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Found 2 results

  1. I flew for over an hour in different places in search of the bosses and in many places (almost all), there is not even a boss, in order to get a achievements as "Medium Rare" or something. Please correct or add the script. Thank you. I apologize if I'm mistaken in something. Я летал больше часа над локациями в поисках боссов и к сожеленью во многих локациях (почти во всех) нет не одного босса чтобы получить достижения как "весьма редкий" или что-то подобное. Исправте пожалуйста или допишите скрипты. За ранее спасибо. Приношу извинения если я в чем то ошибаюсь. Ho volato per oltre un'ora nei diversi posti alla ricerca dei boss e in molti luoghi (quasi tutti), non c'è ne anche un boss, per poter ottenere un impresa come " Medium Rare " o qualcosa del genere. Si prega di correggere o aggiungere lo script. Grazie. http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=1311/medium-rare
  2. So... Hello there... Today me and my guild tried with some random guys do the standart tactic for the Ashran boss... ( we are horde guild ) So as always we tried to climb the hill to get behind the building with the Commander inside it. But an invisible wall stopped us. So we thought "They patched it" So we tried normal way... but all of a sudden what didn´t happen? An infinite respawning trent protector attacked us... What a lucky day in a hordman´s life eh? Our battlegrounds are bugged, our Ashran path are patched, and Alliance gets infinite respawning trents... Clap clap clap... (Sorry for the grammar it is 1:30AM and I just tilted so hard over an Ashran stupidity) -Lolekcz/Aishacz (Grommash - Servant of the horde CZ)