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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I would like to know if the Ensemble: Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead is obtainable in game trought the Quest Trial of Valor: The Lost Army. I started the quest, but i haven't seen any topic or discussion related to this matter. Also, to obtain the Mythic Recolor, do i need to start the quest in Mythic option or collect all 1000 Valarjar Soul Fragments in several Mythic raids or I just need to end the Last raid to complete the 1k Fragments in Mythic difficulty? Kind Regards to all. Preamius.
  2. Dear Sylvanas Community, I am opening up a topic out of curiosity. I was wondering how many achievable achievements do we have on Sylvanas? Once I saw an Orc Shaman (Abshalom, or something similar) with over 12K points. While it is still around a third of all the achievements, there was some work put into that. Probably - ok, most likely - you will not have a database or exact number for this; however, it would also be great to post some Armory links in this thread, just to make some comparison. Directly linked to this topic (achievement hunting) I found a great thread started by Istrion, and I highly encourage everyone to post into this thread and help this guy to update the list for all of us. He collected the working raids and dungeons to one list: Thanks for all the replies.
  3. Can i complete this achievement ? Glory of the Icecrown raider 25/10 player ? Because i want that mount so hard (achievement reward) a some people told me i cant complete ICC because of baloon or smthing like that. So im asking if i can complete all of those raids.
  4. Buy Rush of Mythic Achievement +15 (Keystone Master)
  5. I bought 37 Heirlooms but didnt get the achievement and the mount
  6. Does anyone know how to get the item in Firestorm (MoP)? We already know that things here may work different than should do. It's needed to complete the achievement Thanks.
  7. Hi dear community and staff guys so here is the problem, i finished every story line in azsuna for "azsuna matata" achievement but "azsuna versus azshara" part isn't shown as complete in my achievement section. i did all of the quests include the ending: "head of the snake" in early days of server and i think that is why it doesn't effect my achievement.I checked the related chain quest with quest addons to make sure i did all of them. i can get "warth of azshara" quest but still no achieve I have this achievement on my other alts, just my main char is bugged so i don't think this is a global bug. but its really important for me... i know staff are busy with bigger problems atm but i appreciate any help. how should i fix the achieve? is there anyway i can redo quest? any similar problems? PS: DO NOT TELL ME TO USE BUG TRACKER! because i did before posting this here is the link and people there mark it as invalid and someone said: no i don't have that problem its Ur problem blah blah blah... (tnx firestorm! very helpful)
  8. Hey! I wonder if I could find a group to do the Challenge Warlord: Gold - Achievement (to transmog). If completed, it gives some pretty awesome looking gear. I'm affliction warlock, with full blue pvp gear. Just need the rest of the team
  9. Greetings, I've been doing Pilgrim event for the past 3 days via daily quests and gathering of requiring mats for minor achievements, which when completed should grant you major achievement. At least it should be like that. On alliance side, when you complete all 9 smaller achievements you get no big achievement, no tittle, no pet, and when you link your achievements to someone else, it says its still in progress, even tho you got them completed, got points for them, got check. For horde side its different, achievement works, tittle doesn't.. I wouldn't mind doing it again on horde char if I had time, but I'm going away til Tuesday, and event ends on Monday, so I won't be able to do it, and second of all, there is no logical reason why I should do world event on both sides just so I can get it on my alliance character. I request some higher rank GM or DEV or whoever, to grant me the rewards (at least title and achievement) I've deserved for completing the event implemented in game. Regards, Mia. PS: I've submitted screenshots of all the completed achievements and lack of major achievement.