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  1. Are there any chances you release a new BG without it having bugs or at least fix it within first couple of days Problem is that when you die couple of times you wont be able to ressurect and it wont give you option to go back to ''graveyard'' like in other bgs. ) Ive played around 9 times on this new BG and having same problem : C
  2. Legion Season 5 The Season 4 of the Legion realms - Sylvanas and Greymane will end on Friday, January 18th, 2019. The following season will begin on Monday, January 21st, which will have a brief inter-season period in order to balance the armor after the launch of Antorus in Mythic mode. The rewards will be handed out during the week of January 21st and will be distributed to players classified in 3c3 and 1c1. The rewards will be awarded to the best Legion players, taking into account the general ranking of factions and realms. Here you can see the distribution of rewards for the 3c3 table in Legion: Top 1 - 7 (at least a rating of 2100): the title Ferocious Gladiator , the achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11062/gladiateur-f%C3%A9roce-saison-4-de-legion and the mount https://www.wowhead.com/item=141846/dragon-des-temp%C3%AAtes-du-gladiateur-f%C3%A9roce. Top 8 - 15 (at least a rating of 2000): the title Gladiator, the achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11061/gladiateur-saison-4-de-legion and the mount https://www.wowhead.com/item=141846/dragon-des-temp%C3%AAtes-du-gladiateur-f%C3%A9roce. Top 16 - 60 (at least a rating of 1800): the title Duelist and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2092. Top 61 - 120 (at least a rating of 1700): the title Rival and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2093. Top 121 - 300 (at least a rating of 1600): the title Challenger and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2090. Aquí puede ver la distribución de recompensas para la tabla de 1c1 en Legion: Top 1 - 5 (at least a rating of 2200): the title Gladiator, the achievement https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11061/gladiateur-saison-4-de-legion and the mount https://www.wowhead.com/item=141846/dragon-des-temp%C3%AAtes-du-gladiateur-f%C3%A9roce. Top 6 - 15 (at least a rating of 1900): the title Duelist and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2092. Top 16 - 30 (at least a rating of 1800): the title Rival and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2093. Top 31 - 300 (at least a rating of 1700): the title Challenger and the achievement http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=2090. About the rated battlegrounds, the rewards will be distributed as follows: Top 1 - 10, for each faction: https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11056/ / https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11057/. (Players must have done at least 50 rated battlegrounds in order to be eligible of the reward). We will make sure to ban and remove from the rankings to all the players that performed Wintrade before the next season begins. Congratulations to the winners!
  3. Greetings, there is currently an issue on your WoD server where it says "There is no connection to the cross-server" whenever anybody tries to queue 2v2,3v3,bg,rbg or anything. We cannot even send tickets to GMs. I see nobody has reported this issue but funnily enough players have enough time to report players, sad times we live in. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello everyone! After the Q&A session and listening to your feedback yesterday, we launched some community-requested fixes! - The bug with the current PvP items was fixed. - The quest of the legendary ring has been corrected. - Silvershard Mines: The carts have been fixed. - Nomi from the Cooking profession has been fixed. And of course, we have released a new Battleground on our Legion realms: Seething Shore! Good luck, champions!
  5. Hey, would it be possible to bring back Alterac Valley ? It's been a while, just make sure to make the bosses unkillable until the towers are down Thanks
  6. Hi, Can someone tell me how this priest can run around and 1-shot me in battlegrounds? Im playing on a 921 resto druid on sylvanas, and I don't understand how his attack can hit me for that amount of damage.
  7. hi i cant join bg i click on join and waiting for start bg but bg not start and i cant join bg
  8. I know how people say Alliance sucks in PvP...but that ain't true! I have nothing against Horde players...but as playing PvP i realized something is very,very off. BattleGround Strand of The Ancients is one example of a big bug or I don't know what! Alliance, we were attackers and as I got in a tank I headed to the door and hit right in the middle of the doors. I needed about 20 hits to destroy doors.I died about 3 times until i destroyed the doors with help of another player. Cannons were hitting us and damage was big enough to destroy us in 10-20 seconds with help of horde players. ... We haven't made it sadly, we were hitting the last doors,but it was too late. ... Now we were defending and i got to a cannon s another side. I couldn't even hit with my cannon 'cause it was bugged. Another player barely made any damage with direct hits on a tank with a cannon,as other Alliance players did too...We gave up on cannons. As the first tank destroyed 1st doors with about 7-10 hits in the middle(and i needed about 20 hits in the middle) i realized something was wrong. Second doors...The same tank that destroyed the 1st doors was still on 75% of health ,even if it took much damage by 10 players hitting him,came right next to the doors and hit the ground with fireballs and destroyed the 2nd doors with 5 hits. Tank was destroyed about 10 seconds after. It seemed like it were hacks, but why would most of the players on the Horde side Hack? they seem to be normal players as Alliance are too. 3rd door were totally,,totally proof that something was literally on Horde's side. Tank came and gave about few hits and doors were on about 80% of health,,and tank just got through and another tank got inside after it. it was about 4 mins before the end and we knew we couldn't make it. at the end they won. ... I am not saying that Horde was hacking, I hope nobody did that. And Since the bugs are often in other Bgs too, It would make no sense that 98% of Horde players used such a big hacks. I am saying this seems to be a bug,in almost every battleground where Horde has some "boosts" that make them stronger and make bugs vs Allaince. I am saying that Alliance does not suck in PvP. Ofc there are "noobs" on both factions, but that all friends I know that are skilled in PvP die by 2 hits of one Horde player?... I am sorry but something seems off. I am not Judging Horde player...I am just reporting what seems to be unfair. It pisses me off, it pisses all players that end up in this situation. I don't know does this sometimes happen to Horde players, but As i can see, I never experienced having Bugs or "Boosts" on side of the Alliance to just crush Horde with few hits. Please somebody replay to me. I know there are other players that have the same problem. Thank you
  9. As the title states, i've noticed that ever since changelog #31 was released, i've been bombarded with massive latency while in battlegrounds and in raids. It first began with the tentacles from the helya encounter and ever since then ive been getting enormous amounts of latency. Its very noticeable while raiding as it skyrockets to from 2k to 7.5k. I've attempted to restart my router, renew my IP, switch from wifi to ethernet cord. Nothing seems to fix this issue. I've seen some other players having latency issues as well, others told me in a snarky manner that it's my crappy net. Anyone else experiencing this?
  10. Every single day, I meet horde players using that stupid tele hack in Deepwind Gorge. They simply take the carts instantly and suck out your points. Sure, you can still win if you are smart enough, take all 3 bases and hold their cart long enough. But still, even if they lose, they get what, 100 Honor Points for every single cart the hacker takes? In the last BG, the whole Horde team got nearly 3K Honor Points. If you cannot / do not want to prevent this hack, simply turn the BG off for the time being. Or take measures to prevent it.
  11. is it normal when aliance is 72 points from wining and server crashes?
  12. <Pingwiny z Orgrimmaru> Ekipa doświadczonych graczy zaprasza w swoje nieskromne szeregi! Ostatnio graliśmy na Monster cata gdzie wyczyściliśmy dosłownie wszystko, lecz tym razem wybór padł na Legion. Co oferujemy: Wspólne ubieranie się na RHC w oczekiwaniu na otwarcie właściwego contentu(raidy itd). Równocześnie wielu z nas szlifuje swoje umiejętności na nadchodzący sezon PvP. Nasza gildia to Mekka dla starych jak i nowych wyjadaczy pvp. U nas nie ma ciśnienia. Chcesz grać tylko PvP? A sobie graj! Nikt Ci nie będzie mówił co masz robić! Miłą atmosferę bez większych spin. Tutaj poznasz wielu fajnych ludzi. Na tę chwilę rekrutacja jest otwarta, co nie oznacza, że przyjmiemy każdą osobę(lub nie wyleci w trakcie) Nie robimy masówki. Z czasem będzie coraz trudniej się do nas dostać. Wymagania: Nie obchodzi nas ile masz lat. Nie tolerujemy jedynie szczeniactwa,cwaniactwa, zbytniego parcia na itemy, błagania o gold, buractwa. Oczekujemy jakiejkolwiek kultury osobistej, a zarazem dystansu do siebie, do gry i tego co się dzieje w gildii. Nowych graczy(i tych dla których Legion to nowość) szybko przyuczymy, by wyciskali ze swoich postaci jak najwięcej aczkolwiek bystrość umysłu jest wskazana (i zręczne palce ) Możliwość gry w godzinach raidowych (jeśli ktoś się deklaruje chodzić na raidy) Możliwość korzystania z Ts3/discord podczas raidów Twarde nerwy podczas gry PvP, szczególnie aren. Potrafimy być zjadliwi i nieobliczalni Dołącz do nas! Pisać do: Sadurek, Meediv, Szlaufmaster, Visionblack, Zjemkebaba, Ewentualnie /who Pingwiny i pisz do któregoś z nas.
  13. Has anybody noticed the abnormal health and damage on battlegrounds? The one I played in had a DK with 23 million hitpoints and had humungous damage and the battleground before that had a demon hunter with 11 million hitpoints. I think the new buff you get on the battleground may be the problem.
  14. Sooo, just opened the list on BG. Is this some sort of bug?
  15. There is a problem with battlegrounds after dc. I have read earlier players had at least 5 minutes to reconnect to the game if their client disconnects, however everytime it just kicks you out of bg. It doesn't matter what happens, if you dc you will be kicked. It's okay we don't get deserter debuff this time but it is really annoying. Thanks, regards.
  16. League of Shadows is recruiting active players We Offer: Team Speak dedicated Channel , Premade BG group, Arena Partner 2s / 3s , Active Community some of our players play since vanilla Find us in game or leave a reply.
  17. Reporting hacking player named ITACHIUCHIHÅ. Player was extra fast, porting from flag to flag. Also hiding in unreachable places. Dear hacker, was your win really worth it?! Speechless.
  18. yes.. we all know.. they are terrible.. horrible.. complete noobs.. so why cant they be removed from pvp? they have sufficient enough players to justify them in their own pvp server.. all they are doing is causing more and more stress for ALL the other servers.. they suck.. they suck so much that each and every bg i have with them is an instant loss. none of them know anything about WoW or PvP. ive played this server since the day it began.. i was one of the 1st lvl 100s.. it was GREAT!! then comes along the cross server pvp function. worse idea ever. sure.. this topic will just get closed.. like all the rest from all the other players showing their dislike of the cross server pvp idea. it is driving off the TINY player base we have left. teach them how to play.. show them what an objective is.. SOMETHING.. but for the love of Azeroth something has to be done about it. all day in chat all i see is the same thing.. players complaining about how much the cross server idea was a bad mistake. so go ahead.. close this topic.. sweep it under the rug.. ignore the player base. we all know thats what is happening.
  19. not competent enough to play wow.
  20. Devs pls do something to make those zones playable because its really sad when u want to play on WoD server and ashran is almost always empty. In my opinion it should be their priority to make it fully working because previous name of this server was "Ashran". Tol Barad and wintergrasp are optional but it would be nice to fight there as well. About BG... some of their features are not working for example cannons on Strand of the Ancients are dealing almost no dmg. Its propably the same in every zone or battleground with cannons, demolishers, catapults etc. Please make it better so we can experience full PvP of WoW.
  21. Hello, yesturday after the server restarted (Grommash) my character got bugged and each time i queue to battlegrounds, after the loading screen i get kicked and get the disserter thing.
  22. Since there was a lot of talk about the crossrealm BG's I decided to make a thread for some good reasons why it certainly is / isn't good. First of all, the languages : Some people of us don't speak Spanish and only English, making communication pretty hard between the two realms when one can't understand the others. Also, the different enconomy makes other realms be all equipped with way better or worse then the rest, making sometimes unfair matchups of players. Many people are against them due to the language and the lack of communication. But there are things speaking for it : You can find matchups way faster due to many people queueing up.
  23. BattleGround: Strand of the Ancients Zone/BG: http://wowdb.sk.hys.cz/zone=4384 Realm: Taran'Zhu Buglist: Defender Cannons >> low dmg (~1200) ( http://wowdb.sk.hys.cz/npc=27894/antipersonnel-cannon )Attacker starting (no on ships, all are spawned on some stone)
  24. where ? i'm seeing a lot of pve content but nothing with the pvp. pvp is dying, arena rank don't exist, number balance on bg don't exist too, totally unbalanced matchs, we need answers fast.