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  1. Dear admins, I experienced that I can not obtain any artifact skin from legion on sethralis. Actually, my need is a really the easiest obtainable skin which is given if your character finish the class hall questline( Hubris of the Dark Titan , first, green edition ) As I reached lvl110, I instantly got the achievement of the completed class hall campaign , still I do not have the skin. I tried to do the questline but the quest ( Let it feed ) does not work . I really want to obtain the very first ( green ) destruction staff skin but I see no other options than purchase the skins for credits... and that would be ridiculous . Can you help me in this case ? Debug the questline or give the skin( as it should be given since I have the achievement ) or anything else .
  2. I couldn't enter the violet hold when ı was 100. When ı became 105 portal teleported me to the dungeon but ı couldn't do the by any means. So ı can't use my artifact power.
  3. So my friend who is a restoration druid and when he finnaly got level 100 he went to dalaran to get his artifact but there was no option for the resto druid one anyone know what to do?
  4. So i got the message you supossed to get when the prot hidden skin is available in neltharion's vault but i searched the whole place and found nothing. So i was wondering if someone got the protection warrior hidden skin like you supossed to (blizzlike). And yeah i already know that unlocking any of the others gets you all hidden skins, thanks for the reminder for the 100th time.
  5. You said that in BFA you'd sell Legion's sets in shop, but it doesnt. And why the fuck people that did'nt got Mage Tower appearances have it???
  6. Greetings, Today I beat feral druid class challenge at the Mage Tower, I got the skin for my artifact, but I didn't get neither class mount nor achievement [A Challenging Look]https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11611/a-challenging-look# ,that other people get. However I have this quest (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=45902/the-imp-mothers-gift) that's not marked as complete because I can't get the objective "Raise your weapon." Help me solve this issue please. P.S. if any proof is required in form of screenshots I can provide it.
  7. Hey all, I was curious to see if anyone has been able to get their third tint for the Mage Tower artifact weapon appearance? It's the tint that requires you to win 10 rated battlegrounds. I am not much of a PVPer but I would really love to get that appearance tint on my DK. Has anyone gotten it and if so how hard do you think it would be for someone who does little to no PVP to get it? I also wondered if anyone had heard anything that I'd missed about whether or not those appearance tints might be on the shop once the BFA server goes live? I certainly wouldn't mind paying a few dollars to get those tints if they were. I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  8. Im just wondering what would happen when Battle for Azeroth rolls out in this server? Will I waste my money if I bought one hidden artifact appearance? because in retail wow, artifact weapons got sacrificed to contain sargaeras essence from his sword to the artifacts or something. Should I buy hidden artifact appearance or not?
  9. 1st thing i play here since patch 5.0.4, since 7.0.1 started i felt this bullying so i did never get an Legendre while ppl who dont even play as half i do have like 5, so i made a ticket a gm responded and told me that my chances was buged and that i am now bad luch protected i open a box boom i got a legendary cool. months passes by still didnt get any other last week or so i made a new ticket a gm responded tell me same thing about my chances and being bad luck protected but still no legendaire i play from day 1 here still only have 1 so all that time was a waste i was i actualy doing nothing so i stoped for couple of days that i came back. now i have gone to farm the hidden artifact appearance for my silver hand(holly paladin artifact) i farmed for 3 days finaly a got it, i clicked it boom gone i got no apparence no nothing but linked it on world before so i made a ticket an gm responded tell me whats your proof i said its on world_fr he said nah i dont think so i think you are lying just to get a free artifacte apparence i said go tcheck there should be a log for that but no he said "no artifact just go to bug tracker and refarm it good bye" i farmed for 3 days even i dont always have that much time . so for how long now gonna firestorm gonna treat me like that i am raging now i think i will never go back to this server unless someone make it right to me i had enough
  10. Hey, I have found that Affliction warlocks have some issues. First off the active spell for the Affliction Artifact is not working at all. Also the Legendary Ring that I got does not give a second talent that it promises. Also whenever I respawn in battlegrounds, my pet dies and becomes a guardian that i cannot control. I have to re summon it. Also in duels I have found that soul shards sometimes do not regenerate. I found this out when I dueled a paladin who went into an arena mid way through the duel and then we redueled and my soul shards would not regen or even reset from 0. I had to relog to fix it. Please help.
  11. Hello everyone, I've been trying to get the hidden appearence for Havoc Demon Hunter for a week. I know that you should get an Item in order to fight Downfall who will drop the appearence. But not only has the item not dropped (Candrael's Charm) from a week of grinding, but if I try to look for Downfall, I can't see him... Is this because Firestorm removed it from the game, and now you can only purchase it from the website? Thanks for your time.
  12. Yo guys, I just want to know if the class order hall quests are working at this point or not. People have said that they're not in older threads, but in game I see players running aroung with the artifact skins which are unlocked by completing the full order hall questline... Now what's the truth... I have boosted DK, and a non-boosted DH and the only quests I can get from the class halls are not working. The quests are for example: I have to kill and loot the bosses from dungeons, and the others are weapon collecting quests (which is irrelevant anyway since you can get those from the titan guy). Also I tried to begin the questline from the start as the wowhead and all other guides was telling me. Neither works. Furthermore I got stuck in one of the main azshara questline (drawing table/book fight in azshara for instance), and I can't complete the artifact intro questline as well. I was just in the hope that these might help me unlock the class hall questline. Can someone please give me an advice, tip, or information on how one can make progress/gear up in this server, what's working and what's one should focus on? Things just works differently here than on retail. (PS.: sorry for my bad grammar if i had any)
  13. Hi, I have just seen the news about 7.3 coming soon to firestorm. Wanna ask; what will happen to the stored Artifact Power, I have millions of Artifact points stored on my bank because I dont really like tank/ heal pala specs, will we be able to spend them on our main weapons when patch 7.1.5 ends or wont we? Thanks very much ^^
  14. problem

    I play with fury warrior and my artifact weapon (Warswords of the Valarjar) is ilvl 754, but i put 15 point traits, 2 relics, one fire and one storm but my ilvl is still 754. What i need to do to get higher ilvl on my artifact weapon?
  15. Hi, Today, I saw a Mistweaver on Sylvanas that was wearing Sheilun, as usual, but the point that intrigues me, is that he had Fu'zan, the Wanderer's Companion as Transmogrification. Do someone know how to do this ? Ezrilla
  16. Hey, I'm pretty new to all of these artifact weapons and i have just acquired my Warswords of Varlarjar, however whenever i try to put my relic into the weapon, it says "You have not yet discovered the true potential of this artifact" Am i being stupid or is this a bug? Please help
  17. Are the "class hall completed" actually obtainable? because i see so many people running around with the artifact appearance, but i don't have any idea of how to get it
  18. Now you addicted the artifact appearances to the shop, but now you will not fix it on the game, you've to fix it, guys. 130 Firestorm Points? Can you sell it for some 400 Loyalty Points? Because some of us can't buy it... Please, help. And fix it.
  19. Where Do I access the Artifact Appearance section of the shop?
  20. Does anybody know if you can unlock the third artifact relic slot on firestorm at the moment?
  21. Which of the hidden artifact appearances are currently working if any? I'm really looking forward to Ebonchill and Apocalypse ones.
  22. Hello! I had all three artifacts, while 2 of them were on my bank. After last update both that were in bank simply vanished. Is there a way I can get them back? (the NPC won't give me another one) The only one i have now is Titanstrike, so I can only play as a BM ): Thank you!
  23. hi i by 3 Artifact Research Notes in site and i use 1 Artifact Research Compendium: Volume I Unfortunately Artifact Research Compendium give me 2 AK level not 5 give me 50% not 200% can help me for fix this PLs
  24. Is the Frost Mage Hidden Appearance for the Artifact working?
  25. Does Firestorm have plan to introduce the "Artifact Knowledge Catch-up System" that Blizzard implemented in 7.1.5 patch ? Because it will be really helpful for the people who are starting as new on the server to follow up with the rest of the server progression and also for the people who wants to make new alts.I think if people having more fun in the server with different classes then it will attract even more people increasing the server population.What you guys think ?