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  1. Which battlegrounds are active? For example, I have yet to see an Alterac Valley battle.
  2. Just started this topic to see if anyone can help me here since i am extremely confused with whats going on... Lately i´ve been noticing a massive influx of low level players entering battlegrounds while the Horde has pretty balanced and decent teams overall and you can tell they arent doing pre mades since i often see a lot of low level players on horde but they win most of the times, simply because they seem to have a better strategy and know how to team play... Alliance players just enter BG either to just PVP or to ruin other players experience im going to show you what im talking about First ive been getting a lot of these "jokers" on battlegrounds they just enter to ruin others gameplay,Period then ive been getting these laughable teams My preposition is... cant you guys make a minimum required item level before entering BGs ? like 450 minimum ? I couldnt care less if people have gold to buy the equipment or not, just go farm for gold like i did and get a decent equipment before entering, hell, ive seen guys with no trinkets, no back and no weapons entering BGs just to ruin the whole BG for the rest of the group i dont think that its fair for players like me that want to play seriously... i dont care about losing once or twice but when you are on a current 27 losing streak and only get these "teams" thats becoming a problem. I really hope that someone PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!
  3. I know how people say Alliance sucks in PvP...but that ain't true! I have nothing against Horde players...but as playing PvP i realized something is very,very off. BattleGround Strand of The Ancients is one example of a big bug or I don't know what! Alliance, we were attackers and as I got in a tank I headed to the door and hit right in the middle of the doors. I needed about 20 hits to destroy doors.I died about 3 times until i destroyed the doors with help of another player. Cannons were hitting us and damage was big enough to destroy us in 10-20 seconds with help of horde players. ... We haven't made it sadly, we were hitting the last doors,but it was too late. ... Now we were defending and i got to a cannon s another side. I couldn't even hit with my cannon 'cause it was bugged. Another player barely made any damage with direct hits on a tank with a cannon,as other Alliance players did too...We gave up on cannons. As the first tank destroyed 1st doors with about 7-10 hits in the middle(and i needed about 20 hits in the middle) i realized something was wrong. Second doors...The same tank that destroyed the 1st doors was still on 75% of health ,even if it took much damage by 10 players hitting him,came right next to the doors and hit the ground with fireballs and destroyed the 2nd doors with 5 hits. Tank was destroyed about 10 seconds after. It seemed like it were hacks, but why would most of the players on the Horde side Hack? they seem to be normal players as Alliance are too. 3rd door were totally,,totally proof that something was literally on Horde's side. Tank came and gave about few hits and doors were on about 80% of health,,and tank just got through and another tank got inside after it. it was about 4 mins before the end and we knew we couldn't make it. at the end they won. ... I am not saying that Horde was hacking, I hope nobody did that. And Since the bugs are often in other Bgs too, It would make no sense that 98% of Horde players used such a big hacks. I am saying this seems to be a bug,in almost every battleground where Horde has some "boosts" that make them stronger and make bugs vs Allaince. I am saying that Alliance does not suck in PvP. Ofc there are "noobs" on both factions, but that all friends I know that are skilled in PvP die by 2 hits of one Horde player?... I am sorry but something seems off. I am not Judging Horde player...I am just reporting what seems to be unfair. It pisses me off, it pisses all players that end up in this situation. I don't know does this sometimes happen to Horde players, but As i can see, I never experienced having Bugs or "Boosts" on side of the Alliance to just crush Horde with few hits. Please somebody replay to me. I know there are other players that have the same problem. Thank you
  4. Hey. Today i want to bring up a topic to discussion - PVP - Alliance vs Horde and why is Alliance losing so much. I try to win BGs everyday to get the AP. Sometimes i do it in premades (which usually guarantees a win) but most of the times i have to que up with randoms. Usually i need to lose few BGs to win one. Landing on the top of scoreboard (damage wise or kill-wise) on Alliance side (not counting Hordes) is VERY easy - and here comes the question open to discussion - why is Alliance so weak in comparison to Horde? Topic came to my mind a while ago and i couldn't really find any reason other than "Most Ally players are weaker"; but even then the question is - why most alliance players are weaker? Looking forward to see your replies.
  5. I really hope you (firestorm staff) do something about this, because its becoming aids. its retard and gay (not in a homophobic way). they have 4 healers for god's sake.. when are they going to push up to 5 or even 6? please do something (like a restriction of numbers of healers in a bg) plz.
  6. So.. i just came from a Strand of the Ancients and there was 3-4 horde players that took no damage... i thought they are hackers or what not. But then i got into another BG and i got 3 wow errors one after another and when i logged in the 4th time , i took no damage just like the other players. I hope that some GM's see this and try to look it up , and where is that problem comming. Thanks.
  7. Recently the senior game designer in charge of everything PvP related (Brian Holinka) sat down and answered questions about PvP in Legion for about an hour. The part of this Q&A I would like to discuss is the changes being made to PvP gear and how it'll effect arena and battlegrounds once the changes are finalized. You can watch the whole thing here Link if you want more information. Here are the main takeaways from the Q&A (In Brian's words, not mine) worth reading given the context of this discussion. Earning Gear In Legion, if you win a battleground, skirmish, or arena you get a piece of gear. The strongboxes in Legion contains items like potions or Mark of Honor. The gear you win uses the same random upgrade system that PvE gear does, with a random upgrade of +5, +10, +15, or more item levels. Grinding lots of currency and then visiting a vendor to purchase a piece of gear wasn't very exciting over the long term. When things are less predictable, it is a little more exciting when you get a piece of gear and a little disappointing when you don't get the gear you want. The team wants some unpredictability, but knows the community has been getting their gear from vendor purchases for a long time. The team is putting in bad luck protection. When you get a piece of gear, the chance to get that piece of gear again is significantly lowered. You will get gear at the same rate as you have in the past, but the order is a little less predictable. The PvE part of the game also has an unpredictable gear system. Gearing up for PvE with PvP gear will still be possible. The gear isn't quite as good for PvE as the PvP gear you get in Warlords. PvP Stat Template At the launch of Legion, the PvP stat template base will give you stats like you are wearing item level 850 gear. Every item level above a baseline (800 at launch) increases your stats by 0.1%. If you had an item level of 900 you would have a stat boost of 10%, giving you stats like you are wearing item level 860 gear. Basically this means that gear is no longer an advantage someone has in PvP. You play an arena match, skirmish, rated battleground or normal battleground, and after every win you have a change of obtaining PvP gear. Furthermore, every time you win you also have a chance for one piece of your gear to increase in level to a maximum of ilvl 860. That said, every piece of gear below ilvl 850 will be scaled up to ilvl 850 in PvP environments, and every piece of gear above ilvl 860 will be scaled down to ilvl 860 in PvP environments. And each level from ilvl 850 to 860 is quantified by 1% to a max of 10%. So this means that someone who is decked out in full ilvl 860 gear will have 10% more stats than someone decked out in full ilvl 850 gear. However, everyone will be able to obtain full ilvl 860 gear the more you play arena or battleground. So... what are all your thoughts on these changes? Good? Bad? Somewhere in the middle?
  8. I found out about this bug last night i lvl up my shaman to lvl 100 and i started doing bg's i got first win and one of that srtongboxes that u get for wining i opened it and it just disappear.That never happened to me before i have several 100 charaters and on this all boxes disappear.Help pls if u can.