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  1. how am I supposed to do these quests than ?
  2. Quest name: Thirst Unending Proof: Description: When I use the ability "Arcane Torrent" in "mana wyrm", the mission "Thirst Unending" does not complete.
  3. So, in legion last quest required for your garrison is bugged. i uploaded a pic, clicking this thing do nothing, garrison is dead, ppl are sad ........ please fix it asap
  4. Hey guys, Zeito here. Im a lvl 110 rogue trying to lvl up a monk as a twink. So I got my monk to lvl 105 and then I've got some quests in Aszuna for example http://de.wowhead.com/quest=37507/boss-walplauze-hat-das-sagen. But the thing is I can't see him like literally can't see anything. I can see the questgiver Okuna but not the Boss. Even tho i see him in the minimap. I thought it's buggy so I tried other quests. The one with prince Farondis "save yourself." I did everything and when the quest finishes theres no npc to deliver the quest. Then I tried to do the quest with Senegos and the mana thirsty guy and that didn't work either. I dont know what to do guys , it's kinda frustrating. Please help Thanks in advance. Regards Zeito
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry if i ask something already asked, but i can't find anything about it with the search. So, i was questing and try out different class and race and my first question after a while is: Is there any plans for revamp/fixing older content (like starting zone or Burning Crusade/Cataclysm zone) ? I know you are working right now on Legion content and i'm very happy about it, but i think a nice e fluid leveling experience would enhance the... experience (sorry for repetition xD) of the players. :3 Thanks in advance for any answer and good work! Lorenzo
  6. I have encountered a recurring quest-breaking issue. Whenever a quest says I must investigate or scout an area (a la An'daroth, Amani Catacombs, Fargodeep Mine, etc.) whenever I approach the area to complete the objective as outlined by wowhead, the objective would not complete, regardless of amount of time spent in the area, rendering me unable to complete the quest, and missing out on a chunk of XP. Is there a way to complete these objectives at all?
  7. Hello, I have a problem with the quest line because at some point I had to follow kathgar but he stood there so I decided to throw away the quest, and once again take it again, of course, could not do that. Please any help in this regard. Can I ask you to reset the quest line.
  8. I have to meet up with somebody but i can't find the person eventho i'm at the location. Has anyone done this quest? Suprise Attack!
  9. Hello. I accepted quest Malfurions fury and after you ride Ysera she disapears and theres no where to turn in the quest. I saw people progressing further so i think the quest should work. Tried deleting catche, canceling other Val'shar quests still nowhere to found where to turn it in. Any solutions
  10. Quest: Surprise Attack is buged, you cant complete 0/1 Join to Battle.... Demon Hunter: Spirit Bomb required Mana and DH dont have mana Ability: Soul Cleaver, Shear - Dont heal, Sigils dont work , Infernal Strike can be used by one time BUT you must have 2 staks Fishing is Bugged World Bosses missing Minning sometimes dont take skill up
  11. Okay, so I here I am with my lvl 100 Demon Hunter and I see people roaming about with artifact weapons and I don't have one. I read on multiple places that say that you get a quest to get an artifact weapon as soon as you enter Dalaran but I didin't get that quest. So I just need to ask, how do I get my artifact weapon and when. If I were supposed to get it by now, but glitched it out somehow can I still get it ?
  12. Did anybody know about the Swiftclaw problem where you try to rid on him and end up stuck and can't finish the quest nor the Quest line..... please help for solutions whole bunch of lvl 7s stuck unless log out and that doesn't help the quest.
  13. Hello Firestorm, I did a stupid mistake and left Prince Farondis's body in Azsuna during the quest Save Yourself. Can any gm pls teleport me back to the Hatecoil Slave Pen ? I really want to do the azsuna questline. Name - Saviz Thanks
  14. The quest [The Path Of The Righteous Crusader] is bordering on the impossible. Basically there is no way to complete it and leave the initial Death Knight's area because the item needed to complete it never appears.
  15. So, I got this quest at a time when I dropped this item on Molten core, but where the hell did I give this quest? I already looked at google, youtube and nothing man! If anyone knows where to deliver it, tell me.
  16. Ok , today i done netherwing drake quest line , got exalted with netherwing , and then CANT OBTAIN A FREKIN MOUNT. This mount can be obtained from vendor in shattrath city , problem is there is a vendor , there is a netherdrakes , but you CAN NOT talk to vendor nor obtain drake. I am so pissed off right now , i lost all day free time on this quest and i cant get mount. I fully understand that this is private server and i and grateful to be able to play game for free but...... If you are investing time on PROGRAMMING QUEST LINE , WHY DON`T YOU INVEST 1 HOUR MORE TO FINISH QUEST LINE. LOL
  17. Hi guys i want to ask if this quest work "My Very Own Castle" to level up my garrison, or is just not released yet and we can't up the garrison to level 3? I checked here but i didn't find anything about garrison levels.
  18. The title says it all basically. When i complete a quests it doesn't show me the right spot where i should return it. It shows me where I finished the quests. For example i kill an NPC and i complete a certain quest and it shows it completed over the dead NPC. Any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi Guys, since i enterd Draenor there are no longer Questdata on the Map. There are only the questgiving people shown. Does anyone has the same problem and know how to fix it? Cheers
  20. Hello, I've been trying for like 3 hours to get the quest to kill Keli'dan the Breaker, but Exarch Maladaar will just say "Hello." and kill me eventually. Is there another way/location/something to get the quest?
  21. hello Admin, I need your help. My quest is not working. Quest name is : A Taste of Iron. I have bugged this quest. If you can complete this mission ? or restart my hystory on Dreanor ?
  22. Hello, I am trying to do A Taste Of Iron for couple of days now and it just doesn't work for me, whenever I take the quest and go to try to mount the cannon it just dissapears, I have no idea how to continue and I need help, thank you!
  23. Hi Guys! Is there anyway on gaining reputation for the Operation Shieldwall faction in Krasarang Wilds? I tried to do the quest line and it just ends up being bugged, i can't even talk to most of the NPC's that are in the beach.
  24. For some reason I can't get the cook in Tanaris to initiate the quest to learn the cooking recipe "Clamette Surprise". I'm at lvl 45 and my cooking skill is at 265 so I met the requirements. All the npc let's me do is purchase from him just like a normal vendor. He even has a yellow question mark above his head. Is the quest bugged or am I doing something wrong? My portrait says I'm playing WoD but this character is on MoP.
  25. Every time I end a quest, the NPC who I have to go to get my XP shows up somewhere else on the map, what means I have to search the place where he stands ! pls help