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      International Game Master Recruitment — Sethraliss & Sylvanas & Garrosh and Gul'dan   06/23/19

      Firestorm International is looking for Game Masters for Sethraliss, Sylvanas, Garrosh and Gul'dan. We're currently looking for members from all regions that wish to join our staff team. Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. Remember that there are requirements for the position. By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more. Please put an effort into your application as we provide the general format for you and all you do is have to fill it in. Click here to read the requirements and apply!
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      New Graphic Ideas   07/29/19

      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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      Events on Twitch!   09/02/19

      The International Firestorm Staff is going to stream its Weekly Events on Twitch. For more information about our Twitch channel and the Weekly Events, you can check here.
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      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
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      Be ready to boost our Discord and in return, you become a VIP. You can read about that here.

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  1. Greetings Firestormers! We Informed you before that we are going to gather the Questions and Answers from the Live Q&A. You can read them here if you missed the Live Q&A or joined but wanted to re-read it again. Thank you all for making Firestorm a better place and we hope that you got the suitable answers for your questions. See you in 8.2! By #1 Fenrisulfr Fenyr#6969: Will you be able to implement the new goblin/worgen skins? By Xyzt#7476: Classic when? By Reffa#7312: You said you will update BoD by wings= Wing 1(champions,grongs,jadefire) / Wing 2 (Opulence,conclave,rastakhan) / Wing 3 (Mekkatorque,Blockade,Jaina) so when you open Wing 1 do we get normal/hc/(LFR) at same time and later Myth? By Jakub#0874: Hi Will there be race heritages and night elf "night warrior's" black eyes? By Zlade#3770: Where will the new Azerite gear Vendors be located? / Why isn't Siege of Boralus and Kings´ Rest on Mythic difficulty yet? / When will 8.2 war campaign release? / What's the class changes for Demon Hunter Havoc in 8.2? / The new allied races, will they be available directly when 8.2 releases? By Jajajajaja#4144: Something new about Cataclyslm? By deadarrow#9486: How does the new Azerite traits work? By Barattolo#1320: Is the reason of the crashes known to you but you can do nothing about it or you just don't know why it happens? By Reffa#7312: We cant farm BoEs in Uldir like on retail does it work in BoD? (I do few test on Uldir myth id trash didnt respawn in whole week. IDK if its correct but i read somewhere on battle.net forums trash should be respawned after 30 minutes) On retail i farm BoEs when i had time but here on firestorm its impossible. By YS#6806: Hey there, I have a question for the developers of Firestorm, are you guys planning on more optimizing the server for fps related issues? Ive noticed alot of people have low frame rates especially in raids. In retail for example people with pretty low-end processors can run the game well above 30fps. By Reffa#7312: How many titanium residuum do we get? will it work as on 8.1 or we get numbers from 8.2 bcs then you need to set different items price in azerite armor vendor. (S2 cost of azerite random mythic is 1725 and S3 is 47500 and if we get Season 3 amount 17000 {this number is from M+ 10 weekly} titanium residuum from weekly we can buy all S2 azerite gear in first week. / Is scrapping gear give titanium residuum is it work properly? bcs only 8.1+ azerite gear should give titanium residuum after scrap not gear obtained in 8.0. By Rokaar#5065: Is the calendar going to be available so players can use it with their guilds to schedule events and stuff? By Reffa#7312: Is newly added Traits(8.1) working or most working are old ones(8.0)? By Quetzall#9312: In this new patch are they going to be devs working on the old quests and achievements from BFA? Like the bees from Stormwong Valley, scrolls and such? By Reffa#7312: Max ilvl should be 425, do you test if we dont get again ilvl Pvp bug where ppl had 400ilvl in S1? By Reffa#7312: When Season 2 start? Do we get any restriction as on retail? (First week was loot locked to max ilvl from +5 keystone so you just spam M+ 5 keys and do one M+ 10 for weekly(Or higher to get more titanium residuum). By Reffa#7312: Is the scaling of dmg/hp in dungeon increased on 8.2 or 8.1? (wowhead:A +10 in Season 3 will feel like a +12 in Season 2). By XueN#5305: When 8.2 gets enabled, will the pathfinding (fly in BFA) gets enabled instantly, will it be sold on the shop, will it get implemented, or we will have to wait for it? By Reffa#7312: When we get Island Expeditions? bcs i read on discord person which should script expeditions take a break or something. By Reffa#7312: Champion of Azeroth ilvl upgrades for neck should be account wide(If you have revered on one character you can upgrade neck by +45 ilvl on others characters) since 8.1 is it work? By Vhork#9243: In this new update is there going to be an ingame shop implemented? And is there going to be a rework on the LFG for dungeons and raids? By Reffa#7312: Is the textures repaired? BCS for reaping affix is good to have working textures (TD and Waycrest were so bad in S1) bcs you want to place reaping on one spot that why you need working textures. By Soldado Callejero#3767: Are they going to be class buffs enabled on this new version? By Reffa#7312: When do we get shop upgrade? (Is it stay same just upgrade from Uldir 370HC gear to BoD 400HC gear? / Does +5 ilvl(and others from this section) can be used to max 425 ilvl? / Will be 425 items available in shop since start or after Mythic BoD open? By Dhsteph#4522: Is there any content, feature or scenario from BfA (current patch or future ones) that you WON'T be developing for Sethraliss? By Reffa#7312: Does Darkshore/Battle For Stromgarde work? Bcs reward from those are 400/370 item which are we now missing or we get just bosses and rares? (Beware of Battle For Stromgarde Heroic which was implemented in 8.2 which reward is 430ilvl which is above max ilvl in 8.1 and shouldn't exist in 8.1). By Reffa#7312: Does Alliance have quest for 400ilvl reward as on retail? (they had Weekly Quest for 10 horde slains or something to balance War mode). By Chleba#8845: Will you fix old content things Like garrisons? By 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮#1039: Do you know if Hivemind will be script or not? By Naj#8064: Can u please fix the mounts on wod cuz all of them are character bound (for example i bought a mount from shop for 50 fp and is not char bound on site and when i got ingame it was soulbound) and all dropable mounts are char bound please fix em (ik is dead server but is really nice expansion and i love to play it) so u can fix them please? By Glaedr#8274: How much it will cost flight in bfa? on loyalty points and firestorm points? By Brazz D Bros (Sanjikun)#3676: Will you add weapons illusion enchantment to the shop? By deadarrow#9486: When will you add Character Marketplace? By Smokey#6114: Any planned updates for WoD? By ♥ Vojta ♥#4245: When is patch released? (Specific date). By Xawen#2250: Many players play pvp. On BFA is new PVP reward (season mount - Vicious War Riverbest) from 240 2v2 arenas (on FS 266) or 120 3v3 etc... so my question is why player who complete this season reward dont obtain mount? On 8.2 will be release new PVP season with New pvp mount.... Any idea what now? Can you tell me players who complete this challenge obtain this mount before 8.2 release? Thx. By Xyzt#7476: There will be ever a mop pvp tournament realm? it was planned like 2 year ago. By Hesh#3004: Will we get the full ap catch up from 8.1 or will we get it like retail with every reset the ap requirement for the next neck lvl will be lowered? By eighthourblink#1121: What is the lookout for Pet battles? Recently i switched from a server where Pet Battles were 90% implemented and was kinda let down when i made the jump over here. Although it doesn't make or break my stay here, what is the current roadmap for Pet Battles. I just like going around, collecting / battling the pets. By Thathaa#3988: Can we have a youtube trailer for Firestorm servers? By 𝓐𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓻#8889: Will you up Priest? By Deadryder#4207: What ever happened to the cosmeticator bot? In 2018 QA it was said it would make a return and we should look out for announcements but it never did and also what about the premium/vip feature will it make a return as well or not? This question is directed more towards Shelby. By Kain Azrael#0587: When will transfers to BFA be possible? By Glaedr#8274: Are u releasing the rest of the recipes remaining for the main professions? By alik#7460: Will be needed a reputation to open new allied races? Or it will be automatically? By Alyzeh#0001: What will you do with Greymane? By Дарион#5991: Will there be an increase in X10 experience on the great feast of Baptism? By Mumbai#6980: Will the animation of casters in battle be fixed? / Will the textures in the dungeons be fixed? (For example, when a druid casts starfall, all enemies flee from the entire dungeon. By xsw3ft#3038: Is the remasterization of the BGs going to be live on the 8.2? On the version 8.1.5, lots of Battlegrounds got remastered so I wanted to know if this will be implemented, if it will be worked, or if it will get discarded. By mayov#2331: Will legion legendary questlines work in 8.1? By ItachiUchiha#6876: Darkshore Warfront: Will this be open with quest? By Spandauer Salzlord#4608: So its quite bug related. I have Issues in BFA with multiple Character with finishing Questlines. My NPC´s disappeared randomly. In my case Krag´wa just before ending Nazmir (My Monk is stuck there), and Druid Loti in Zuldazar. Any tips or quick fixes possible, because i send a ticket with the ERROR of updating the GM Ticket, so my ticket doesn't get send. By Zlade#3770: How long will we need to wait until the new zones release? By Ixtab#6555: When are the RBG 10vs10 going to get enabled? Are they planned or are they never going to get implemented? By zulzín#0251: Are there going to be available the 8.2 hunter pets such as Oondasta or Horridon? And what about the book for taming Zul's Blood Beasts from the patch 8.1? By Hayden/ ZEU#9320: PvE tournament when? By Merouane#8811: Will the missing quests from 8.0 patch in Zandalar & Kultiras after finishing the 3 zones (aka the attack of Dazar'Alors by Zul & Mythrax, then the attack of Ashvane on Boralus) be available before 8.1? By bukov#4345: Will new raid be released like NM/HC and MM? at once? or at separate time? By Cybra#3533: On 8.1 or 8.1.5 not sure when they added it on retail but you could get Hati with some fun items like mounting him etc. will it working here or added anytime soon? It would be nice for some hunters get their Hati back like they got him in legion as 2nd pet. By Naj#8064: When u will add some GM's on wod cuz noone help players? I really want to be gm on wod and help players. By Tladoy#5641: I would like to know if there will be changes on warrior at 8.2? By Trazzy#3314: Do you plan to implement 1v1 bracket or 3v3 solo queue in some way? By Ray#9824: Did you implement mounts in fidelity points in the shop? By Alexandro roque (nox gas inc)#3368: Are time walking going to be a thing in 8.2? By mayov#2331: Will the dungeons be optimized? I encountered quite a few bugs in some especially siege of boralus. By riftlock#7393: When we can get class mounts? By Leyo#6293: Do you plan to reward the people with the best time for the season on m+ dungeons? By Marius#6730: How can I donate? By Robinson(Goldman)#7886: Will Alterac and the epic 40vs40 BGs get enabled? That would give variety to PvP. By DeiviStrife#1618: Are the reputation going to be account wide to the highest you got like they did in retail? / Also, are you going to add the flight maps for alters? / And are the Legion's professions going to be fixed? Because for example you can't complete the quest chain for skinning so you can't do skinning in Legion areas (in Sethraliss). By Kondorrianno#3104: When you'll start working on season events (like Brewfest)? Will you be allocated people for their implementation? By PrideDn#9092: Legion Will you update something? By Lisbeth#7895: Are they going to update the character boosts when the new version appears so the boost increases more level? Like the ilvl 395 one. By Reffa#7312: On Forum is idea about PVE tournament why don't use it not spawn bosses? By Dj/Xdru#4115: When will you guys fix the dc problem on legion? because sometimes you can get dc like 5-6 times in a row. Firestorm Endgame! We would like to thank everyone again for attending. See you in 8.2! The Firestorm Team.