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Found 7 results

  1. Yesterday admin gave me Slayer`s Felbroken Shrienker but today I can not use it wrote me "You do not meet the requirements for this mount". Do you know why ?? The moment they gave it to me I could use it and everything was right and then the server was restarted and I could not use it anymore. Allow me to use it only in Battleground ??
  2. Hello Can we get new patch becouse there i nothing to i have 2 character 920 ilvl M+ even +15 give me 890 World Quest 860 ToS is borring i done this over 50 times Can we get Argus and update in m+?
  3. Hey, I've slowly become annoyed by the aggressive beggars in Stormwind and I've began thinking that there should be a rule for no begging. There is absolutely no reason to beg and it is harmful behavior so therefore should be denied. It wouldn't need to be "watched over" just giving them a few day mute should do if a GM or other moderator with mute happens to see this kind of disrupting behavior.
  4. I need help i can fly in game without fly mount. If i want jump, my charakter start flying... It's this bug or what?
  5. I just downloaded wraith of the lich king (been playing on "mist of pandaria" the most)and saw a level 70 with starting gear, but a with a sword. It's called efwefwef and don't remember that character. I never made it or played on it. I also think someone is steering my character sometimes when i play. I have tried saying "stop steering my computer, it's not cool" and then it suddenly stopped. I really don't know what is going on. My only succesful gaming place is on the "mist of pandaria" server the English one. I hope someone can help me out, not so safe in to this "Firestorm" server.
  6. Hi guys how u doin I had this problem link and i tried all things like: submit a question, post in general discussion, report in tracker, ask for help in global world_en channel & ... and there was not much of a help and my quest achievement problem persist. Still no solution in my topic a forum moderator suggested that if i still have this problem i can message administrator (tnx for the replay) but i'm not very familiar with forums and idk how to do it, so what should i do to get a replay from an administrator? is there a way that i can message him/her directly? or should i post somewere specific? any help will be appreciated.
  7. Does i think or there is really too slow GM response on topics. I will explain why i think that. I got banned 5th december that day i massaged 3 different GM's from which i didnt get response, i also posted in 2 threads one was general disscusen and another in ban appels. Next day no1 was answering so i massaged 2 more GM's from all of the stuff members only Lazarius reply on my massage but he is some kind of trial game master so he cant help me much at list he give me advices about where should i made report about my account suspension. And here it is 4 days after my report... my topic in ban appels has been seen and now i am asking. is there some1 doing his job here... at list tell me something like "fuck you bitch we will ignore you" ???? i see 9 people seen my topic and i guess this was GM's but clearly they dont give a fuck to answer me. Now i dont even need answer any more bc my suspensio nends in 5 hours so dont reply on that topic i will remove it but at list if you have a job do it properly dont ignore your comunity like moltenwow was doing.. they had 30k active people at same time across the realms but their stuff members was all the time in mode like "fuq you players" thats why they now have 10k insted those 30k... i apologise for my grammer.