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Found 14 results

  1. I've been trying to get my account unbanned for a while now and its not going anywhere, when i go to my account page it says : BANNED ACCOUNT reason:Security issue please contact ourboros. did that: Started conversation: December 20, 2017 he did not respond i write him again after 2 weeks and still no response.then i waited for month and still no response,he hasn't even read what i wrote. then i wrote to forum about my problem,told me to make ban appeal and i did that. after while it was denied and head GM said Your account was banned under "Security issue" or account breach. Please contact Admin Ouroborus via the forums through private message and he will assist you further. oh sure hes assisting me for 2 month already with his unresponsiveness. guess there's nothing else i can do just leave this server.
  2. so my account go banned a while ago most likely because it was hacked and someone used it.i changed password immediately,in the account page it was show that i should contact ourboros firestorm staff member,and i did that but he doesn't respond to me , i wrote him more than month ago.can someone unban my account or i should leave firestorm for good?
  3. Ja hallo es geht um folgendes ich habe einen account aber weiß leider die email adresse nicht mehr kann aber ohne sie eingeben zu müssen spielen. deswegen wollte ich sie fragen ob sie ihrgend wie meine email adresse herausfinden können denn will mir donation points kaufen denn namen ändern und ohne meine email adresse geht das nicht . MFG
  4. First i thought it is my installed wow the problem, but no it isn't...It is something with my character...On my pc and my wow i tried to play with my current Main Anvenya but it would lag and kick me out and "crush server"...My friends from other countries told me server crushed excatly after i joined with my main...did any kills,trying to ride mount...For my dad much quests are available in Legion parts, but for me no, i have done only 2 quests in Azsuna and 3rd didn't want to work...When i join with any other character It works fine, With my main which had problems playing after transfer from Garrosh/WOD to Sylvanas/Legion...I found out by others my character makes server crushes,...I tried to go to Unstuck but it was same, after i deleted data,but it was same,It always shows it is "Loading" parts, i need to wait about 3minutes to enter Legion parts,and my dad needs to wait 15 seconds or less, I found out there is nothing else I can do about it so i need staff's help as soon as possible cause my character is not playable..Thank you
  5. Hello, i have an issue with logging in. I can enter my account name and password succesfully but when i try to select the realm (Sylvanaas) i'm being thrown back to the title screen. It happened after i cancelled WOW via Windows manager after it got stuck at 90% loading screen. It's definitely a problem with my account, because my friend can't login too. But using his account works just fine.. (for both of us). I tried deleting files (Cache, Interface, WTF), unstucking characters etc. Nothing worked. Please help Thanks
  6. Hey guys, i was buying the "Infinite Timereaver", but.. i bought it not on my Main, because i didnt read its Charbound Mount then. I thought it would be normal Accountbounded. Is there a posibility to get the Mount from my twink to my main ? Greetings
  7. today i have dropped clutch of ji-kun on tot and what happened i log on my main char and couldnt find the mount clap clap , BRING BACK ACCOUNT-WIDE MOUNTS !
  8. is there anyway i can talk with an admin ??
  9. Hello! I was regular player on the Pandashan server. I stopped playing year ago, and i would like to play again on Legion server. I downloaded game and its working and everything is good. But there is a problem. I heard you can transfer one character for free, but it doesn't even let me do that. When i click Change my current character option, i only get to shoot picture and make it my profile avatar. Why is that happening? I linked my account from Pandashan with this one. I would really like my character here. It was on Taran'Zhu.Also. i dont know if its important, but i was force migrated to Taran'Zhu after server ( whose name i forgot, it started on E ) shut down. Thanks for reading and i would appreciate any help.
  10. Hello community, I've been playing on Pandashan (MoP server) for quite some time and now I've decided to bring one of my characters to WoD where I'm currently playing. I've recovered my old account already but now I'm wondering how do I actually transfer my character from that account, any suggestions or ideas? Thank you all in advance!
  11. somebody knows how long i must wait for the email change?
  12. Hello, I used to play on Zandalar/Pandaria realm (Millenium servers) 3.3.5 , and I would like to restart playing wow on the 3.3.5 version. I have spent too much time on these accounts. My accounts were: raphasteff rafasteff2 rafasteff Any ideas of what I need to do? Can a GM support me? Thanks !
  13. my account get banned on pandashan on 09/09/2015 today 31 days, the ban is 30 days, i speak with a GM he says my ban get accidently increase after firestorm launch, he says i have more 20+ days of ban, i already maded a ban appeal and don't have any response until now, i'm waiting for a answer. thanks.
  14. Hey Guys! Pandashan promised that will be possible to copy our characters from Pandaria servers to the Warlords servers, and now, with Firestorm on control, it is still possible to copy characters between expansions? thanks in advice