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  1. Yo, First of all pet goes through all the wall like its nothing at least this dinosaur shit which basicly 1 shots everything. If you play this dino pet you're a gay oficially and if you're a female then u a hoe.So lets continue kill command does 160k to a mage with Molten armor which descreases physical dmg by 16% so I won't calculate this shit I can already tell you this shit ignores armor.To continue with we can actually see that people are playing ONLY bm hunters which means they are bugged. Me as a elder WoW player can say that this is not legit and in fact its quite frustrating and more likely to say annoying.Since I am from the like 2 other teams who are playing 2 dps above 2.4 can say that facing this dogshit comps like holy pala and bm and DISCO is almost impossible to win them because of the damage even though their skill level is capped at 1.8k rating.Forgot to say pet ignores Fears and pollies. Gets ccéd only in ring of frost. PS.Congrats for winning me and my mate I can only say you're lame and full of crippling deppression but I hope it continues. Lmao,imagine how much it pissed me off to write it on the forums complaining about some class bugged damage.