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  1. Okay guys, I understand it makes somewhat of a sense when you download the Legion client and encounter bugs or technical issues to want to put them in the general discussion. However, in order to keep this section as clean as we can, as well as be able to solve your issues, we need you to help us out. So, whenever you encounter a bug ingame go and report it over at the Bugtracker If you have a technical issue, please head over to our Tehnical Support forum and follow that structure. If someone abused a bug, insulted you, or you want to report them for any reason at all, please use the Player Report If you think you were wrongfully banned, feel free to appeal your ban over at Ban Appeal Do you have any idea that would help us improve Firestorm? Please head over to Suggestions Want to heck out the newest updates? Want to know what changed lately? Head over to the Changelog This is General Discussion, let's keep this section only about the game experience. It would be easier for us to clean it up and for you to get the info you need if we work together. Please note that any post not respecting the structure will be archived with possibly no reply. Thank you for your time and attention.
  2. So. I've logged in on a new day and i tried to log into my character and i'm getting stuck at 90% on the loading screen. It says (Not responding) now. Help please, this game is like, my life. And i NEED your help.
  3. qual e o realmlist do hellscram? alguem pode me passar??? y que realmlist la hellscram ? Alguien me puede pasar ??? and which realmlist the hellscram ? Can someone pass me ???
  4. Can someone tell me what is the realmlist for Legion because i already have the game i dont want to redownload it. I mean when you open config.wtf file the first thing which says- Set portal "something".
  5. I get error ''WOW51900328'' does anyone else get it too?
  6. hi i need help to connect server.. i have pach game wod..i need (adress WTF or folder WTF) for connect server..who can help mee??
  7. Hi, when I installed Warlords, I thought that when I torrented and installed that I would not have to worry about any background downloads while I play because I downloaded the full game torrent, is there by any chance a way to do a preload so I don't have to suffer background content downloads?
  8. Hello i only wanna ask and after i got response i will remove this topic. Where i can and how i can report GM ?
  9. Does i think or there is really too slow GM response on topics. I will explain why i think that. I got banned 5th december that day i massaged 3 different GM's from which i didnt get response, i also posted in 2 threads one was general disscusen and another in ban appels. Next day no1 was answering so i massaged 2 more GM's from all of the stuff members only Lazarius reply on my massage but he is some kind of trial game master so he cant help me much at list he give me advices about where should i made report about my account suspension. And here it is 4 days after my report... my topic in ban appels has been seen and now i am asking. is there some1 doing his job here... at list tell me something like "fuck you bitch we will ignore you" ???? i see 9 people seen my topic and i guess this was GM's but clearly they dont give a fuck to answer me. Now i dont even need answer any more bc my suspensio nends in 5 hours so dont reply on that topic i will remove it but at list if you have a job do it properly dont ignore your comunity like moltenwow was doing.. they had 30k active people at same time across the realms but their stuff members was all the time in mode like "fuq you players" thats why they now have 10k insted those 30k... i apologise for my grammer.
  10. I downloaded the game by Fire's client and when I click play nothing happens, do I have to download the full legion or something?
  11. Today i started levelling with one of mine friend,i have a full main set of heirlooms he just had instance's dropps;in the time of 2 instances he over levelled me of 1 level....soo or he got a buff of exp or my heirlooms are bugged. Pls check this and try to fix because I spend time and gold for them but now it was wasted. P.s. sorry for my English but try to understand
  12. Hi, I need help How do I copy my character from WOD at Legion expil I WOD of my hunter lvl 80 and waited before leaving the Legion now when it came out so I downloaded it and I just wanted Demon Hunter but I did not stand there so I ask how maybe copy my character from the Legion WOD to thank you for your advice
  13. after select realm and press Okey got a error say "You have been disconnected (WOW59100328) P.S. i downlaod game from torrent
  14. I just hit lvl 90 and i can't do anything do to the lvl 90 elites who guard the spawn zone. I have try many things but can't do anything. Please help, i want to hit lvl 100
  15. Hi, What is the best way to farm Gate of the setting sun ( for justice points ), What gear is the best for this? ( im playing a Night elf, feral druid. ) And where to get that gear? When is it able to solo this first boss? ---- or is there a better way to farm justice points then killing the first boss in gate of the setting sun?
  16. Hello community, I've been playing on Pandashan (MoP server) for quite some time and now I've decided to bring one of my characters to WoD where I'm currently playing. I've recovered my old account already but now I'm wondering how do I actually transfer my character from that account, any suggestions or ideas? Thank you all in advance!
  17. Does it matter if i download the client from the launcher or from the torrent? When i clicked download on WoD in the launcher it directed me to a FaQ section where it said that i should download the client from the torrent link, but at the same time i think the launcher is downloading something because i lose space on my hardrive. Also, which one is the faster way to download the client? Sorry if it sounds a bit gibberish, i had to hurry writing this post
  18. Well I'm trying to edit my event topic because event was postponed but I can't seem to find the "edit" button. Can normal users edit their topics? If no, can any moderator assist me with that? The topic I'm talking about is:
  19. I had a few characters on Pandashan, 2 of them being a level 90 Deathknight and a level 86 or 87 Paladin. After this whole Pandashan and Firestorm thing, I don't know where they've gone. I haven't played those characters in months, I think they were deleted due to inactivity for large periods of time. I've already played for a little on the Firestorm WoD servers a few months ago too and have a few characters there, the highest being level 49.(Not from pandashan though) Is there anyway I could recover those characters? It would be great if possible.
  20. Hey :), Today I accepted the Maelstrom Mission and went through the Portal in Og but I cant interact with Thrall any1 an idea how I come to "Tiefenheim" (sry just know the German Word ^^) I hope that someone can help me ^^ LG
  21. Hello guys I'm pretty new at your server. I'm playing Mist of Pandaria on Taran'zhu and tryed to get the Nether Drake as mount. But after the first missions which i have to do for the Drake I have enough rep to buy him....but how and where? In the 'normal' WoW you can fly to the Netherwing Ledge and buy him from Drake DealerHurlunk...but how do I do it on the firestorm server? ^^ I saw some guys with the Nether Drake but no one answered me ._. Greetings
  22. Okay so i see alot of people running around with season 13 gear (Elite) and i got told that you can buy lvl 90 and get full season 13(Elite) and 50k gold in some sort of a pack? how, please link me where i can get it on the shop Regards Lamyviel
  23. Hi i made mistake i recovery my old pandashan account to my friend fire-storm account now my 90lvl charecter and my friend lvl90 charecter is in 1 account and we cant play toghter now i need help what can i do for correct this mistake?
  24. Hi, im new on this server and i have some questions. first: why do the mos drop tons of bags ? second: im playing a worgan and at the beginner town there are uncountable enemies and the most of then doesnt even attack. third: why arnt there any mobs in other areas ? thanks to you all
  25. if some got an extra user with lvl 80+ druid or smthing, i used to play but i dont have the power to do it again. HELP:P