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  1. There is a little thing in my Friend list that tells me i can claim my reward from recruiting a friend. And yes, it's bugged, because i can't claim it. I want Heart of the Nightwing, but i can't pick anything.
  2. Vártam 1 napot és elég sok órát, de még mindig nem volt jó, az npc nem szerepel a mappában, és nem lehet fejleszteni. Kérjük, tedd meg előbb, így lehetetlen játszani.
  3. xxxxx
  4. Name: Woldemortt Location: Aurgus --> Krokuun Bug: High Exarch Turalyon quest Time : PM 4:00 - 5:00 ,December 30 ,2018 Hi! I accepted "Prisoners no more" mission out of 2, by High Exarch Turalyon i finish with it. And when i came back, to High Exarch Turalyon he was disappeared. One mission left the " Threat Reduction". After I Find Exatch turalyon,close to Aggonar, but i can't accept the quest, or something other..
  5. I am unable to do the quest because dalaran is already in the broken isles for me and i cant use mounts or get to the other areas
  6. Hey guys, I started playing yesterday and after a few hours I noticed Skull of the Man'ari is not talking. I used to play on official blizzard servers but BfA is shit and wanted to play legion agian. I had no issues with artifact weapon on blizzard servers. So I want to know if this is bug or if this is supposed to happen? Just askin. Thanks for answer.
  7. Good day, my in-game character name is Jazzleen and I was trying the mage tower quest "End of the Risen Threat". Now, I had some issues where I got tped to somewhere so I decided to use the unstuck feature from the site, so like as usual it teleported me to my hearthstone location, which is currently set in the Shrine of the Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in Pandaria. Now when I tried to get in, even before the loading screen finishes, a WoWError, or Wow Error 132 pops up and crashes my wow game, unabling me to play the character completely, please help teleporting my character somewhere else like Dalaran and fix the area itself. Thank you and Merry Christmas Firestorm Staff.
  8. I got a msg that I can claim my reward. I cannot because Claim Reward button doesnt works, I want Stormwind Skychaser and now I cannot take any of mounts. Please, help me if you can, thanks!
  9. when I have to choose the server , if I click sylvanas it stays stuck at logging in to game server, when i choose greyman, it works fine. i've asked a friend of mine, he logs in with no problem on sylvanas
  10. i just bought a mistweaver monk from the store. i have a problem that when i am partied and near the person in game, and i switch to tiger stance, I CAN'T SWITCH BACK TO SERPENT STANCE. it wont let me change back unless i mount up and fly some distance away from that player, OR unless i leave the dungeon or relog. this is a big problem. am i missing something? i spent 30.00 on this character and i can't change stances to play it..
  11. There is big problem becosue everyday server is crashing around 8pm there is no way to raid we got this problem 2 days in row last week and same today 8pm and server will crash for like 15 min after we log in server is lagging hard how we can raid on this server when is crashing like old servers in 2008
  12. The shaman cancast instantly healing surge since level 10 if you choose enhancement talents. It is supposed to be available when you attain level 66 and it becomes instant and uses 20 maelstrom if possible. If not possible it will cast it normally. Thanks for reading my topic. Bye
  13. Cant do "rolling with my homies" quest as a new goblin in Kezan. Do I just not play goblin since this quest is not working?
  14. During my leveling i've encountered a bug where i can't complete the quest "establish your garrison" Baros won't talk to me, is there some trick i can use to get my Garrison for ease of questing?
  15. Yesterday me and my friend finished almost all Halloween achievements for Halloween event. But we couldn't manage to learn a pumpkin pet that is needful for the last achieve "Sinister Calling". While me and him have obtained more than 10 of this pet during doing the rest of all necessary requirements, we can't learn this pet. We both have learned a pumpkin pet on Legion and still can learn two more but the game simple does not allow to do this. I made an ingame ticket and got a recommendation to make a request on bugtracker but it's been two days and nobody replied or fixed this. Please help us to finally learn this missing pet since we can't do this, thank you.
  16. Hello, it's been almost two weeks since i finished with achievement "Chapter I: Call of the Archmage" on both characters Iressa (Alliance) and Zaera (Horde). I obtained 640 rings Solium Band of Wisdom and Solium Band of Dexterity after finished with Skyreach and continued to do this questline until finished with quests in Nagrand and got new ones for obtaining stones from Highmaul. These rings supposed to be changed to 680 Timeless Solium Band of the Archmage and Timeless Solium Band of the Assassin but it didn't happen because of a bug. My friends who did them with me got the same issue and reported about this, one of them got his ring for agility but me and others still stay with 640 ones. I also made a ticket on bugtracker, wrote an ingame ticket and spoke to Russian support that promised my request will be fixed but it's been two days since i had that talk and my situation didn't change. I hope you will be able to change them in the game like you helped my friend, please do this. I will add both screenshots confirming my progress and current rings i have. Thank you.
  17. I just created a troll and the very first quest I get is called "The Basics: Hitting Things" and I must kill 6 Tiki Targets. I see their HP go down to nothing but they do not die and nothing gets counted. With this being the very first quest, nothing else is popping up for me to continue on. VERY frustrating
  18. Hey My unholy dk pet is buged he do not even hit it’s useless He just go to enemy and stay and doing anything that’s made me hate my class I even send a ticket to gm ingame and he told me go report at website so i did I report 2 times in bug-tracker and no response so this bug is only in my account and only in my dk character because i asked my friends and other players they don't experience that bug I hope the developers will see my request and thanks this some of screen shot :
  19. teleporting panels(?) do not work on my character and my character only. I do not know what has caused this. it happened suddenly. I can confirm that I cannot use the central teleporter in Dalaran (Legion) and the one in Death knight class hall. I have tried submitting a ticket in-game, it says Error Updating GM Ticket. I have not gotten a response in over a day. I have tried cache clearing for whatever it's worth. I have tried abandoning all quests, in case it was preventing something from happening. help... Server: Sylvanas Operating System: Windows 10 Character Name: 군주
  20. i post this yesterday and i did get ignored so here i am again: 1st thing i play here since patch 5.0.4, since 7.0.1 started i felt this bullying so i did never get an Legendre while ppl who dont even play as half i do have like 5, so i made a ticket a gm responded and told me that my chances was buged and that i am now bad luch protected i open a box boom i got a legendary cool. months passes by still didnt get any other last week or so i made a new ticket a gm responded tell me same thing about my chances and being bad luck protected but still no legendaire i play from day 1 here still only have 1 so all that time was a waste i was i actualy doing nothing so i stoped for couple of days that i came back. now i have gone to farm the hidden artifact appearance for my silver hand(holly paladin artifact) i farmed for 3 days finaly a got it, i clicked it boom gone i got no apparence no nothing but linked it on world before so i made a ticket an gm responded tell me whats your proof i said its on world_fr he said nah i dont think so i think you are lying just to get a free artifacte apparence i said go tcheck there should be a log for that but no he said "no artifact just go to bug tracker and refarm it good bye" i farmed for 3 days even i dont always have that much time . so for how long now gonna firestorm gonna treat me like that i am raging now i think i will never go back to this server unless someone make it right to me i had enough then i got this as a respond :" Hello Elcero, If you have any proof at at all, even a guild log will do. A game master will then be able to refund your items. Unfortunately without any proof at all since they can't check logs you have to understand we can't take peoples word for it as it would then be abused." all i have to say to that if u won't give me that appearance back plz ban me forever cuz i can take anymore injustice from this server. proof u say i liked in world and the gm was there when i linked and then acused me of lying. plz ban me for life or give me my appearance bak or i will not stop posting i will go play some where else and gl omg i faremed legendaries for 18 moths then the gm says my chances was set to 0% and i said its ok i will farm more and now i am acused to be dishonest i played for 3+ years on this server i have 7 characters 110 on 7.3 and 5 on 6.2 and ijn the end i am a lyer plz ban me forever this is injustice u r abusing me here and i will keep posting tell i get whats mine or get ban for live there no other option
  21. Salve gente!!! Vorrei un aiuto su come poter fare per sbloccare questa situazione. Praticamente io e un amico stiamo giocando come non morti nel realm Garrosh (mists of pandaria) e dopo il livello 10....niente più quest!!! Le uniche che possiamo accettare sono quelle "speciali" date da npc custom come i cittadini reietti e gli npc legati agli eventi, ma di quelle della "storyline" neanche l'ombra! Premetto che anche un altro paio di quest (occhiomarcio e una degli scarlatti) risultavano buggate e le ho semplicemente abbandonate, ma adesso proprio niente di niente!!! Aiutoooooo!!!!!!
  22. Prince Valanar cannot be reached during the questline "Breaking Through" due to teleporting errors. The teleporters from the ground to bottom floor Naxxanar, and bottom floor to roof(?) work fine. However, there is no way of getting into the middle floor, where Prince Valanar is. Quest cannot be completed.
  23. keybindings

    Hello , so I logged intro my warlock and went into battle , and I couldn't use any kind of spells. I tried logging into my DK too , but for some reason my spells are bugged there too . I tried to reset the key bindings but nothing happens . My question is , what is happening ?
  24. Greetings to the members of the Firestom Staff and community. As Guild Master of Valanyr, proceed with the following post: We have successfully completed the Tomb of Sargeras band in Heroic mode, but we have found that the Desolate Host, even if you defeat him, activate Elune's Tear, and open the Maiden door, he still does not count as defeated in the information of the ID, nor in the ranking of the web page. Since yesterday we present this same problem exposed in the forum, and we are not getting an answer, we would like that some member of the Staff would contact us to solve the problem. Although the problem with the id was presented, we consulted with GM Stíles, who told us that we could continue with normality, of course documenting everything to be able to provide future evidence. We also have a video of the match against Desolate Host in case the Staff so requires. We have invested a lot of time and effort in completing the band today, and we would be happy to stating constancy that we successful Tos HC, and display this in ranking PVE web site. As we are possibly the first to complete the entire band, we have a large list of things that do not work correctly, which make it difficult for the bosses to be defeated, which we will proceed to share in the Bugtracker for later fixes. Beginning to: Also attached, that yesterday unfortunately while the encounter against the Vigilante Maiden happened, the server down and as a result Desolate Host reverted, with which we had to defeat him a second time and continue with the other meetings. Thanks in advance. Here below are the photos of the meetings:
  25. with my priest, I tried completing the easy mage tower of disc spec which is Tugar's and what happens each time is that the boss disappears after while, jump he disappears fall into the pool he disappears the worm goes under surface and moves underground if he hits rocks and loses stack, he disappears Another thing, the quest : is not working u can talk to Tiffany but she only sells things nothing else related to the quest