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      Firestorm International is looking for Game Masters for Sethraliss, Sylvanas, Garrosh and Gul'dan. We're currently looking for members from all regions that wish to join our staff team. Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. Remember that there are requirements for the position. By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more. Please put an effort into your application as we provide the general format for you and all you do is have to fill it in. Click here to read the requirements and apply!
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      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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  1. KkthnxUI is a simplistic user interface that holds onto the information and functionality, while still keeping most of the good looks. It can be used for any class or role. Bug reports and feature suggestions are all done through GitHub's Issue tracker linked below. If you're looking for the current development status of the current or next version of the UI, you can check that out at Kkthnx's GitHub project pages. BugTracker Screenshot: Download: https://github.com/kkthnx-wow/KkthnxUI_8.2.0/archive/master.zip
  2. Hey guys, I've just started playing BfA here and wanted to download ElvUI, I've tried different versions but none worked. Couldn't find any version archive either. Anyone of you found or is using an ElvUI version that works?
  3. hello i am on my alt dk right now and when i go to the cleft of shadow in ogrimmar i cant see portals there is this bug or something
  4. This guide will help answer your questions regarding Darkshore 8.1. Note that Darkshore is currently buggy. Also, the elites/adds hit way too much than they should (from what I saw Youtube and experienced). Plus sometimes there are double spawns. So, you may want to team up with other players. I hope the developers change the damage modifiers for elites to 1/4 or even 1/3, of what they currently at. I also hope the developers fix the bugged items on Darkshore that disappear after use like pets. A. What is Darkshore (8.1) Darkshore is a new 8.1 map that allows you access to 355+ gear, mounts, pets, and toys. Note that the drop rate is very very low. So, if you are planning on gearing your char, do Arathi Highlands instead. http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/39528-bfa-fresh-level-120-guide-801/#comment-146576 B. How do I get to Darkshore 1. As alliance you can head to Stormwind docks, and find the deck with the ship that takes you to Darnassus. You will find a portal to Darnassus there. Use it, then move out of Darnassus, and finally fly to Darkshore. 2. Use the Mount Hyjal portal in Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Then, fly to Darkshore. 3. In the future, a quest will be available that will allow you to unlock the portal to Darkshore in Boralus/Zandalar (near the Arathi Highlands portal). C. I cannot find any players, what do I do You will find huge phasing issues in Darkshore. So, you would have to reset the phase from time to time. This can be accomplished by creating a "Premade Group" then leaving it. Do it whenever you feel you are all alone in Darkshore. Hopefully, those issues will be fixed in the future. D. I cannot find X elite, what do I do Sometimes elites do not spawn at all. Just move on. E. I found the X elite, but it is not attackable. Some elites become attackable during the week where your faction controls the map. Keep in mind that the world boss only becomes attackable when your faction is controlling the map. Currently, it is horde week. It will reset on Wednesday (tomorrow). F. How do I see the elites on map? You can accomplish this with addons. Download and install the following addons: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/tomcats https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/tomcats-tours-darkshore-rares Note: The addons are not Firestorm friendly. You will notice around 5 elites missing (when you are in Darkshore). When you open your quest log, click the new icon. Those missing elites are marked with red icons. Navigate to the following link, and read the first comment. It includes the coords to those missing ones. https://www.wowhead.com/npc=148787/alashanir#comments G. How do I ress when the button does not work? Log out and back, then click the button. If your corpse is gone and you cannot find it, use the spirit healer. H. Do the items actually drop? I have managed to get most of the pets, toys, and one mount so far. I got around 3 items after farming Darkshore elites on multiple characters (not worth the time). Keep in mind that some items disappear on use like: https://www.wowhead.com/item=166451/rattling-bones I have personally lost it after farming it on all my chars (a single drop). It was a very painful experience. So, you may want to hold on the items for now and not use them until they are fixed. I. Why cannot I see world quests? World quests are available only when your faction is controlling the map. Good luck.
  5. ꧁WARSONG CLAN꧂ Jesteśmy Polską gildią grającą po stronie Hordy liczącą ok. 250 graczy, daje nam to pozycję najliczniejszej Polskiej grupy mającej swoje początki na Legionie. Zapewniamy dogodne godziny rajdów/dungów, pomoc w trudniejszych questach oraz chętnie podzielimy się wiedzą na temat gry. Discord jest naszym priorytetem, ogłaszamy na nim wydarzenia, tworzymy ankiety dot. chociażby dobrania dni jak i godzin eventów/rajdów, na kanałach głosowych zapewniamy dobrą atmosferę bez spinania się podczas wspólnej rozgrywki. ➤Kontakt: https://discord.gg/pBJU4GQ
  6. Following 4 weeks of open PTR, where a lot of people were able to preview the 8.2.0 client update, we're now shipping it to our live BFA realm, Sethraliss! This will take place on Monday, November 18th! The realm will be shut down for a short period of time while we update it, but do not worry, we will keep you posted on Discord, Facebook and Twitter so as soon as it's back up and updated, you are notified. We would also like to thank everyone who took the time to write reports on the PTR 8.2 bugtracker, as those helped us improve the quality of the release, so really, thank you! HOW TO DOWNLOAD / UPDATE TO 8.2.0 CLIENT: Whether you already have an 8.0 client or not, everything is detailed in this quick & easy tutorial we've made for you! BORIS Boris is back on Firestorm! From Friday, 22nd November 4PM until Tuesday 26th November 10AM server time, Boris will be available in all capitals & starting zones on all of our realms! Speaking with him will allow you, once per account and per expansion, to get a free boost to the max lvl (110 on BFA instead), fully geared and ready to start exploring the continents, and discovering the content! NEW CONTENT As we said before, even though our client is updated straight to 8.2 (for practical reasons), we wish to follow the retail order of content release, which means 8.1 patch content first! This post is here to guide you through our different content, namely: 8.1 War Campaign Darkshore open world zone Mythic+ & PVP Season 2 Battle of Dazar'Alor Raid Faction Assaults Below you will find more details about each of those main features. WAR CAMPAIGN Continue what you started on the 8.0 War Campaign! For the Horde, it's all about crippling the Alliance, and it will take you up to the raid Battle of Dazar'Alor! More info is available here For the Alliance, the objective is to set everything up for the attack on the Zandalari capital, and to defeat King Rastakhan! More info is available here The 8.1 part of the War Campaign will be fully scripted, up until your involvements in the Battle of Dazar'Alor! DARKSHORE Darkshore is to the 8.1 patch what Arathi Highlands were to the 8.0, so you can expect to find the same kind of content available here; It's a whole new zone filled with special World Quests, and rare mobs that can reward equipments, mounts, toys or pets. The whole zone will be controlled by one faction, switching every week: while your faction holds the reins, you will get access to world quests in the area, and to the corresponding world boss: Ivus the Forest Lord for the Horde, and Ivus the Decayed for the Alliance. You can find more information about Darkshore here: here Please note that like Arathi Highlands, the Warfront won't be available. MYTHIC+ & PVP SEASON 2 The season 2 of Mythic+ and PvP will begin on Wednesday, 20th November at 12PM (noon server time). in PVP, the Sinister Gladiator season will begin, with updated rewards! To get more info, you can check this link. You will also find the same "conquest" system that was there in BFA's season 1, but with more flexibility in the rewards to help you get the gear you need. They will be following this table: in Mythic+, the seasonal affix will now be Reaping (instead of Infested for the season 1). This special affix will revive all defeated monsters at certain dungeon completion %, meaning you will need to defeat them twice! With this season, a new currency is added: Titan Residuum that can be spent to buy Azerite Armor. For more details on the Season 2, you can click here. The rewards will also be updated, and will follow this table: (please note that the chest generated on the 20th November week will still be a 'season 1' chest and won't fall into this table) BATTLE OF DAZAR'ALOR The second Raid of the expansion, involving Jaina Proudmoore and the Alliance's invasion of Dazar'Alor, the Zandalari capital! What makes this raid special is the fact that your faction will be changed during certain fights, to reflect on each faction's story during the attack. Unlike Uldir, we chose to release the raid wing by wing. So, starting Wednesday 20th November at 12PM (noon server time) you will be able to get in BoD to fight the first 3 bosses: Champions of the Light Grong Jadefire Masters. They will be available in LFR, NM and HM difficulties. If you're looking for a guide of BoD as a whole, here it is! We plan on releasing a new wing every 3-4 weeks, and the full Mythic mode 3-4 weeks after the third and final wing is released (basically a similar schedule to what we had for Tomb of Sargeras or Antorus on Legion). This will allow for a better release schedule and rhythm, without reducing too much ladder competitivity. NEW ALLIED RACES Two new allied races will be available right away, without any requirements: Kul Tiran Humans for the Alliance Zandalari Trolls for the Horde Each of them has its own racial spells, so be sure to check their guide to get the best out of them! ASSAULTS Similar to the Legion Invasions, following a rotation some BFA zones will get invaded by either the Horde or the Alliance. Depending on the zone and your faction, you will either act as an invader, or a defender and will get access to specific world quests: once you've completed 4 of them, you will unlock a quest asking you to do one last effort to help your faction, which will reward you with gear, war resources, ap and reputations. For more information, you can read this guide. This is it, our 8.2.0 client update, including a lot of new content for everyone to discover! As explained before, we will be releasing all contents in retail order: you can thus expect the rest of BoD first, then the 8.1.5 War Campaign alongside the 3rd raid, Crucible of Storms, and finally 8.2 content (Nazjatar & Mechagon, alongside the 4th raid, Azshara's Eternal Palace). On a side note, Island Expeditions are nearly done! We know you teased them a while ago, but several unpredictable events delayed their release: rest assured, we haven't given up on them! you can expect 6-7 different islands to be released in the near future, probably alongside the release of one of BoD's wings. The Bugtracker of Sethraliss will also be wiped (since we're upgrading the client, and a lot of changes occurred, old reports might have lost their meaning). It will also be the chance to upgrade its system, to avoid duplicates: Starting Monday 18th, when you'll report an achievement, item, quest or NPC, you will need to give its id (easily findable in its wowhead URL link). This will allow us to post your new report as a comment of an already existing one, if there is. That way, all the information about 1 issue will be given on 1 post, which will be better for players & developers alike. Thanks for your patience, we will be monitoring the update closely to address any issue that arises! See you on Monday! The Firestorm Team
  7. Basically the title. I was wondering if TSM has any problems with unofficial servers or if it works fine. I'm on Sethraliss, so patch 8.2.0. Additional question: Do I need a specific version for the patch or does the newest one from their website work without any problems?
  8. Firestorm BFA 8.2 How to download and play Play fast DOWNLOAD Download minimal client (fast download): Download and play instantly. It will download the game while playing (it will use bandwidth during game-play). Download of the full client DOWNLOAD Download the full client: Your game is complete since the beginning. No extra bandwidth used during the game-play. This is the best choice for strong internet connection and better game-play quality. You need a Torrent client in order to download the torrent links (magnet). Download of the Launcher DOWNLOAD You have a program where you can manage every client at the same time The launcher updates by itself automatically. You can easily install it by just doing a few clicks.
  9. There is problem with this quest. Its not working. When i need to click on 1 from 3 skull nothing happen. This quest is in need for buildng a reputation on Talanjis Expedition and forward progress on War Campaign. If anybody have solution for this pls help.
  10. Greetings Firestormers! We Informed you before that we are going to gather the Questions and Answers from the Live Q&A. You can read them here if you missed the Live Q&A or joined but wanted to re-read it again. Thank you all for making Firestorm a better place and we hope that you got the suitable answers for your questions. See you in 8.2! By #1 Fenrisulfr Fenyr#6969: Will you be able to implement the new goblin/worgen skins? By Xyzt#7476: Classic when? By Reffa#7312: You said you will update BoD by wings= Wing 1(champions,grongs,jadefire) / Wing 2 (Opulence,conclave,rastakhan) / Wing 3 (Mekkatorque,Blockade,Jaina) so when you open Wing 1 do we get normal/hc/(LFR) at same time and later Myth? By Jakub#0874: Hi Will there be race heritages and night elf "night warrior's" black eyes? By Zlade#3770: Where will the new Azerite gear Vendors be located? / Why isn't Siege of Boralus and Kings´ Rest on Mythic difficulty yet? / When will 8.2 war campaign release? / What's the class changes for Demon Hunter Havoc in 8.2? / The new allied races, will they be available directly when 8.2 releases? By Jajajajaja#4144: Something new about Cataclyslm? By deadarrow#9486: How does the new Azerite traits work? By Barattolo#1320: Is the reason of the crashes known to you but you can do nothing about it or you just don't know why it happens? By Reffa#7312: We cant farm BoEs in Uldir like on retail does it work in BoD? (I do few test on Uldir myth id trash didnt respawn in whole week. IDK if its correct but i read somewhere on battle.net forums trash should be respawned after 30 minutes) On retail i farm BoEs when i had time but here on firestorm its impossible. By YS#6806: Hey there, I have a question for the developers of Firestorm, are you guys planning on more optimizing the server for fps related issues? Ive noticed alot of people have low frame rates especially in raids. In retail for example people with pretty low-end processors can run the game well above 30fps. By Reffa#7312: How many titanium residuum do we get? will it work as on 8.1 or we get numbers from 8.2 bcs then you need to set different items price in azerite armor vendor. (S2 cost of azerite random mythic is 1725 and S3 is 47500 and if we get Season 3 amount 17000 {this number is from M+ 10 weekly} titanium residuum from weekly we can buy all S2 azerite gear in first week. / Is scrapping gear give titanium residuum is it work properly? bcs only 8.1+ azerite gear should give titanium residuum after scrap not gear obtained in 8.0. By Rokaar#5065: Is the calendar going to be available so players can use it with their guilds to schedule events and stuff? By Reffa#7312: Is newly added Traits(8.1) working or most working are old ones(8.0)? By Quetzall#9312: In this new patch are they going to be devs working on the old quests and achievements from BFA? Like the bees from Stormwong Valley, scrolls and such? By Reffa#7312: Max ilvl should be 425, do you test if we dont get again ilvl Pvp bug where ppl had 400ilvl in S1? By Reffa#7312: When Season 2 start? Do we get any restriction as on retail? (First week was loot locked to max ilvl from +5 keystone so you just spam M+ 5 keys and do one M+ 10 for weekly(Or higher to get more titanium residuum). By Reffa#7312: Is the scaling of dmg/hp in dungeon increased on 8.2 or 8.1? (wowhead:A +10 in Season 3 will feel like a +12 in Season 2). By XueN#5305: When 8.2 gets enabled, will the pathfinding (fly in BFA) gets enabled instantly, will it be sold on the shop, will it get implemented, or we will have to wait for it? By Reffa#7312: When we get Island Expeditions? bcs i read on discord person which should script expeditions take a break or something. By Reffa#7312: Champion of Azeroth ilvl upgrades for neck should be account wide(If you have revered on one character you can upgrade neck by +45 ilvl on others characters) since 8.1 is it work? By Vhork#9243: In this new update is there going to be an ingame shop implemented? And is there going to be a rework on the LFG for dungeons and raids? By Reffa#7312: Is the textures repaired? BCS for reaping affix is good to have working textures (TD and Waycrest were so bad in S1) bcs you want to place reaping on one spot that why you need working textures. By Soldado Callejero#3767: Are they going to be class buffs enabled on this new version? By Reffa#7312: When do we get shop upgrade? (Is it stay same just upgrade from Uldir 370HC gear to BoD 400HC gear? / Does +5 ilvl(and others from this section) can be used to max 425 ilvl? / Will be 425 items available in shop since start or after Mythic BoD open? By Dhsteph#4522: Is there any content, feature or scenario from BfA (current patch or future ones) that you WON'T be developing for Sethraliss? By Reffa#7312: Does Darkshore/Battle For Stromgarde work? Bcs reward from those are 400/370 item which are we now missing or we get just bosses and rares? (Beware of Battle For Stromgarde Heroic which was implemented in 8.2 which reward is 430ilvl which is above max ilvl in 8.1 and shouldn't exist in 8.1). By Reffa#7312: Does Alliance have quest for 400ilvl reward as on retail? (they had Weekly Quest for 10 horde slains or something to balance War mode). By Chleba#8845: Will you fix old content things Like garrisons? By 𝓒𝓻𝓾𝓮𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓼𝓮#1039: Do you know if Hivemind will be script or not? By Naj#8064: Can u please fix the mounts on wod cuz all of them are character bound (for example i bought a mount from shop for 50 fp and is not char bound on site and when i got ingame it was soulbound) and all dropable mounts are char bound please fix em (ik is dead server but is really nice expansion and i love to play it) so u can fix them please? By Glaedr#8274: How much it will cost flight in bfa? on loyalty points and firestorm points? By Brazz D Bros (Sanjikun)#3676: Will you add weapons illusion enchantment to the shop? By deadarrow#9486: When will you add Character Marketplace? By Smokey#6114: Any planned updates for WoD? By ♥ Vojta ♥#4245: When is patch released? (Specific date). By Xawen#2250: Many players play pvp. On BFA is new PVP reward (season mount - Vicious War Riverbest) from 240 2v2 arenas (on FS 266) or 120 3v3 etc... so my question is why player who complete this season reward dont obtain mount? On 8.2 will be release new PVP season with New pvp mount.... Any idea what now? Can you tell me players who complete this challenge obtain this mount before 8.2 release? Thx. By Xyzt#7476: There will be ever a mop pvp tournament realm? it was planned like 2 year ago. By Hesh#3004: Will we get the full ap catch up from 8.1 or will we get it like retail with every reset the ap requirement for the next neck lvl will be lowered? By eighthourblink#1121: What is the lookout for Pet battles? Recently i switched from a server where Pet Battles were 90% implemented and was kinda let down when i made the jump over here. Although it doesn't make or break my stay here, what is the current roadmap for Pet Battles. I just like going around, collecting / battling the pets. By Thathaa#3988: Can we have a youtube trailer for Firestorm servers? By 𝓐𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓻#8889: Will you up Priest? By Deadryder#4207: What ever happened to the cosmeticator bot? In 2018 QA it was said it would make a return and we should look out for announcements but it never did and also what about the premium/vip feature will it make a return as well or not? This question is directed more towards Shelby. By Kain Azrael#0587: When will transfers to BFA be possible? By Glaedr#8274: Are u releasing the rest of the recipes remaining for the main professions? By alik#7460: Will be needed a reputation to open new allied races? Or it will be automatically? By Alyzeh#0001: What will you do with Greymane? By Дарион#5991: Will there be an increase in X10 experience on the great feast of Baptism? By Mumbai#6980: Will the animation of casters in battle be fixed? / Will the textures in the dungeons be fixed? (For example, when a druid casts starfall, all enemies flee from the entire dungeon. By xsw3ft#3038: Is the remasterization of the BGs going to be live on the 8.2? On the version 8.1.5, lots of Battlegrounds got remastered so I wanted to know if this will be implemented, if it will be worked, or if it will get discarded. By mayov#2331: Will legion legendary questlines work in 8.1? By ItachiUchiha#6876: Darkshore Warfront: Will this be open with quest? By Spandauer Salzlord#4608: So its quite bug related. I have Issues in BFA with multiple Character with finishing Questlines. My NPC´s disappeared randomly. In my case Krag´wa just before ending Nazmir (My Monk is stuck there), and Druid Loti in Zuldazar. Any tips or quick fixes possible, because i send a ticket with the ERROR of updating the GM Ticket, so my ticket doesn't get send. By Zlade#3770: How long will we need to wait until the new zones release? By Ixtab#6555: When are the RBG 10vs10 going to get enabled? Are they planned or are they never going to get implemented? By zulzín#0251: Are there going to be available the 8.2 hunter pets such as Oondasta or Horridon? And what about the book for taming Zul's Blood Beasts from the patch 8.1? By Hayden/ ZEU#9320: PvE tournament when? By Merouane#8811: Will the missing quests from 8.0 patch in Zandalar & Kultiras after finishing the 3 zones (aka the attack of Dazar'Alors by Zul & Mythrax, then the attack of Ashvane on Boralus) be available before 8.1? By bukov#4345: Will new raid be released like NM/HC and MM? at once? or at separate time? By Cybra#3533: On 8.1 or 8.1.5 not sure when they added it on retail but you could get Hati with some fun items like mounting him etc. will it working here or added anytime soon? It would be nice for some hunters get their Hati back like they got him in legion as 2nd pet. By Naj#8064: When u will add some GM's on wod cuz noone help players? I really want to be gm on wod and help players. By Tladoy#5641: I would like to know if there will be changes on warrior at 8.2? By Trazzy#3314: Do you plan to implement 1v1 bracket or 3v3 solo queue in some way? By Ray#9824: Did you implement mounts in fidelity points in the shop? By Alexandro roque (nox gas inc)#3368: Are time walking going to be a thing in 8.2? By mayov#2331: Will the dungeons be optimized? I encountered quite a few bugs in some especially siege of boralus. By riftlock#7393: When we can get class mounts? By Leyo#6293: Do you plan to reward the people with the best time for the season on m+ dungeons? By Marius#6730: How can I donate? By Robinson(Goldman)#7886: Will Alterac and the epic 40vs40 BGs get enabled? That would give variety to PvP. By DeiviStrife#1618: Are the reputation going to be account wide to the highest you got like they did in retail? / Also, are you going to add the flight maps for alters? / And are the Legion's professions going to be fixed? Because for example you can't complete the quest chain for skinning so you can't do skinning in Legion areas (in Sethraliss). By Kondorrianno#3104: When you'll start working on season events (like Brewfest)? Will you be allocated people for their implementation? By PrideDn#9092: Legion Will you update something? By Lisbeth#7895: Are they going to update the character boosts when the new version appears so the boost increases more level? Like the ilvl 395 one. By Reffa#7312: On Forum is idea about PVE tournament why don't use it not spawn bosses? By Dj/Xdru#4115: When will you guys fix the dc problem on legion? because sometimes you can get dc like 5-6 times in a row. Firestorm Endgame! We would like to thank everyone again for attending. See you in 8.2! The Firestorm Team.
  11. The current PVP season on Sethraliss, our BFA realm will end on Tuesday, November 12th, 2019 at 06:00 PM (server time). The ladder will be frozen at this point, and we will proceed to the usual end of season checks for wintrades. The rewards will be given the following week (an announcement will be made when they are done, do not worry!). A brief interseason will then take place, while we wait for the Season 2 to begin, which will be on the 8.2 client coming soon! The rewards will be distributed to 2v2 and 3v3 regardless of the factions (since 2v2 is our most active ladder, we're extending rewards in this bracket.) Please note that you need at least 50 games played to be eligible for rewards, and that depending on the state of the ladder post-check, the thresholds may be changed. (If they do, we will update this post) Here is the list of rewards for 2v2: Top 1 to 13: Dread Gladiator Title, Achievement and Mount. Top 14 to 25: Gladiator Title, Achievement and Mount. Here are the rewards for 3v3: Top 1 to 7: Dread Gladiator Title, Achievement and Mount. Unlike previous expansions, the other titles & achievements for Combatant, Challenger, Rival & Duelist are given automatically to players during the season on both brackets, and the Gladiator one is given automatically on the 3v3 bracket. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  12. Hello, i've just download the new 8.2.0 patch for mac os , i've follow the installation instruction but the pc says " file corrupted" i've also try to redownload it several times.
  13. As we announced during our latest Q&A (you can find the transcript here) we're gonna open a test realm accessible to everyone in order to test the stability and get feedback on our 8.2 client: the PTR 8.2 will open on Monday, October 21st. All of the characters from Sethraliss will be copied on it so you can continue your adventure right where you left it! The goal of this PTR is to make sure that the true release of the 8.2 client will be as smooth as possible: everything that works currently on Sethraliss should work after the update, and new content, alongside reworked features will need 'real condition' testing to make sure they are fully operational for the release, that is expected after 3 to 4 weeks of open PTR. A whole new section will be available on the Bugtracker for you to report issues you encounter on the PTR. Our Quality Assurance team will then take care of those reports and give them to our developers who will then be able to fix them. HOW TO DOWNLOAD 8.2 CLIENT: To log on the PTR 8.2, the only thing you need will be the FS 8.2 client: fear not, as we've made this as easy as possible for you! Here is how you'll get access: Download the 8.2 .exe here: http://fstorm.cc/82-Download (it is compressed in a .rar) Open your FS BFA client folder, where your current .exe is located, place the .rar you just downloaded there, and extract it. That's it! With the same client folder you will now have 2 different .exe: the one to access Sethraliss (8.0) and the new one to access the 8.2 PTR Please note: The first time you will open the 8.2 client, it will take a bit of time (between 2-5 minutes) to download the missing files, but in the meantime nothing will appear on your screen, that's normal ! Do not open it 43 times, just once and then wait a bit. Once it's done, you will be fully set up! Now that you know when the PTR will be available, and how you will be able to connect, let's see what you will be able to discover on it! NEW CONTENT As we said before, even though our client is updated straight to 8.2 (for practical reasons), we wish to follow the retail order of content release, which means 8.1 patch content first! Some of you might know what this means, and this post is here to guide you through our different content, namely: 8.1 War Campaign Darkshore zone Mythic+ & PVP Season 2 Battle of Dazar'Alor Raid Assaults Below you will have more details on those content, please remember that the PTR is also here to help us find issues and that your help is valuable to make the 'real release' as clean as possible. Now let's get into those different features! WAR CAMPAIGN Continue what you started on the 8.0 War Campaign! For the Horde, it's all about crippling the Alliance, and it will take you up to the raid Battle of Dazar'Alor! More info is available here For the Alliance, the objective is to set everything up for the attack on the Zandalari capital, and to defeat King Rastakhan! More info is available here The 8.1 part of the War Campaign will be fully scripted, so if you notice any issues, use the bugtracker to make sure we fix them! DARKSHORE Darkshore is to the 8.1 patch what Arathi Highlands were to the 8.0, so you can expect to find the same kind of content available here; It's a whole new zone filled with special World Quests, and rare mobs that can reward equipments, mounts, toys or pets. The whole zone will be controlled by one faction, switching every week: while your faction holds the reins, you will get access to world quests in the area, and to the corresponding world boss: Ivus the Forest Lord for the Horde, and Ivus the Decayed for the Alliance. You can find more information about Darkshore here: here Please note that like Arathi Highlands, the Warfront won't be available. MYTHIC+ & PVP SEASON 2 With the release of the 8.1 patch on retail started the season 2 of Mythic+ and PvP, so we're doing the same here as we're releasing 8.1 content! in PVP, the Sinister Gladiator season will begin, with updated rewards! To get more info, you can check this link. in Mythic+, the seasonal affix will now be Reaping (instead of Infested for the season 1). This special affix will revive all defeated monsters at certain dungeon completion %, meaning you will need to defeat them twice! With this season, the rewards will also be updated, and a new currency is added: Titan Residuum that can be spent to buy Azerite Armor. For more details on the Season 2, you can click here. This season will 'officially' start on Sethraliss once it updates to 8.2 client, but on the open PTR you will be able to discover and test all of those changes in advance! Same as always, feedback is greatly appreciated here! BATTLE OF DAZAR'ALOR The second Raid of the expansion, involving Jaina Proudmoore and the Alliance's invasion of Dazar'Alor, the Zandalari capital! What makes this raid special is the fact that your faction will be changed during certain fights, to reflect on each faction's story during the attack. On PTR, the first 2 Horde bosses will be available for both factions: Champions of the Light & Grong. The 3rd one, Jadefire Masters will be released on the PTR later, and will be available on Sethraliss when the update gets shipped. They will be available in LFR, NM and HM difficulties. If you're looking for a guide of BoD, here it is! Aaaand, you know the drill, feedback will be valuable on BoD too, so here is the link of the bugtracker again. NEW ALLIED RACES Two new allied races will be available right away, without any requirements: Kul Tiran Humans for the Alliance Zandalari Trolls for the Horde Each of them has its own racial spells, so be sure to check their guide to get the best out of them! ASSAULTS Similar to the Legion Invasions, following a rotation some BFA zones will get invaded by either the Horde or the Alliance. Depending on the zone and your faction, you will either act as an invader, or a defender and will get access to specific world quests: once you've completed 4 of them, you will unlock a quest in which you will have to defeat the ennemy commander, which will reward you with gear, war ressources and reputations. For more information, you can read this guide. We are excited to bring all of those content to you guys, and hope you are eager to discover it as well! We cannot stress this enough, your feedback will be of great importance to make sure that when all of those content are shipped on Sethraliss, everything will be as good as possible! So tell your friends, download the .exe, log on the PTR starting Monday, 21st October and write reports about the issues you encounter on the bugtracker. The fastest we get feedback, the less time this PTR will last, and the quicker everything will be released on the live server! Thank you for reading, and see you on the 8.2 PTR! The Firestorm Team
  14. hi their I was wondering was the respawn time on the zandalari warbringer also dose huolon Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent] loot system work aslo was wondering what was the respawn time on that
  15. So, you have finally reached level 120, and do not know what to do. No problem. This guide is for you. A. The Artifact Neck If you did not get the artifact neck, go get it now. https://www.wowhead.com/item=158075/heart-of-azeroth You can acquire the neck by completing the following quest chain: Alliance: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53370/hour-of-reckoning Horde: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53372/hour-of-reckoning After acquiring the neck, you will need to level it. You can get Azerite (to level your neck) from many sources. You can get some from random dungeon finders, raid finders, battlegrounds, arenas, and from elites. There is also the weekly quests that spawn once per two weeks (around the ship that takes you to the crossfaction maps). Those quests ask you for donations (several items/mats), and reward you with lots of Azerite. B. Arathi Highlands Warfront You will find a portal to Arathi Highlands in your main BfA city. For alliance, it is near the ship that takes you to the horde BfA maps. This new reworked Arathi Highlands map, has plenty of elites, that you can kill for Azerite, 340-360 ilvl gear, mounts, pets, and toys. You can kill all Arathi elites once a week (reset is on Wednesday). Download and install both of the following addons, that will allow you to see those elites on map: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/handynotes https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/handynotes-warfrontrares You need to download the versions for the Firestorm client (currently it is 8.0.1, but that will change soon). Follow this guide (by Alan), to download the right versions of those addons: http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/39122-how-to-download-addons/ To farm efficiently, you may: 1. Pay for a carry. You need to ask players of the same cloth type for a carry. If you are a warlock, for example, ask for a cloth carry. In that manner, the geared guy, would acquire items and trade them to you, so you have double chances for loot. If you are in a guild, you can ask them to carry you for free. Currently, a full carry (on reset), will cost you around 5k gold. Make sure you do not pay the players upfront, since there are plenty of scammers. If they ask you for gold upfront, do not join them. Remember people are doing the runs on reset, so you are just tagging along with them. If they go out of their way to help you, they will ask for 10k gold. 2. If you are poor and/or do not have a guild, look for people who are fresh to Arathi (like you), and do a run with them. Make sure they have the same cloth type. In that manner, you can help each other gear up with duplicate items, that you do not need. 3. If you cannot find anyone to do this with, go ahead and solo. If you are fresh level 120, you will want to wait for other people to attack the elite you want to kill, and when they start, you can engage the elite. There are elites that hit really hard. So, you may want to tag them, run away, and keep your distance until the boss dies (making sure you are still in combat). You will also need this trick for world bosses, since those bosses hit for a lot, and you may die before you are able to loot. Note: Arathi elites drop everything but rings and trinkets. You will also see a world boss in Arathi Highlands. This boss drops ilvl370-395 gear (including awesome trinkets), and it alternates between alliance and horde (one week for alliance and another week for horde). If you cannot attack the boss and it looks friendly to you, that means it is not your turn. I believe the boss resets on Wednesday 1PM server time. Alliance: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=52847/dooms-howl Horde: https://www.wowhead.com/quest=52848/the-lions-roar C. Emissary of War Emissary of War is a weekly quest. This quest rewards you with a 370+ ilvl item. https://www.wowhead.com/quest=53037/emissary-of-war Basically, you need to complete four mythic dungeons. The best way to do this, is to queue Freehold on RDF HC. Then, go out and change it to Mythic. After that, move to the final boss (skipping all other bosses), and kill it. You do this four times, and you are done with the quest. If you are a lowbie (<335), nobody would invite you to their groups. So, you need to make the group yourself. That is the only way you can do it, at a low ilvl. If you are new to Freehold, what you need to do is follow the tank. The tank will lead the way to the last boss, and he will pull all adds along the way. Once you reach the last boss, go and hide until the tank dies. The healer will revive him, and then you can start the boss. If you have pulled any adds along the way, you would have to go and die with the tank. Then, wait for the healer to revive you. That is unless you are a night elf (Shadowmeld) or have a way to get out of combat (like mages etc.) Once you kill the boss, follow the players. You will see them going for an NPC. Interact with that NPC, so it takes you out of the dungeon. Then, reset and redo. Note: There is an old bug with setting dungeons to Mythic, when you queue for RDF HC. So, what you need to do is right click your avatar (if you are the leader), then Convert to Raid and back to group. Then, you will able to change the dungeon difficulty to Mythic. D. World Bosses There are plenty of world bosses, that you can do once a week. Those bosses drop 355+ ilvl gear. So, watch out for people doing those bosses on world chat. People tend to advertise a lot for them. E. Weekly Chests Make sure you do at least one MM+ per week, for the weekly chest, which rewards you with Azerite and gear. F. Craft/Buy Items There are some items you can buy from the Auction House, that you really need. I am referring to the rings and trinkets. You should buy ilvl300-310 rings from AH for 1-2k gold each, or craft them yourself using Jewelcrafting. Just make sure you do not buy two rings of the same type. You can also buy a Darkmoon ilvl355 trinket for around 10-30k gold, depending on the trinket. You can buy the trinkets cheaper, if you ask in world chat. Here is a list of the trinkets: RDPS: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159126/darkmoon-deck-squalls MDPS/Hunters: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159125/darkmoon-deck-fathoms Heal: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159127/darkmoon-deck-tides Tank: https://www.wowhead.com/item=159128/darkmoon-deck-blockades Note: The MDPS trinket is always expensive, so you may need to haggle. If you are rich, you can buy other items from AH for 50k-3m gold. I hope you liked the guide. P.S. All the information above, is from my personal experience.
  16. migration

    Ciao a tutti, Ho un paio di pg su monster wow di cui vorrei fare il porting sul server BFA di Sethraliss, ma onestamente non ho capito bene se questi mi vengano effettivamente trasferiti sul server BFA oppure sul server legion Sylvannas. Inoltre l'altra cosa poco chiara è se effettivamente il migration system è operativo o non fanno alcun tipo di porting attualmente; se fosse così vorrei sapere se mai in futuro ricominceranno a fare i trasferimenti o meno. Grazie a tutti anticipatamente
  17. Hello everyone! If you read our announcement about Sethraliss’ 3rd content update, you’re aware that for a little while now, we started working on the development of 8.1 content on a 8.2 client. At first, only a few devs were assigned to it, but now almost all of them are working on it, which also explains why our 8.0 development is lighter now (less tickets in the live changelog is one of the symptoms). In that last announcement done in July, we mentioned that we were aiming for a release mid October: we’re halfway there, so we figured it would be a good time to share with you our progress and aims for the release! The ETA of the release is now the end of October (just a slight delay in 2 months worth of development). In the meantime, we’re still taking care of Sethraliss and making sure our 8.0 version is stable, don’t worry! A few developers are still monitoring it and making sure the important issues are addressed (major spell bugs, main questline / Uldir issues, etc). As we said before, the client itself will be an 8.2 client (the latest we can), but the content we are scripting is the one directly following what you currently have on Sethraliss: 8.1 questlines, zone & raid. We do not wish to skip anything from the content part, but having an 8.2 client will allow us to keep on scripting up to 8.2 without having to update the client again, which is a huge gain of time for us. So do not worry, you won’t miss on anything BFA has to offer! For those that remember our Legion’s development, we did a similar thing when updating our client from 7.1.5 to 7.3.5, without skipping any of the 7.2 content. One thing worth mentioning though is the class balance that will be taken from 8.2 right away when the 8.2 FS client is released. We’re aware that this means you won’t be doing the content with its related balancing, but there are several reasons that made us stick to this choice (again, the same way it was done on Legion): It drastically reduces dev time: between each game version, a lot of balance changes are done, including removal & addition of new traits or spells: Altering one spell for 8.1, and then again when we’d get into 8.2 content would take twice the amount of time. In essence, later versions are often “better” balanced than earlier ones: some bugs or unintended features are fixed, and the strongest classes are usually slightly nerfed while the weakest are buffed, which leads to a healthier state of the game. That point is up for debate, we’re aware, but it still explains why we also believed this was a good approach. For a few weeks now, our Quality Assurance team is focussing on making reports of class changes, and our developers are fixing them. On the side, some QA members are testing the next raid, Battle of Dazar’Alor (most bosses have their main script done, and require feedback for adjustment). As a reminder, you can apply to join our Quality Assurance team and help us bring out the best release possible here! Here is our developer assignment at the moment: 1 dev on Sethraliss monitoring & major bug fixing 3 devs on BoD (one per wing, so 3 bosses each) 2 devs on class fixing 2 devs on the continuation of the war campaign (one for each side) 1 dev on Darkshore 1 dev on PVP invasions Also, as you may have seen for the past months (and still ongoing) we have a few developers that work on low-level zones or older expansion questlines: Gilneas & Kezan have been rescripted, Elwynn Forest is on the way and we also have a developer working on WoD’s main questline: the idea is to then rescript fully a “leveling route” that will allow you to level up from 1 to 110 as easily as you can level up from 110 to 120 on BFA’s questlines. This means, broadly, scripting 1 zone of each level range available where every race can go without too much effort. Now for the more detailed list of what’s planned on our 8.2 client release! Currently on Sethraliss, every 8.0 content short of the Island Expeditions are available. We know we announced them a while ago, but their development got delayed: rest assured, one of our developers is working on them at the moment, and 3 islands should be available at the release! As usual, when doing a client update / new expansion release, a Public Test Realm will be set up so players can test the new contents. 8.2.0 release content at launch: 8.2 Class balance 8.1 War campaign continuation New allied races / Kultiran / Zandalari 1st wing of Battle of Dazar'alor New endgame zone Darkshore Siege of Boralus and Kings' Rest available on Heroic difficulty. PVP Invasions Azerite gear Vendor New Azerite traits Then, from there on we will script content as it was released on retail: 2nd and 3rd wing of BoD, then the full Mythic mode, then the 3rd Raid Crucible of Storms alongside its quests, and finally 8.2 zones. As you noticed, we plan on releasing BoD wing by wing (like we used to on Legion) and not fully at once as we did with Uldir. We initially thought that releasing the raid all at once would help deliver a better experience for players, and this point still stands; but what we underestimated was the impact in terms of workflow: It’s harder to test all the bosses at once for the QA, and harder for the developers as well, who have to make some bug fixes as long as 3 months after the boss was released. On top of that, we saw on Uldir that only a few guilds actually profited from the full release, as most were progressing (in HM at least) at a pace close to 1 wing / month, which is what we plan on doing on BoD. Easier to test & to fix means higher quality, to the “price” of quantity. We thought we could manage it on Uldir, but it wasn’t really conclusive so we’re switching back to the old, more manageable way! FIRESTORM Q&A It’s been a while since we gave you guys the chance to ask us about Firestorm, and the 8.2 client update sounds like a great opportunity! On Tuesday, October 1st 6 PM Server Time, we will be hosting a Questions & Answers on the public discord! Its system will be the same as the previous times: We’ll unlock a channel for you to post questions, then lock it and take time to answer them: there will be about 5 or 6 rounds. Please read carefully everything in this devblog to not waste questions on stuff that we already explained! EDIT: Transcript of the Q&A available here! Thank you for your time! We hope this will shed some light on the 8.2 client update! The Firestorm Staff
  18. Hello, i was just wondering if it is maybe possible to transfer characters from monster wow bfa to bfa here ? I couldnt find any additional info which is outdated a bit so i was wondering if it is maybe possible now
  19. Hi GM/Devs, As announced on the forum that the next patch will be updated to 8.1 on 8.2 client. Thank you for that. But here are some questions about it. Hopefully any of the devs could help us out. 1. Class balance will be the 8.2 patch right? 2. Which version of the azerite power will be released on the new content? 8.1 or 8.2? There's pretty big differences 3. Which gears will be released into the shop? and which ilvl will that be? Regards,
  20. Third time's the charm! Following our previous content update, we will be updating Sethraliss on Wednesday, July 31st at 11:00AM server time for our 3rd content update! On top of that, we'll be having a special weekend from Friday, August 2nd at 4:00PM to Monday, August 5th at 11:55PM server time, where all experience gains will be x10! Take this opportunity to level up new alts with friends and discover the new content added! We also wanted to keep you guys posted about 8.2 version, as we've started to work on it: You can expect it to be shipped to live around the MIDDLE OF OCTOBER. This ETA (remember that the E stands for Estimated: this is subject to potential changes) matches retail in terms of release delay, as we'll have had 8.0 patch going for about 6 months. As a reminder, this patch will also put the first PVP & Mythic+ season to an end, starting the 2nd PVP season 'Sinister Gladiator' alongside a new affix for Mythic+ season 2: Reaping! But let's focus first on what this 3rd content update will bring onto Sethraliss! Bring it on!!! ARATHI HIGHLANDS Arathi's zone will be available! A full new zone, including new rare mobs to slain! Each week, the control of the zone will switch faction, allowing the one in control to battle the opposing faction's world boss ! For example, if the Horde is controlling the area, their players will be able to group up to fight the Alliance's World Boss, rewarding 370 ilvl gear! Each Faction has its own World Boss: The Lion's Roar for the Alliance, and Doom's Howl for the Horde. For more information on Arathi's zone, click here. Note: Warfront won't be available in this update. VOL'DUN The last remaining Horde zone, Vol'dun will have its full questline released! World Quests will also be included, which means the Horde territory will now be fully available! FOR THE HORDE! With this zone also comes a new World Boss that will be added in the rotation: Dunegorger Kraulok STORMSONG VALLEY The last remaining Alliance zone, Stormsong Valley will have its full questline released! World Quests aren't ready at this point, but will be added gradually: you will be able to follow those additions on the BFA Live Changelog. With this zone also comes a new World Boss that will be added in the rotation: Warbringer Yenajz DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP Last time we shared was a month and a half ago, here's where we stand now! Island Expeditions are under testing! Currently 3 maps are available: Dread Chain, Skittering Hollow and Rotting Mire. This content should be shipped to live soon, way before the 8.2 with other islands added progressively. This will be that last 8.0 content currently missing! After that, we'll set sail to 8.1 content (see below for more information) The development on old content stuff continues! We're still not sure if we'll make a post for everything that was done, or if we'll add fixes when they are applied on the live changelog, but regardless we will keep you posted about what's worked on! So far, Gilneas has already been applied, and Kezan is under testing. Tanaan Jungle is being scripted, and some old dungeons have been fixed so they can now be completed. The 'Role Check' system is still being worked on: in essence it works, but there are still some slight tweaking to do before we can release it on the live realm. 8.2 is being worked on, with a test realm running. Even though the patch itself will be 8.2, we'll start by scripting the 8.1 content: as stated above, except for the Island Expedition, this 3rd update concludes all content from patch 8.0. We're switching our developers from 8.0.1 version toward 8.2 gradually (a few will stay to ensure Sethraliss gets the attention it needs in the meantime), and focussing our attention first on spell fixing (we already have a list of all changes made on every spells since 8.0.1), as well as the 2nd Raid: Battle of Dazar'Alor, the sequel of our current War Campaign, and PVP invasions! As a reminder, our Quality Assurance team could use your help, especially with the 8.2 patch featuring all its new content! Whether you're more familiar with raids, dungeons, questlines, professions, or classes, you can help us improve the server! You can send your application here (in English) and if you have questions, feel free to ask any admin on discord, or the Head QAs directly (Citryne for PVE side, and Tweek for Class Masters). Thanks for your time, we wish you all good luck & fun while enjoying those new contents! The Firestorm Team.
  21. events

    Events on Twitch! Following our previous special events, The International Staff were working on a new project which is streaming its Weekly Events on Twitch. We were asked numerous times about why we weren't streaming our events so players can see it live? We really don't have any specific reason for this but the idea was discussed since a few months. We have come to the conclusion of streaming the International Staff weekly events on Twitch for Mists of Pandaria (Garrosh), Legion (Sylvanas) and Battle for Azeroth (Sethraliss). We're aware that our events have been stopped for more than 1.5 month but it's intended so we can set that new project, also to recheck the current events we have before we start hosting it again. Our events have a lot of types and we are happy to be back again hosting it for our community. Here, i'll list the current events that the International Staff has; Hide & Seek Capture the Game Master Simon Says Story Time (Loremaster) Arena Free for All Wolves & Sheep Raid on Orgrimmar & Stormwind Meet & Greet Deal or No Deal Russian Roulette Maze Highway through Hell Split or Steal (MoP only for now) Transmog Contest Trip to Gilneas 2v2 PvP (Occasionally event) 3v3 PvP (Occasionally event) This is our list of events on the International Staff. If the event is in Bold, that means it can be hosted only once per month, don't forget that we are open to any suggestions for new events, you can do that here under In-game category. It seems that you are aware of some events but even if you aren't, each time we host an event, there will be an announcement about it on Discord includes a Forum topic explaining the event itself including the rules and rewards, etc. That leads us to a new channel that will be created on the Public Discord about events announcements only, you can keep yourself updated with it. Also, you can join our Firestorm Servers Discord here if you aren't in it yet. Keep in mind that our Events are for fun, not just rewards, you can have fun in it by talking to the Game Masters and taking pictures with them since our goal of this is not just giving rewards to the players but also to have fun with them. Most of the rewards we have for those events are gold (Not that much on BFA) but some events have other rewards such as; Titles, Mounts, Lootboxes, Loyalty points and Firestorm Points. We might add other rewards in the future but that all depends on the the type of the event. So pretty much, the International staff will be back to host its Weekly Events from either 6th, 7th or 8th of September since our events are usually on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday for all expansions as all events on the 3 expansions may be hosted on the same day and maybe not, that will be clarified on the announcements of those events before it on Discord, Forums and Facebook. Don't forget that all of these events will be streamed on our new channel on Twitch here so don't miss it and we'll be waiting for you there. Also, you will find some F.A.Q on that channel that may help you including Firestorm Servers F.A.Q. Note: This Twitch channel will be tested for a month then we will decide if we are going to keep it, only if it goes well. Our Twitch channel (FirestormEN): Here. Thank you all for your time and we hope you enjoy our events! International Firestorm Staff The Firestorm Team.
  22. Please move the Post to the correct section as soon as we have a German section for Sethraliss. Hallo, SpielerInnen des Realms, Ich hatte damals für Legion so einen solchen Post gestartet, eine schnell eine Übersicht über die aktiven Gilden zu erstellen. Hauptadressat meines Post sind Serverneuzugänge aber auch aktive deutsche/ deutschsprachige SpielerInnen. Aus diesem Grund, frage ich die SpielerInnen von BFA: Wie geht es den Gilden so, welche aktiven deutschen Gilden gibt es auf Sethraliss? - Ich habe von der Gilde "Die Unbeliebten" (Ally) Werbung im World_de gelesen. - (Des Weiteren sah ich auch Werbung von der Gilde "Boosted Squadz"(Ally), diese nimmt aber auch englischsprachige Spieler auf.) - Die Gilde "Furchtlos"(Ally) ist nun auf BFA aktiv. ...Bitte fortsetzen, sofern man weitere aktive Gilden kennt, auch Gilden der Horde sollen aufgezählt werden. LG Neo
  23. Greetings! We hope you are having a nice summer! We made some changes to the shop, with some tweaking and additions. While this mostly concerns BFA, every expansion's shop got at least a little something! Let's start off with the BFA exclusive changes: All items in the shop that were still sold as 340 ilvl got updated to 395 ilvl. Some loots from World Bosses & PVP gear that were missing from the shop got added! Lootboxes prices have gone down by 10 Points per lootbox (Mythic dungeon ones at 20, Uldir ones at 30 / piece). New BFA Mounts have been added! They'll be present under the shop category "BFA Mounts". A new category has been added on the BFA shop as well: Upgrader items. Inside, you will find several different 'Upgraders': Tertiary Stat Upgrader (Leech, Speed or Avoidance): Allows you to add a tertiary stat of your choice on an item. Prismatic Socket Upgrader: Adds a prismatic socket on an item. Azerite Booster: Puts your Heart of Azeroth to level 35, unlocking every traits threshold for 8.0.1 content. ilvl Boosters (available in 2 versions: +5 & +15): increases the ilvl of the item you use it on. Only the +15 can be used on Azerite Gear, and none of them can be used on the Heart of Azeroth. You are still limited by the realm ilvl cap. We also heard your complaints that nothing really worth it is available in loyalty points outside of character changes (rename, race / faction change) right now. So we decided to include in this update some new loyalty points purchase options, on 3 specific things: Mythic Dungeon lootboxes (ilvl 365+) Tertiary Stat Upgrader (all 3 different ones) ilvl Booster +5 We hope that with those additions, retrieving your loyalty points daily feels more rewarding. As for the changes regarding all expansions, we reviewed Mounts pricing and downscaled them (a mount that costed between 300 & 350 points before now costs 180 points for example). On top of that, now all mounts in the shop can be part of the weekly promotion (roughly 25% discount). You can check the Firestorm shop through this link. We hope you'll enjoy those changes, and wish you a nice summer end! The Firestorm Team
  24. Hi there! I am playing on this server now for quite a while, and i have to say i really appreciate your work and the stability it brings. Only sometimes a minor issue occurs, which is kind of still doable and doesnt hinder my play flow. Anyway! So today i wanted to grind me a sweet "Pterrodax Egg", a quest starting Item, which yields an epic mount, after quite a while. As i didnt want to go blind into it, i asked in the discord support channel if its implemented yet, which is sadly is not. Is there any way this item could come into the game? It is an 8.0.1 item so it shouldnt be a problem patch wise. This is a wowhead from the said item: https://www.wowhead.com/item=157782/pterrordax-egg I would love to get some feedback from you. Greetings, and keep up the great work and support! - Deepsy
  25. So last time i played Firestorm was all the way back in 2016 (I've played Firestorm since WoD) before Freakz came out with their realm, i recently came back to retail but seeing as how i haven't unlocked allied races and can't play for a subscription. i decided to come here, what i want to ask if for an un-biased and truthful answer to the 3 questions i've had in the past couple hours 1: I heard the 7.3.5 realm has Allied races unlocked, is this the same for Sethraliss? 2: I can assume BFA is scripted atleast pretty well same with Legion, but how does pre legion content stand up in terms of content that works? 3: in BFA blizzard removed fullscreen support for non DX12 GPU's, since i'm kind of poor and can't afford a new gpu i just wondered if those changes were on BFA (i know it's probably a stupid question but i thought i'd ask) Cheers and see you all in Azeroth :))