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  1. Hello, Firestorm. First of all, sorry for my English. I'm Russian. I want to introduce you my experience of weekly class hall chest loot. I've been searching for a long time for weekly chest loot according to patch 7.2.5 (as devs said server is using 7.2.5 myth+ loot system) and found no info about it, cause every single thread is about patch 7.3.5. So I decided to use Wayback Machine internet service that can allow you to view web sites with a specific date. So I've opened same thread but with date according to patch 7.2.5 when Tomb of Sargeras released. According to that threads loot system, that installed on Sylvanas matches the one in the topic. From my experience it works great, but when it comes to 14+ keys system's work is kinda bugged. (all screenshots are below) For those people that are lazy enough to open the links here is the screenshot of the retail 7.2.5 loot table.(and yes, dungeon loot from +10 and higher is broken on Sylvanas too, because it drops 890 loot only) And this is the list of sreenshots with my weekly loot. (sreenshots are clickable) Some of the loot I got matches info from the loot table. And when it comes to +14 and higher loot is kinda broken as I said already. You can do your own research on this bug. Devs, Its all up to you now... English WebArchive link Russian WebArchive link
  2. Hey My unholy dk pet is buged he do not even hit it’s useless He just go to enemy and stay and doing anything that’s made me hate my class I even send a ticket to gm ingame and he told me go report at website so i did I report 2 times in bug-tracker and no response so this bug is only in my account and only in my dk character because i asked my friends and other players they don't experience that bug I hope the developers will see my request and thanks this some of screen shot :
  3. Salve gente!!! Vorrei un aiuto su come poter fare per sbloccare questa situazione. Praticamente io e un amico stiamo giocando come non morti nel realm Garrosh (mists of pandaria) e dopo il livello 10....niente più quest!!! Le uniche che possiamo accettare sono quelle "speciali" date da npc custom come i cittadini reietti e gli npc legati agli eventi, ma di quelle della "storyline" neanche l'ombra! Premetto che anche un altro paio di quest (occhiomarcio e una degli scarlatti) risultavano buggate e le ho semplicemente abbandonate, ma adesso proprio niente di niente!!! Aiutoooooo!!!!!!
  4. Hi everyone!!! Me and my friend are experiencing a huge bug in the "main quest" of the undeads!!! We stopped receiving quests after level 10! We can only take the "universal" quests like the undead citizens ones and similar! What can we do? I read thet we should clear the cache in the game installation folder. I did it but nothing changed! Help Please!!!
  5. Please fix [Legend of Black Rook Hold], part of the blacksmithing questchain.
  6. Can't use Rising Sun Kick at all. So far, I've tried: 1. Changing spec to both Brewmaster and Mistweaver, and back. 2. Reloging. Even while repeating step 1 in various forms (Ex. change > relog > change back > relog). 3. Unstucking. 4. Clearing Cache. So far nothing seems to have worked and I'm out of ideas. Help?
  7. I accidently abandoned the quest named "Their Dying Breaths" in Azsuna and I can't take it back... Can anyone help me fix it?
  8. Close enough to touch is bugged? When i want to complete, the cinematic with xavius keeps turning on and i cant complete the quest
  9. I Unequiped my gear because i wanted to be only in underwear, i putted it in bag and when i wanted to eq it back, it disappeared... Could you please somehow help me?
  10. Hello, I would like to ask you few things about legendary transmog. Today i saw a rogue with artifact weapons (daggers) transmoged in to warglaives of azzinoth. I'm surprised that it worked, becouse warglaives are one-hand swords. Is it possible to transmog any type of weapon in to another? For example can I transmog my two-hand artifact weapons as fury warrior in to warglaives? Sorry for bad english but im very excited about this. I just don't want to waste my real money buying warglaives and then not beeing able to use them as transmog. Thanks, all
  11. Is there any information on what is causing server crashes every few minutes or any ETA on when the server may be stable? It's been a few weeks now, I'm not sure how long is typical after a patch, but this has been going on for a while still.
  12. Hello guys, I was doing the shadowmourne questline, to be exact i just had collected 50 Shadowfrost Shards for, so when i gave in the quest i was reading the RP part of the quest and then i got disconected i guess server crashed... so i log back on and i haven't got the new quest and my 50 Shadowfrost shards and i can't accept a new quest because it's not there help me please.
  13. My buddy wanted to fish to catch a sea turtle but when he was fishing he could not click on a hook
  14. The mission Start your Training: Master Cheng who would be to fight Master Cheng does not appear the option.
  15. No stable master is working for me, there is no option to click.
  16. Hello everyone im just wondering why didnt anyone solved the rogue bug that exists when you activate stealth and a few seconds later stealth magically disappears out of no where... mind you that im not taking damage, diseases, poisons etc... it just disappears... im posting this here since this forum is confusing as shit and i didnt know where to post
  17. bug

    So whenever i try to play on a server (Sylvanas 7.3.5) i get disconnected imediatly. Can somebody help?
  18. just a small bug. 7.3.5 just released and Greymane is now playable. (Waiting for Sylvanas) however Greymane has this bug where everything on the minimap (in the corner) is black such as npc's arrows etc. dont know if it occurs on Sylvanas yet! thx
  19. Hello i have problem with my garrison, there are no NPCs but i need them to obtain some items, please fix my garrison, it happened when i transfered from Gul'dan to Sylvanas and from Alliance to Horde, but now i need garrison so i beg you to sort this bug out, thanks Nick - Skinnypimp
  20. Hi there. Well my problem is that Glyph of the sentinel doesnt work at all, it just looks as the regular travel form. (30 k wasted) =(
  21. If is summon my Travelers tundra mammoth the NPC fall off, anyone else experiecne these issues an mabey know how to fix it?
  22. Dear community I have the following query, since a couple of days ago on the server that the GUILD ZERO alliance has a GM in its lines and a couple of days ago they were surprised Cheating in both HEROIC and NORMAL The Nighthall, specifically KROSUS, where they were surprised for a GM and thanks to the GM with which they count (who plays with multi-account so that it is not sanctioned and discovered) they were not sanctioned and they were simply given a warning (without losing Loot, Achievements, etc. ..) .. .. my question is simple // Is it fair for other people that this happens? Is it normal for a GM of privileges like these to be a brotherhood? currently Zero has closed its doors to any member so that it can raid outside the guid, due to the warning that if they returned to cheating the "banned", if there is another report they would be banned, but that restriction implanted by the leaders only he says is that Cheating by internal .... because it does not happen the same with all the people that is reported in the forums ??? in my humble opinion I find that this should not be and should be sanctioned ....
  23. I can't reach Lieutenant Sanders. It is quite high and now I can't progress with my undead questline
  24. Hello there.. I'm level 99 and I want to flight to Ashran but flight master in my garrison don't allow that. I didn't do the one of the first garrison mission about Ashran. How can I go there? Or how can I teleport to Stormwind?
  25. Prince Valanar cannot be reached during the questline "Breaking Through" due to teleporting errors. The teleporters from the ground to bottom floor Naxxanar, and bottom floor to roof(?) work fine. However, there is no way of getting into the middle floor, where Prince Valanar is. Quest cannot be completed.