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  1. Good evening and merry Christmas. Seems like Firestorm's xmas present for Beast Mastery hunters was single handedly robbing them of 400k DPS. I'll start off by saying I play in one of the top raiding guilds on Firestorm and I don't say it to brag, but to communicate that I know what I'll be speaking of in this thread which is Beast Mastery spec that I played both on retail Legion, and now here. I'll try to keep this as short as possible although this topic deservs proper coverage. So let's begin. Yesterday, on 24th of December, Firestorm decided to significantly nerf Kill Command spell for BM which is the main damaging ability of the spec. Since I play competitively, I spend conciderable number of hours doing nothing but hitting the training dummy, going over different playstyles, talent builds and gear builds to find what works best for me. So before this nerf I used to do tests on the dummy that lasted 4 minutes and i used pet BL on pull to try to recreate a boss environment as much as I could. At the end of those 4 minutes I ended up on around 2.03M dps most of the times. Today I did same, and had my dps stick around 1.60M dps. So unless I got hit by a brick, that is around 400k dps drop which is mesmerising. It's almost AN ENTIRE QUARTER of my usual dps being taken away. Now let's get into the math of this "fix". Firestorm many times stated it's goal is to be as blizzlike as possible so let's see what the numbers were on retail. If you went to WarcraftLogs you would be able to see that during 7.3. BM hunters in ToS Mythic did over 2.00M dps on the majority of bosses. THAT are retail numbers, and these players were about 940 in ilvl when they were performing with these numbers. If we look at overall dps of BM before this "fix", then it's actually ironic how this "broken" kill command compensated for all other innacurate spells that dont do enough dmg as they should bc its a private server and made the final number at the end of lets say Harjatan mythic on Firestorm, surprisingly similar to final numbers on Harjatan mythic retail. That is about it. For the love of Shelby, nerf it if you have to but not THIS much. It's not right for the game to have one of it's specs dps nerfed by 400k overnight. From 2.00M dps to 1.60M dps. Think of those numbers. That's all. If a person from FS team who worked on this fix is reading this, just revert kill command to what it was, then test it, compare to retail numbers on WLogs and see the final number fits. Kill Command itself may do more than it did on retial but it's good bc it compensated for wrong numbers spec alrdy had like Sneaky Snakes doing less damage for instance. I'm out. Again, merry Christmas FS community.
  2. Hey everyone, my BM Hunter is with an ilvl of 918 and even tho its finally doing some good damage during the Mage Tower challenge, I still see that with 1 or 2 hits, I die. Any tips for conquering the Mage Tower? I really like the Hunter's class mount and it has been a pain getting it. I've changed a couple of specs, strategies, trying to focus 1 at the time but the damage they do its just absurd!