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Found 7 results

  1. Buenas alguien me puede ayudar a terminar la cadena de misiones para ir a Argus. Lo que paso fue que estaba realizando las quest y se fue el server y cuando volvi a entrar me habian regresado a esta mision "Exodo de la Luz" pero esa mision se entrega en donde aparecen los draenei pero fui al lugar y nada . Algun GM que me ayude
  2. who else got this problem cant go to Argus from Vindicaar becauz no portal active also no faction npces or mission table in vindicaar
  3. So I was playing through Argus normally until i got the mission Light's Return to speak to Turalyon but I couldn't so I abandoned the mission and now I can't accept it again. I'm without any quests in Argus now.
  4. Atm the ticket System ingame isnt working so I have to write it down here. I can't complete the quest [Always the Last Thing], which is part of the Legion Engineering quest chain. Also I can't accept the quest The Wrench Calls https://www.wowhead.com/quest=48069/the-wrench-calls which leads the argus Engineering quest chain. Greetings.
  5. Today I started the Argus questline but I did 4 to 5 quests before I was supposed to get quest called Vengeance. I didn't get the quest. So I can't do the questline. What should I do? Thanks for replies
  6. Hello i got very big problem in game and when i open discord i see alot GMs but almost all work for old servers like mop when player base is very small and my question is why there is so many gms for old expension when sylvanas realm have 3 times more player? i Open a ticket 11am today and i dont get any answer in past 14h I dont know who test argus before release when i am stuck on 3rd quest and i cant continue anything illdan dont give me this quest on my mage but when i do this on monk i finish everything
  7. Hello Can we get new patch becouse there i nothing to i have 2 character 920 ilvl M+ even +15 give me 890 World Quest 860 ToS is borring i done this over 50 times Can we get Argus and update in m+?