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  1. Talent Choices. Tier 1 - Subterfuge. I go with Subterfuge because I like the idea of having 3 seconds of capability of using my stealth spells, great for peeling, ccing, damaging and combo generating in general. Tier 2 - Tier 2 depends on what you are facing against. If versing a deep physical enemy or arena team such as Warriors, other Rogues, Hunters(Non survival hunters). You wanna go with Combat Readiness. If you're versing a casting comp or a caster the right choice is Nerve Strike. Personally if I am running Rogue/RDruid, I would go for Nerve Strike if facing even a deep physical enemy as long as it not double physical dps. As it gives a nice -10% healing effect. Tier 3 - Best talent to go with is Elusiveness, it also procs your 4th bonus that gives you 910 Versatility. And if used right, a nearly permanent -30% damage reduction. Tier 4 - Shadowstep all the way! Burst of Speed is for World PvP/Duels! Tier 5 - If you're 2's i'd recommend internal bleeding, If you're playing 3's go for Prey on the Weak, however it is also viable for 2's, my personal favorite talent. Tier 6 - Personally I only use and like Marked for Death. Tier 7 - Death From Above pew pew pew! Glyphs. Major Glyph - Glyph of Energy. Major Glyph - Glyph of Blind. Major Glyph - Glyph of Garrote/Cheap Shot/Recovery, these glyphs can be played around depending on your playstyle and on the situation. Usually I mostly pick Glyph of Garrote ovre Glyph of Cheap Shot, and if I am going with a Ret Paladin or a Feral i'd go with Glyph of Recovery. As the ccs are already covered by my Feral/Ret and getting nice heal crits are always good when running double dps comps. (: Major Glyph (Optional) - Glyph of Feint (If you feel like you're too squishy, or the enemy has long ccs go for it and don't forget to spam the shiz out of feint! Minor Glyph - Glyph of Decoy. Because we're fabulous. Minor Glyph - Glyph of Blurred Speed, what this basically does is allow your to use sprint and run across water, great for chasing enemies or escaping enemies at the water at BGs. Minor Glyph - Glyph of Poisons. (Let's face it, who likes a 3 seconds cast poisons? xD) Stats & Stats Priority. Mastery - Increases your damage by finishing moves and slice and dice effectiveness. Critical - Grants a chance for a critical which means you will deal 2x your damage. Multistrike - Grants X % chance to make an extra attack or heal for 30% of normal damage/heal. Versatility - Increases damage and healing done by X % and decreases damage taken by X %. Stats Priority. Mastery > Versatility > Crit > Multistrike. Personally I prefer Versatility over Multistrike as Sub is all about controlled burst by demand and not lucky hits. So whatever can increase my damage permanently and improve my burst I will take it over other stuffs as Multistrike which is more about RNG than MLG plays :D. Enchants. I'm currently going for Mastery enchant on my Neck, Cloak and rings. I use Mark of Bleeding Hollow on my main hand and Shatterhand enchant on my offhand. Basic Subtlety Specilization information. Mastery: Executioner - What your mastery does is increase the amount of damage your finishing moves and the haste given from Slice and Dice by X %. You want to keep your Slice and Dice and Rupture on a 100% uptime. Keeping Slice and Dice up will greatly increases the amount of Energy you regenerate. Keep Rupture on your enemy will cause all the damage you deal to him to be increased by 25%, hell yeah! If you already have Rupture and Slice and Dice up, dump the extra combo points you generate on your target by using, Death From Above/Eviscerate (If Death From Above on CD/Or if you are planning to burst very soon.) And Recuperate. (These spells usage depend on the situation you are in at. If you're low hp obviously go for Recuperate, and if you need to deal pressure and damage go for Eviscerate/Death From Above. Always keep your Feint activated for -30% Damage Reduction and the bonus 910 Versatility. Poison - Poisons you want to use are Crippling Poison and Wound Poison. Macros. Basic macros. #show Preparation /use [button:1] Wound Poison; Crippling Poison /use [button:1] 16; 17 /click StaticPopup1Button1 - This macro will allow your left mouse click to cast Wound Poison on your dagger, and right mouse click to cast Crippling Poison on your other dagger. /Focus [target=mouse] - Allowing you to focus the target you're hovering your mouse on. /stopattack /Cast Gouge - This macro will allow you to gouge and stop auto attacking which can cause gouge to break. /stopwatch 23 /stopwatch play /Cast Kidney Shot - The reason I use stopwatch is to follow up my Diminishing Returns. 23 Seconds is the duration your stuns will be in DR, enabling you to watch over your DR and know when you can stun back again. /stopwatch 23 /stopwatch play /Cast Cheap Shot /Cast Premeditation /Cast Garrote /Cast Premeditation /Cast Cheap Shot /Cast Premeditation /Cast Ambush #show Sap /Cast Premeditation /cleartarget /targetenemyplayer /cast Sap - What this macro is do is basically target the nearest target and sap it, and any target to you 'discover' which means if you see someone in stealth for a brief second while spamming this will cause you to sap that target. 2v2 Arena macros. /Castsequence [@focus] Shadowstep, Sap /Castsequence [@focus] Shadowstep, Garrote /Cast [@focus] Blind /stopwatch 23 /stopwatch play /Castsequence [@focus] Shadowstep, Kidney Shot - This macro will instantly use Shadowstep on your focus target and right after Kidney Shot. /Cast [@focus] Kidney Shot /Cast [@focus] Blind /Cast [@focus] Gouge /Cast [@focus] Shiv /Cast [@focus] Sap /Castsequence [@party1] Shadowstep, Smoke Bomb - If your healer is getting massive damage from range attacks this will allow you to shadowstep to him and smoke bomb both of you, allowing not to take any range damage for duration of Smoke Bomb. (Please notice that this can be used offensively aswell, bomb your enemy target to prevent any healer outside the bomb from healing your target.) 3v3 Arena Macros. /Cast [@arena1/2/3] - This means you will have to write a /Cast arena1 /Cast arena2 /Cast arena3 for which ever number you choose. 1= First target frame, 2= Second target frame, 3= Third target frame. /Cast [@arena1/2/3] Blind /stopwatch 23 /stopwatch play /Castsequence [@arena1/2/3] Shadowstep, Kidney Shot /Castsequence [@arena1/2/3] Shadowstep, Garrote /Castsequence [@arena1/2/3] Shadowstep, Sap /Castsequence [@arena1/2/3] Shadowstep, Kick /Cast [@arena1/2/3] Gouge /Cast [@arena1/2/3] Blind /Cast [@arena1/2/3] Shiv /Cast [@arena1/2/3] Sap Now a lot of you will wonder why I do not have some sort of secret op swifty burst macro, the reason for this is because sometimes you do not want to use your burst. Edit: Since a lot of people asking me how do I open, i'll write it down here. Premeditation > Slice and Dice > Cheap Shot > Rupture + Shadow Dance(With/without Badge up to you) > 2x Ambush > Kidney > Marked for Death > Death From Above > Garrote > 2x Hemo >Slice and Dice. I have bound my trinkets and Shadow Dance to different keybinds, allowing me to choose when I want to burst. Sometimes you want to use Shadow Dance without bursting just to bait the enemies cds, or to counter the enemies burst. Please note that these are not all of my macros, you can pm me if you'd like more macros, and if you have problems with making macros please pm me with your questions, suggestions and requests and I will answer them. I hope you enjoyed my Subtlety guide, if you did, please share, like, comment below and subscribe. Milady - Out My setup -