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Found 2 results

  1. fanart

    Not that long ago I filled out GM application, Been 2.. Or 3 months. I lost track to be honest I actually hold no grudge against Firestorm, But I give you art. Love, Firestorm Player.
  2. Introduction Hello guys! my name is Bax, or some of you might have known me as Devout. Since the release of Firestorm my brain has been going nuts! there is so many possibilities, and yet this graphic section is a barren waste land... I'd like to increase it's popularity. Every so and so I'll update this thread with Firestorm content, may it be from my own imagination, or suggestions from you guys! Follow the thread to see what I create next. (I don't do signatures, only for staff members.) 10-5-15 Firestorm Blend Alright so this is my first piece. It's suppose to represent the four major expansions here at Firestorm, WotlK, Cata, MoP, and WoD. It took me roughly about 90 minutes to do this in Photoshop CC. If anyone wants the brushes, stock, or renders just let me know. 11-27-15 Firestorm Magician? <Mine & Firestorms> This was my first attempt in mimicking Firestorms "Style". I had a lot of fun doing it, I couldn't quite get the same cloud effect as them, as I'm not sure what type of cloud/grunge image they used for it. This was a concept I pitched for our events on the TZ realm, but it didn't pass. (I added one of theirs to the right for comparison.) 11-27-15 Taran'Zhu Event Player Cards This was also my first attempt at making player cards... it was a really fun concept idea until I actually did it! but I think so much more is possible! rating, ilvl, guild, quotes, etc! I did these for the Taran'Zhu event winners... but since I'm unable to attend a lot of events it's not very possible for me to keep doing it :l. (I know the render is a bit "Odd" it's becauase it's in WoD... I didn't want to create a whole new render just to change it, since WMV makes WoD models look a bit strange.) 11-27-15 Firestorm Logo Clean Cut I couldn't find a regular render of the Firestorm logo, I really searched... and when I did find one, it didn't have a transparent background... So with a little help from Lazy Nezumi Pro, I cut one out. It's not perfect but I think It'll get the job done! Firestorm Color Squad Just the MoP logo with some prime colors :).