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  1. Hello, I've been trying for like 3 hours to get the quest to kill Keli'dan the Breaker, but Exarch Maladaar will just say "Hello." and kill me eventually. Is there another way/location/something to get the quest?
  2. hello Admin, I need your help. My quest is not working. Quest name is : A Taste of Iron. I have bugged this quest. If you can complete this mission ? or restart my hystory on Dreanor ?
  3. Hello, I am trying to do A Taste Of Iron for couple of days now and it just doesn't work for me, whenever I take the quest and go to try to mount the cannon it just dissapears, I have no idea how to continue and I need help, thank you!
  4. Hi Guys! Is there anyway on gaining reputation for the Operation Shieldwall faction in Krasarang Wilds? I tried to do the quest line and it just ends up being bugged, i can't even talk to most of the NPC's that are in the beach.
  5. For some reason I can't get the cook in Tanaris to initiate the quest to learn the cooking recipe "Clamette Surprise". I'm at lvl 45 and my cooking skill is at 265 so I met the requirements. All the npc let's me do is purchase from him just like a normal vendor. He even has a yellow question mark above his head. Is the quest bugged or am I doing something wrong? My portrait says I'm playing WoD but this character is on MoP.
  6. Every time I end a quest, the NPC who I have to go to get my XP shows up somewhere else on the map, what means I have to search the place where he stands ! pls help
  7. Hi my Friend Lucjus and me, make a Quest in Gorgrond, we have to Klick on a Dead Ork Body and get so an Orkmask, we do this and our Optik change in ork Optik. After we Ende the Quest we are still orks and nowhere we cant take this Mask away, no Button to klick the Mask away and an unstuck don't Help too, please help that we are ourselfs again. So it is not nice to Play, so please help us.
  8. Hello. I wonder, this item http://www.wowhead.com/item=92426/sealed-tome-of-the-lost-legion drops on our server? or not? farming it for a long time. Drop chanse is 2%. Does it work? Can i have this item?
  9. Hello I have a question. How does it look with warlock questline Codex of Xerath. I did first quest An unusual Tome. That one sent me to warlock trainer in OG . I got quest item "Legacy of the masters" and warlock trainer trainer let me finish this quest. I should get another quest but I didnt. Any advice?? there should be two more quests but I didnt get any. Any help?? or idea how to do this??
  10. Guys someone know how do this quest, 'couse i have two Durotan but both of them are useless, when i click on him i just say goodbye, i can't build nothing. let me know what to do or something Thx.
  11. Hi i would like to complete the quest they grow up so fast but my small raptor doesnt follow me after i accepted the quest , raptor name should be in blue but my is green , whats the problem ? Any advice ? Pls helm me thx. Srry for my bad english!
  12. The quest 'How to win friends and influence enemies' isn't working. I accept the quest and I can't find the box that the quest needs me to open. Its supposed to be there but it isn't. What do I do?
  13. Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10. Character name: Eöl. Error info: None. Description of the problem: When start with a goblin, the very first quest is Taking care of bussiness, wich leads to a near NPC called Foreman Dampwick. Inicially I can't see where you end the quest, there's no notification, in the map, nothing. However when I relog in the game, then I can see the ? mark in its place, but the NPC still wont appear. I attached two screenshots so you can see the problem before the relog and after. Thanks in advance.
  14. I did the quest "Frederick's Fish Fancy" (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27450/fredericks-fish-fancy) so that I could get a pair of Pants as a transmorg and when I turn the quest in, I didn't get anything (Except the Infectis Puffer Sashimi) and the quest is now done...do I can't do anything about it. I want my "Infectis Incher Leggings" Pants....please give them to me.
  15. Hi Are there quests which are working on draenor now? Or still the old way to level: kill mobs in shadowmoon valley?
  16. Hi admins and GMs, I'm playing Grommash and I leveled my first character to 90 (hell yeah, I was happy, I'm a wow player since the BC and I like the build and thinking of WoD), and I'd like to level, but there aren't much quest which works. I asked this question in my guild, but they only said to grind some mobs. I don't like xp grinding, I like any other grinding (proffs, honor, useable and transmog gear etc.), but when I'd like to gather XP I'm doing quests. I know that an "average" player will accept this, but I like WoW because of quest, but I'm not a rich man to play on original, and I like the community of Firestorm. So don't misunderstand me please, I don't you have to fix it now or else. Just like to ask, when will be the quests available "normally"? Yours faithfully, Saintgreene
  17. The quest "Keeping it Together" tells me that I have to talk to Assistant Brightstone. I speak with her but, when I click "Time to get back to work", nothing happens. What should I do?
  18. Hey all! So I started playing some time ago and I created a new character recently, a Tauren. Up to this far (am lvl 16 atm) there were no problems, I left Thunderbluff and headed to Oggrimar. However, regarding the quest Walk With Earth Mother, I've encountered a bug of some sorts. The quest brought me to Voljin, but I can't complete the quest since he isn't showing a question mark above his head. I I still have the required item in my inventory, the Mark of Bloodhoof in my inventory, but I have no idea how to proceed without handing over this quest. Anyone else ran into this problem? What to do further?
  19. Once I've reached lvl 90 and i go out to draenor i can start the questline but archmage khadgar and the others keeps vanishing and then i cannot see tehm again. Once i could fix this problem by reinstalling the game but i really dont want to reinstall it again. Can anyone help?
  20. Hi Im stuck in the quest a taste of iron. I need to complete it. But I have no chance to use turrut. it always say 0/200 killed and Everytime I get to the turrut. Im gonna stuck and cannot use .
  21. Hey all, I'm quite new to private servers seeing as i always played retail since right before TBC released, so it might just be that I'm missing something regarding this quest. My problem is that as soon as I hit 85, as per usual I received the quest to venture into Pandaria. Except I got the horde version: "The art of war". Without thinking I removed the quest thinking if I enter SW the problem would resolve itself and I'd be presented with the proper quest. Sadly nothing happened and I find myself quite stuck seeing as the next step: "The mission", which normally can be initiated right outside SW keep also did not present itself. The question obviously is did I properly mess up or is there still a way to initiate said quest? Thank you in advance!
  22. Hello! So I finaly started playing WoW-WoD and I made a worgenin. Thing is: I cant complete the first quest! The Something's Amiss one. It doesnt shows up the "?" symbol above Prince Liam Greymane's head. What should I do? Dont want to be stuck in any quest. Edit: And right after I log in, in the message board appears this message: "You were disconnected from Battle.net" or something (my first language is not English).
  23. Two days ago I created a new Death Knight, I leveled up to level 61. The problem is when I try to complete the mission "take back Archeus", I use the "Death Gate" spell to return to Archeus and the character does not appear to complete the quest. I downloaded all the files of the game, in fact, the wheel that turns no longer appears. I also tried to create a new character but happens the same problem. How can I solve? p.s. I now play on ashran and I remember that there was not this problem in Pandashan when i played it a year ago. Sorry for my english
  24. Two days ago I created a new Death Knight, I leveled up to level 61. The problem is when I try to complete the mission "take back Archeus", I use the "Death Gate" spell to return to Archeus and the character does not appear to complete the quest. I downloaded all the files of the game, in fact, the wheel that turns no longer appears. I also tried to create a new character but happens the same problem. How can I solve? p.s. I now play on WOD and I remember that there was not this problem in Pandashan when i played it a year ago. Sorry for my english
  25. Darkness Falls The Battle of Thunder Pass The Battle for Shattrath And Justice for Thrall Darkness Falls - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=33837/darkness-falls The Battle of Thunder Pass - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=34124/the-battle-of-thunder-pass The Battle for Shattrath - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=34099/the-battle-for-shattrath AND http://www.wowhead.com/quest=33731/the-battle-for-shattrath And Justice for Thrall - http://www.wowhead.com/quest=35171/and-justice-for-thrall AND http://www.wowhead.com/quest=35169/and-justice-for-thrall Can you script these quests and make to we can put up instantly and spawn the quest npcs? These are story quests with cinematics and we all waiting for that. If these quests will be working, the gaming experience will grow.