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  1. In-Game Moderators, do not understand what the rules are. They kick and ban however the feel like, for no valid reason. Moments ago, I've been banned for "World Chat Spam" and something about racism I don't remember correctly how it was written, for 120 minutes. Despite the fact that I was trying to stop the senseless bickering in the chat, I was banned for saying "Spanish is not a race", which by the Anti-Defamation League's (https://www.adl.org/racism) definition is NOT racism. Also, I have not met anyone in my life who thinks saying one word in a civilized fashion is considered Spam. Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with the ban IF I actually did something wrong, saying that I had somehow been racist is what I do have a big problem with. This is a classic example of incompetence and/or outright abuse of power. Random bans have not only happened to me, I've seen way too many people getting banned from chatting for simply saying a song's name, just because the name sounds foreign. Or a friend memeing and talking in chat, generally having fun, getting banned for "spam". Just because a Moderator doesn't like something, doesn't mean it's breaking the rules, let alone cause for an outright ban. There must be a clear way to report abusive Moderators, just like there is a clear way to report players. Because This is simply absurd and such abusive behavior needs to be stopped.
  2. So i was in a bg and i was top dps but people we're really making fun of me and stuff so i posted the dps count several times. After the bg i got a whisper from a bg member and he was super toxic. After that i got disconnected and i can't connect back to the server. Whenever i log in and choose the server i get disconnected. Help please.
  3. I've been trying to get my account unbanned for a while now and its not going anywhere, when i go to my account page it says : BANNED ACCOUNT reason:Security issue please contact ourboros. did that: Started conversation: December 20, 2017 he did not respond i write him again after 2 weeks and still no response.then i waited for month and still no response,he hasn't even read what i wrote. then i wrote to forum about my problem,told me to make ban appeal and i did that. after while it was denied and head GM said Your account was banned under "Security issue" or account breach. Please contact Admin Ouroborus via the forums through private message and he will assist you further. oh sure hes assisting me for 2 month already with his unresponsiveness. guess there's nothing else i can do just leave this server.
  4. Best regards, everyone, I hope you are enjoying your experience in wow as much as I do. My next report is to give you feedback to improve the gaming experience on this server, with the implementation of the new system mythic + mythic, I believe that additional rules should be put into work, to be able to continue with a healthy experience and without promoting bad intentioned people, improper behavior and whiny babies in the scene of people who dedicate time and wish to complete content provided by the hardworking team of developers from firestorm. First, to shine some light as to to why I'm doing this, I recently had the opportunity to get my first key, level two, eye of azshara, inviting a group of very good players with high levels, including an infamous healer, whom I will not mention, to prevent my feedback from turning into a witch hunt. The healer, after a mistake that every human can do, decided to leave the group after a wipe, the first wipe, leaving the group completely useless and my key ended shit back, all because according to the healer, our group did not have enough dps to kill the first boss, which was being healed by an add that the very fucking healer could do interruption or a stun. But no, it was all the fault of the dps (the lowest dps was 400k). My point is, we need to implement a rule to allow us to punish this kind of behavior that interferes with the growth and enjoyment of the game, by selfish, childish and destructive behaviors coming from people who do not have the slightest regard for others, and do not think Twice in doing this kind of shit or worse, just because there are no rules to penalize them. Regards, Your friendly horde player Pirateria PS. If you ever do this, you are the worse kind of player there is out there and should feel bad.
  5. Just wants to express my feeling towards the admin among the community. WE love what the staffs are working with but it's seems that the staffs, not all of them, are sometimes abusing their powers over silly matter. for example,Global chatters banned for the normal chat spam jokes like thunderfury blessed blade of the windseeker..... and our guild leader was banned for saying "Hail Hitler" in the chat, he's a kind a person that Hitler will put in the gas chamber right after the Jews. Reasons for bans are sometimes so absurd
  6. Hey guys. I was banned by firestorm for 10 days because I said offensive things. Basically, I was making Hitler jokes. And I find it unfair for a few reasons. Yes, some people dont care, but I want this to potentially reach a GM. First off, what I said was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. I didnt make death threats or anything. Second, people shit talk in this game all the time, getting personal too, yet those people never get banned, yet for my joke I do. Third, 10 days is a crazy long time! It is expecially long for a ban based off of a joke. Fourth, I never did something like this before. I got kicked off of chat a few times for anal jokes, but not for what I did this time. If a GM does see this, which probably wont happen, I want to know if a GM just banned me themself, or if someone reported me. Also, sorry if I was too whiney, but when I saw that I was banned for so long, I thought it was too much. Especially cause shit talking is a common thing on this server anyways. See ya!
  7. Hello I send topic which one of my thing link ----> the report . I want to appeal the ban because I got him unfairly, for a bug that spell does not mean that it was intentional ror I do not know how this bug can be done I m players of which does not care about cheating in the game I want to enjoy the game as it is and not want me to prove something cheats. So I was offended team that I got banned for something which I was not able even so, I would like to appeal from this and achieve justice to my person could continue playing as before. And one more thing from what I understand I have to have one day ban, but on my profile, it is 3 days Banned from Shakil Thanks, I want to simply just play :)
  8. is this for real ? my account got suspended i am still new in the server.....also why WOD servers will stop ??????
  9. channel

    Hello. Here is one topic for discussion, tell me what you think about it. Mostly on world channel if you drop some sarcasam, trolling or "Anal joke: you know what i mean by this you might get baned, usually kicked, muted from world channel. Mostly staff members take this as a bad thing, rude which it is and they punish the players bc of it with forgoting that actually those players who they ban keep world channel alive. People who report them never but mostly idk if they even once wrote something on world channel. Let me be clear so you can understand me . Insults should be punished and needs to be but joking with your friends if they are joking too those things should not be thing for punishing, they first need to think about the way the words are said and how people reacted on them. After all this is the game, maybe for some people its a busines but mainly its a game and we are suposed to have fun on it by not beeing afraid to joke or chat on world channel. Tell me waht you think about this, all opinions are welcome.
  10. CAN U TELL ME WHAT IS IT ?? LOL How can i get banned?
  11. Hello. My account ip was baned few minutes ago bc of my behavior on world chat. If you play on legion you probably knows me by the name Bengbeng, Deawing or Kaboum. I have a lot of friends there but mostly some people dont get me right when i am trolling or using sarcasm. Some ppl get mad at me but mostly people laugh and they even join me. I understand that this server have rules and i am willing to follow them in future. But for now my honest appeal is to my account got unbaned or at list this ban decission to be changed by decision to mute me for soem time. Leveling here is already soo hard and soo slow with mute on my that will be great punishment. Btw excuse me for my bad grammer.
  12. Heloo , i got 7 days ban , the reason is : tpp and i dont know whats that mean ?! any help
  13. Hi, i just wanted to report a horde player named ''Nopainnogain'', because he is hacker. I was in battleground and when BG started, he instantly captured first flag. After 15 seconds he captured next flag. Then he gave us some time to try and after 5 minutes he captured last flag. Here's a screenshots.
  14. So appearantly the other day/ night my brother named zoldic zoldien or any other zold smthn too he has was spaming world chat with ANY FUCKING ALGERIANS HERE and he got a 1 day ban with by the rules you should be Muted* for 1 day And then he logged on into MY account 5 mnt later and he does the same and I get A FIVE DAY BAN NOT Mute BUT ban wthell? why do I get banned for spamming world chat I re read the rules and it says that u get muted not banned appearantly new gms came this last month and they don't know where the mute button is pls help gms I can provide email a dresses and ip adressess he should gt the 5 day not get 1 day and I get 5 directly
  15. Hello everybody, I just saw that an Admin banned me for "Bugged MMR System", so Dustti told me that I "Usebug" during ONLY 1 arena (I didn't lose any points) the reason why I didn't lose any points is that my computer just crashed due to my parents turning off the Wi-Fi. So Ist , the reason I do this post is to get more Infos about my ban because the GM didn't say me anything and then in 2nd, I don't get it, because I didn't lose because of the Wi-Fi , the consequences are banning X times because as I just said, the GM didn't say me anything. Thanks and have a nice day.
  16. Ok so i made a ban appeal etc etc all just copypaste:) it here ## Hello today i have recieved a Perm ban, because acording to the Game Master that banned me this was my 5th ban which would make it a perm, i feel this is unfair because i was banned falsely for wintrading like everyone was a couple of months back and they added this to the list of ''legit bans'' this resulted in me getting a perm ban this time. i have been banned because i used a third party program to teleport hack in a lvl 70 dungeon to skip the time it takes to walk. Yea i know lazy me ;D, I feel the ban is completely 100% needed as i used a third party program and broke the rules, but this being a perm ban just doesn't make any sense due to bans previously being a mistake and everyone past the rating of 2600 having been banned due to the wintrading bug'' i feel this ban is unfair and it should really be a 60day ban ## The GM denied it and told me it was the wrong format Posted 18 hours ago (edited) · Report post Greetings Vexx, Thank you for submitting your ban appeal, however it will be deemed as Invalid since you aren't using the correct format for ban appealing, This is how the correct format should look like: Please remake your ban appeal using the correct format. Kind regards, Game Master Siondel. How in the world would i explain that in a format that looks like this Ban Appeal Format Character name: Date of incident: Description of the incident: Evidence:
  17. ban

    Ya pasaron más de 500 euros este servidor privado a ser prohibidas por una persona que abusa de la madre -_-
  18. What are the ban times for I.E Bots,Hacking, Ect.? I was wondering because I saw this V Note: If the player uses hacks in public (Stormwind, Orgrimmar, promoting the hack in chats, or guild, or any battleground / arena / dungeon / raid) or uses it for going to the GM island, no matter if it's his first offense or not: permanent ban. I saw a loop hole in it and how it says 'Him' and not 'Him/Her' Thus, If the player is FEMALE there is a loophole? Or is this just a typo?
  19. I have watched the same guy flying around sw using a hack program of some sort, while spamming in world in blue text. Do you guys even have ingame staff?. char name: msitwin realm: grommash Evidence found attached...
  20. Hello, i played a casino with player "KAZOOIE" today and he scammed me. This player scammed lot of people and i'm writing for all scammed casino players. I have all screens and i want my 100k golds back and that the player named "Kazooie" get banned. He stole me 98 000 golds, on screenshot is 50k x 2 (win) so 100 000 golds + other 48k. After i told him i will report that, "SOMEONE" (KAZOOIE) writed me from another profile "ADMINA" acting like a GM. See screenshot no. 9! Have a nice day and thanks for your time. Hope you will solve it.
  21. ban

    GM would like to know if you will unban my account I was in pvp 10c10 only it was inlegal and already makes a long time I saw banned when they go take my temporary ban nick:Ghostx expançao;mist of pandaria
  22. my account get banned on pandashan on 09/09/2015 today 31 days, the ban is 30 days, i speak with a GM he says my ban get accidently increase after firestorm launch, he says i have more 20+ days of ban, i already maded a ban appeal and don't have any response until now, i'm waiting for a answer. thanks.
  23. So I was told that all accounts were gonna be unbanned, and I sadly got a permaban. Is there anything I need to do to get an unban? Thank you.
  24. one of my accounts don't get unbanned, why you guys lie ? my itens on action house desapear almost 100k of gold.