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  1. The WoD server has full working Blackrock Foundry, but it isnt on the Legion server??? why would an older server have it, but the newer one dosnt? People still like to run for transmog gear and just overall raid drops.
  2. Hello I wanted to learn Inscription profession, in wowhead they said go to dalaran and all, so i did, the gnome there only tought me Inscription til 75, and he didnt have any profession related quests, as indicated in wowhead, so : Does it work here ? can we get the Legion recipes and be able to level it up only in Legion items and all ? Thank you.
  3. How i can see how much my legion downloaded on pandaria i see how much dowanload but not to legion.
  4. so i downloaded a addon pack from the site , and i have the addons on my desktop , but how do i make it so i have them ingame?
  5. Hello, i play as Demon Hunter Tank Spec. My problem basic on missing 2 of class skills, "Demon Spikes" ( The one of core tanky usefull skill ) and "Fiery Brand" . That skills simply doesnt exist for Me, also Infernal Strike, leap with dmg, but is bugged. PLEASE fix it or find the way to make this working, this is really frustating and useless... See you in game!
  6. Hey guys, So I'm having an issue here. I've just downloaded 40.5 gb Legion torrent, and I've also downloaded the Firestorm Launcher and I've been able to open the launcher and been able to go to the Legion tab and click the 'Already installed' option which lets me choose the Legion Torrent folder that contains my game client. When I click 'play' the client launches but it is stuck at Connecting. So I put my launcher files into my Legion Torrent folder but whenever I attempt to open the launcher, it downloads the base game files again and I'm unable to click the 'Already Installed' option. So I've patiently waited for the base game to download so I can uninstall it again. It worked, the "already installed?" option shows up and I click it but it will not launch the game. Hope someone is able to help me.
  7. when i started to play i had 19ms fine but some time later i had 102ms constantly but only in wow nowhere else
  8. Has anyone ever had an issue where the game won't save system settings? I've tried running as admin without success and it's annoying to redo all the graphics sounds settings every time. Oddly enough addon settings are fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Something Wrong With My "Mythic Weekly Best" ive do like 4 or 5 +9 ..+8 Mm dungeons but after doing my last Nl +5 they all become grey and that last dung(Nl+5) become my best weekly but when i put my Curse on the grey dungeons i see the best weekly for that dung so i decided to take some Screenshots . "Screen Captured" Toggled on my Screen but when i tried to see those Screens I could not find the folder named Screenshots waiting for ur help
  10. Character Name: Eiseth Issue: Realm: Sylvanas Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate How was your game downloaded?: Torrent Describe your problem: I was downloaded full legion torrent and when i try to log, i receive a message saying: "You can't connect, please try again later" something... I can't play on W7?
  11. Hey people Topics here are usually more serious but I thought of coming up with a more relaxed topic of xmog possibilites on sylvanas-legion. If you've got a great plate transmogrification on Sylvanas realm you can show off here. If you know an amazing looking armor combination or set that is available on Sylvanas you should post it here too. I made this topic because seemingly ToT gear I was originally going for. When possible a item list would be great :D thx to all participating
  12. Hello everyone. I have reported this issue twice in the bug tracker but keeps getting closed. People seem to think that the Dreamwalk spell for druids does not return the caster back to the original location where it was first cast, which is completely incorrect. If you got to wowhead (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=193753/dreamwalk#comments), the top comment explicitly states: So for the love of Thrall, stop saying that Dreamwalk is working as intended because it simply is not, and stop closing the bug reports as resolved when it clearly is not.
  13. Hello today i wanted to play wow.. but unfortunetly when i tried to log in it just showed me "connecting" window... Have someone found how to fix it? Have a nice day friends.
  14. Will there be any changelog about Sylvanas soon?
  15. Hello, This is my second time playing World of Warcraft so I'm really sorry for being noob. Have a question, will I be able to play the game if I have a Mist of Pandaria Expansion ? If not, is there a way to play the game without downloading the whole torrent file which includes the Legion expansion already. Is there a patch file or something so I can at least download a much smaller size of the game ? Thank you in advance~
  16. Would you stay on legion or move on? Personally i love everything about legion so i'll prolly stay.
  17. Hi, So i'm about to buy a profession from the shop, and i want the one that makes the most gold. Any opinions? Regards
  18. worgen

    Me and my Worgen brother ready to eat some meat ...
  19. Anyone know when the Legion server comes up again?
  20. Hi, I play on a Mac. I've downloaded the Legion torrent (which is for PC). Then, I replaced the PC client by a Mac client found here (the mac "English (77MB)" file) (a moderator advised me to do so). Problem is, when I try to open it, I get a message telling me that the file is damaged : I downloaded the Launcher to try and update/debug this client, but now the Launcher won't work. It gets stuck at "Downloading update" : Obviously, I already checked firewalls, and everything's clear. So I'm here with a broken client and a stuck launcher. What can I do ? Where can I find another working mac client ? Has anyone ever faced such a situation and know how to handle it ? Thanks in advance !
  21. SO, after the last changelog the fishing os working. You can fish 1 to 800 in broken islands. Just have fishing learned. Yyou will drop both fishes that awards Fishing artifact points - no joke there is a special murloc skull adorned fish line called fishing artifact you'll get at lvl 8'' fishing Also drops fishes that droped back into water give you 5 fishing skill points per fish. Good fishing boys and gals!
  22. As many here have encountered there's been a rash of Bugs with mail not sending and also with system settings NOT being saved. I was fine until I did ONE thing. Originally I was running a upgraded version of 7.1.5, yesterday I switched to a full torrent version of 7.1.5 from the Firestorm site. I think something in that version is what's causing all the bugs, even my wife's laptop had them. I switched about an hour ago to the version of 7.1.5 FROM THE LAUNCHER. I emphasize this for a reason, both my computer and the wife's laptop have no problems whatsoever. I'm also thinking the only parts that would need to be saved from the torrent version would be the "Data" folder and, of course, your addons. For the HORDE, Wjm67x
  23. Today I found 2 quest that doesnt work: 1 - Assassin entrapment - i was using trap provided by quest, and setting it up feq times, reload game, try again, abanon quest, try again, nothing works 2 - the Scythe of Elune - portal from Valshara to duskwood doesnt work, I travel there via other portals, but when in location, no NPC there
  24. legion

    Whenever i try to connect it says unable to connect,if the problem persists please contact blizzard tehnical support
  25. So basically I use the portal to get to Stormwind, I do my quests in Elwynn Forest, and I still don't have my racials. Is it bugged or is there a trainer to get them from? I'm playing on Sylvanas.