press the wow icon nothing hapens ... this issue is only for legion every other expansion works perfectly .. i tough its something wrong with my pc and cant support the actual expansion and so i tried to launch retail and worked .. so i assume that issue is only on Firestorm ... i've played legion on firestorm before like 1-2 months ago and worked fine .. but now i cant launch the game ... it doesnt even show errors or any of that crap thats the part that triggers me i dont know what to do .. atleast if there were errors i would know what causes it... i have reinstalled the launcher countless times same for the legion expansion but nothing ... Please help ..
  14. Just found Firestorm today. I don't have WoW and it's expansions installed. Downloaded the Firestorm launcher and I just wanted to start out with Legion. Don't care about the others. I selected where to install the game, hit play on the launcher and waited...and waited...and waited...decided, lets try Cata. Selected cata, installed, hit play and was able to play! Hooooray, but I don't want to play Cata. I want to play Legion. Deleted EVERYTHING and started over from scratch. Installed launcher, selected Legion...it told me to repair some microsoft thing. I did that. Then it downloaded like 40mb of something. I hit play...nothing. I check task manager, says Wow is running. Nothing. I've been waiting for almost an hour. I've checked other posts in the forums. People are talking about having the same problems and other people comment with, it's REAL easy, but they describe things that aren't even happening with my installation, if it's even installing. I do not see a "gray" start button. I don't even see a "start" button. All I see is play. And when I click play, nothing happens.
  15. I've seen UPDATE that World Quests are working first day it says that i must wait for Tomorrow, 2 days, and 3 days for World Quests but I've come back day after it said me but still same Message so please Help?
  16. I need help i can fly in game without fly mount. If i want jump, my charakter start flying... It's this bug or what?
  17. So I build up my garrison, did the basic quests and at some point after marking the trees, while killing the mobs, I saw that Orc next to that thing like from a archeology digsite and was curious, so i clicked it.... And boom... there I had my garrison. I was so distracted by my new options I had now, that only a little later I came to the conclusion: I messed up! Now my garrison is there and it phased, so I can't complete some important things there to get the mines and garden I think: Quest Things Are Not Gone Our Way, no mobs killed yet, but mines are closed -.- Quest A Gronnling Problem 7/8 ... its phased cant see any mobs and get the last one Quest Spare Parts : I got the bomb thingy, but nothing to blow up or collect the Shells and Cannon Parts from My garrison is there, cold even upgrade it to lvl 2, but im still hoping i can get stuff fixed cause of mines and herbgarden... I really tried around abit, with relogging, and clearing cash, but ofc i wont simply bring back that phased part
  18. Hey there Kubismyk here. so firstly i need your help i've downloadin wow like 1-2 days but now i cant login it says "we cant login into your account what you just entered please try again (BLandsomecodes) please help i really want to play firestorm
  19. Hello! I was regular player on the Pandashan server. I stopped playing year ago, and i would like to play again on Legion server. I downloaded game and its working and everything is good. But there is a problem. I heard you can transfer one character for free, but it doesn't even let me do that. When i click Change my current character option, i only get to shoot picture and make it my profile avatar. Why is that happening? I linked my account from Pandashan with this one. I would really like my character here. It was on Taran'Zhu.Also. i dont know if its important, but i was force migrated to Taran'Zhu after server ( whose name i forgot, it started on E ) shut down. Thanks for reading and i would appreciate any help.
  20. I downloaded finally) but then once the problem is impossible to go below the screenshots the problem ...
  21. Hi guys I just read: "The maximum level ingame is 13 and you can't exceed the level 9 of artifact knowledge by the shop". When will we be able to get level 14? Why they decided to limit this? Why can't we just go toward to the level 25? What do you think guys? If someone get level 25 would be too much over power? I mean so many skills of the artifact are just broken. How would this affect the experience of the other players? I mean on pvp your artifact is disabled, is not it? These server is about players who try harder, Why do not we let them get stronger on dungeons or Raids?
  22. hi guys... i cant seem to log onto my wow warlords... it keeps saying "you have been disconnected from server"... how can i fix this as the server is online as far as i can see...
  23. Hello, I need help from admin 3 days ago I learned riding 225, flying in Outland. then I flew and now it does not and I have to learn it again??? We can anyone help ????? and please let us or contact someone who can. Thanks Sardoo
  24. is there a way for me to get my legion beta character deleted so i can continue to use the name for my transfer character...