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Found 9 results

  1. So i have the quest on the panda monk for flying first time with the balloon to see the turle idk what its called shin ze sick or something and its bugged and i cant get onto the baloon to fly and its a quest chain for goin to alliance or horde so if someone could help plwasd
  2. So I'm doing that quest and have everything exept Musken Hide, and every possible drop either is not even there or is not possible to skin them, do u know how can I get it or if it is not possible to do that quest ??
  3. this mission is bug and impossible to complete, was to have a ship but only has a arvo re in the middle and enemies bug
  4. greetings my friend invited me and i choose to pandaren race but at Risking it all quest i am stucked and many ppl here trying to find out how to finish this quest because there is no ship wreck or any planted device which we should blow up and finish quest so we can't move on and choose race atm. i hope gm give us faction quest and we can get rid of this buggy stiuation. in picture u can see there is no ship wreck or any device https://ibb.co/b8i5T8
  5. quest bug

    realm: sylvanas name:tazzyy I can't the seet the NPC of this quest "To old friends" from the questline of valshara when come closer to yasera the NPC to gave her the quest after i did it she disappear can someone tell me what to do pls .
  6. when i am abt to do the quests there in garrison "bigger is better" is bugged i cant go to lvl 2 in my town hall and i do have 200 resurce pls fix it soon
  7. This has become so frustrating that it's almost unplayable. I'm kind of new to the whole private server thing, and I finally get everything up and working... until I try to play almost any character. Every character I have tried to roll so far has run into a brick wall when it comes to quest progression. I tried to play a goblin, couldn't progress because the car wouldn't pick people up as it was supposed to (when I try to honk at the friends, it says invalid target). I tried to roll a panda monk, and when I get to the quest where the master wants you to cross the bridge and defeat the guy (right after stealing the flame and burning the scroll, near the beginning), I beat the guy, but it doesn't conclude the quest and he comes out of stun and keeps fighting me. I tried to roll a DK, and when I get to the quest where you are supposed to disguise yourself as the scarlet courier, the disguise doesn't work and all the scarlets still attack me. I started thinking maybe it was related to the special classes / races, so I rolled a gnome hunter, but as soon as I complete "to the surface" at the beginning, there are no other quests to be taken (and yes I tried to talk to quest givers even if they didn't have a marker). I even tried to go to other quest areas on this gnome, and nothing. When I tried to go to far, I died and though I died in Dun Morough, I'm teleported to the graveyard in Westfall. I honestly don't know how there are any level 110s on the server if you literally can't progress a character normally. So what gives? Is this a work in progress that is going to be fixed at some point?
  8. Hey there Anyone know offhand if the garrison quest from the Trading Post "Tricks of the Trade" is bugged? It's the initial quest from that building and enables the wandering trader to visit that building. The sleeping trader isn't spawning in his normal spot and I've tried relogging and leaving the garrison, etc.
  9. i have full client but i cant see mobs, what can i do??