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Found 7 results

  1. Im a guardian druid that recently hitted 120. Since i played a lot on the legion server the first thing i tryed to do was tmog onto my new weapon the aspect of my tank artifact appearence. Even thoe i was able to select the one i wanted between the tmog optionc i wasnt able to confirm it since the "apply" trasmog button does nothing. I know that in retail people are able to tmog their artifact even if they are different type of weapon (in guardian druid case: tmog a polearm into fists weapon), am i the only one unable to do so? somebody else had my same problem? any solution found yet?
  2. I just put new relic on my Elemental artifact weapon then i relog and after that i have zero traits. My artifact power was given back but the 1st trait doesnt want to upgrade i just click and click ( deleting cache folder ) and doesnt work.
  3. SO I m DH and when I want to open Artifack Weapon with Shift+ Right Click it don't work It just made weapon icon grey, what should I do, or how can I fix it ??? And also I can t open that forge where u can upgrade traits
  4. So today I finally got to do LFR. The first boss that we killed i got one of the hidden artifact skins for boomkin. I consumed it and was shown a pretty cinematic with this fiery scythe. so the first thing that i did after the raid was go to my order hall to put it on! And now I can't find it. I have the achievement from getting the skin though. I have included pictures of the achievement and the artifact weapon appearances. and how I don't have it. Someone please help me. I don't know whether to make a ticket about it or what.
  5. My paladin character's artifact weapon has already unlocked 31 points in traits but after a disconnection while I was doing an arena skirmish, it suddenly lost 3 points. All of 3 lost points was previously used to put in the trait Righteous Blade and this trait has 3 more points added from all of 3 relics, which means it must have 6 points now. I don't know what happened and I have accidently re-unlocked 1 point in the trait Righteous Blade as seen in the images. According to the images, the trait Unbreakable Will has 1 point unlocked too and the artifact weapon has a connection link from the trait Righteous Blade to the trait Unbreakable Will; but there is no connection link from the trait Protector of the Ashen Blade to the trait Unbreakable Will, which means all of 3 main points of the trait Righteous Blade must have been unlocked (which means all 6/6 points must have been unlocked but in the evidences there are only 4/6). As I know, it's impossible to unlock new trait without having unlocked full main points of the previous trait. I have reported this kind of bug in bugtracker but the report is deemed invalid and M3DAGAST said that I need proof to show that my character's artifact had already unlocked all of 3 main points which I don't have but these evidences clearly show that it's a bug. Could someone tell me how to solve this problem?
  6. Shortly before and after the Val'Sharah story launch there were numerous disconnects, during which i lost 5 artifact traits in total and I dont even have the artifact power returned, anyone can help fix this???
  7. Okay, so I here I am with my lvl 100 Demon Hunter and I see people roaming about with artifact weapons and I don't have one. I read on multiple places that say that you get a quest to get an artifact weapon as soon as you enter Dalaran but I didin't get that quest. So I just need to ask, how do I get my artifact weapon and when. If I were supposed to get it by now, but glitched it out somehow can I still get it ?