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  1. Hello there.. I'm level 99 and I want to flight to Ashran but flight master in my garrison don't allow that. I didn't do the one of the first garrison mission about Ashran. How can I go there? Or how can I teleport to Stormwind?
  2. Good morning WoW community. I thought it would be interesting to see how long people have been here. There was an early MoP (Pandashan), then there was WoD (Ashran), MoP got better , Then they created Firestorm with WoTLK & Cata. Then they made BC and now Legion. Belive it or not this "server" has been going for quite a while and a lot has happened in a short space of time. I, staying on track of this topic, have been here since ALMOST the beginning. Since early MoP. So I've been here quite a while I just want to say a quick thank you to all the staff & developers. Without them we wouldn't be here as a community playing on here. I'd probably be playing Rift or GW2 or something WoW is better imo. So everyone, how long have YOU been here?
  3. Hi i just hit 100 and i go to ashran. I did 2 quests and now i have quests 0/1 orc tooh. Where can i find orc tooth ? i asked other players but noone answer -.- pls help
  4. So... Hello there... Today me and my guild tried with some random guys do the standart tactic for the Ashran boss... ( we are horde guild ) So as always we tried to climb the hill to get behind the building with the Commander inside it. But an invisible wall stopped us. So we thought "They patched it" So we tried normal way... but all of a sudden what didn´t happen? An infinite respawning trent protector attacked us... What a lucky day in a hordman´s life eh? Our battlegrounds are bugged, our Ashran path are patched, and Alliance gets infinite respawning trents... Clap clap clap... (Sorry for the grammar it is 1:30AM and I just tilted so hard over an Ashran stupidity) -Lolekcz/Aishacz (Grommash - Servant of the horde CZ)
  5. I have seen you have repaired the PVP Armor NPC's in Ashran , to seel the items with Mark of Honor , but did you make that bg's drop those Mark of Honor if i want to buy that gear?
  6. Why? When i que up for Ashran and it tell me to join, normally everyone get in a big Group to fight in Ashran I dont get in this Group im solo everytime Why i dont get into the Ashran PVP Group?
  7. So, when are you going to fix it? Killing the boss of the factions rewards a box everyday. Fine! But as a player who came from the retail server when WoD was still on, I can tell you that Ashran is definitely a key-feature in WoD, which is more than just killing the boss solo as a druid. What about the events? The flagcapping? The ancient artifact? The PvP? The TEAMWORK? It would be great, if you'd be regarding that, because even the Ashran server, which did merge later with Firestorm servers, couldn't fix one of the most important features of WoD... Best wishes, Yaerian!
  8. So i have setup an account on firestorm after being away from wow for quite a while and did not realize the ashran and firestorm were the same thing. I have gone through all my emails and tried every email address/password combo to try to go through the ashran recovery process but nothing works. Is there any way for me to look at my old install and see what email i was using as a username?
  9. Hi, I got problem with Ashran. I lvled up to 100, but still have not any Q to Ashran. Any solutions? Regards, Danykez
  10. ClassicBlackwing Lair: not workingMolten Core: All bosses workRuins of Ahn'Qiraj: All bosses work Ahn'Qiraj Temple: first boss dosen't work but all the others do The Burning CrusadeGruul's Lair: WorksKarazhan: All bosses except medivh worksMagtheridon's Lair: WorksSerpentshrine Cavern: WorksTempest Keep: WorksThe Battle for Mount Hyjal: WorksThe Sunwell: Not workingBlack Temple: WorkingWrath of the Lich KingIcecrown Citadel: WorkingNaxxramas: WorkingOnyxia's Lair: WorkingThe Eye of Eternity: A bit buggy but can be doneThe Obsidian Sanctum: WorkingThe Ruby Sanctum: WorkingTrial of the Crusader: Not working at allUlduar: the following bosses dosent work: Algalon, Yogg-saron, Thorim, Freya dosent have loot, Asambly of iron dosen't have loot, all the other bosses worksVault of Archavon: A few bugged loot tabs but can be completedCataclysmBaradin Hold: WorksBlackwing Descent: Works kinda, a bit messed up with heroic and normal mode all being on at onceDragon Soul: Not workingFirelands: Not workingThe Bastion of Twilight: WorksThrone of the Four Winds: Not WorkingMists of PandariaHeart of Fear: last boss dosent work but all others doMogu'shan Vaults: WorksSiege of Orgrimmar: Not WorkingTerrace of Endless Spring: WorksThrone of Thunder: all bosses up to megaera works, megaera dosen't Please tell me if there's something here that needs to be fixed :3
  11. Is anyone else finding there drop on the daily boss is just the same item over and over ? or is this a bug (with panda's ) ? for the passed week every day iv have the same blue trinket drop .. and im finding this to be a bit strange its always the same one ..
  12. Devs pls do something to make those zones playable because its really sad when u want to play on WoD server and ashran is almost always empty. In my opinion it should be their priority to make it fully working because previous name of this server was "Ashran". Tol Barad and wintergrasp are optional but it would be nice to fight there as well. About BG... some of their features are not working for example cannons on Strand of the Ancients are dealing almost no dmg. Its propably the same in every zone or battleground with cannons, demolishers, catapults etc. Please make it better so we can experience full PvP of WoW.
  13. Once I've reached lvl 90 and i go out to draenor i can start the questline but archmage khadgar and the others keeps vanishing and then i cannot see tehm again. Once i could fix this problem by reinstalling the game but i really dont want to reinstall it again. Can anyone help?