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  1. Hi! So I was wondering how many people have encountered this issue. This is a video I recorded just moments ago of the bug/issue I'm referring to in this post: So basically, here's what's going on: After completing the quests that lead up to the starting quests for Nazmir and Zuldazar being available, as soon as I accept one of the quests from the scouting map, any other options disappear and then become unobtainable. So if for example I decided to start with the Nazmir questline, I can no longer start the Zuldazar questline and so I get stuck at a certain level when it comes to questing. Ive tried everything. Reinstalling the game, deleting the cache and wtf folders, having a party member share the starting quest with me (doesnt work), etc. Nothing seems to be working.\ I've asked some people in the world chat and it seems that only a few people seem to be experiencing it. I've seen a couple of complaints about the same issue im describing in this thread, but a lot of players don't seem to have encountered this issue either. This issue btw happens on all of my horde characters, but doesn't happen on any of my alliance characters so it must have something to do with the scouting map of the horde. Is anyone else having this kind of problem? Or is it just me? I hope I can get some answers cause all my horde characters (which is the majority of my characters) are stuck at around levels 111-113 because I run out of quests
  2. Hey guys, Still wanted to report I saw the no loot from bosses still occur as early as yesterday. Not sure if this is still on the radar or was considered resolved. Thanks for all the work you guys do!
  3. Hello, My name is NightFuryG My friends and I have been doing Dungeons as of a few days ago, We cleared the dungeon in Mount Hyjal, The one in the region of the "Sulfuron Spire". We have cleared the dungeon completely of its bosses and its creatures, a day passes by and today we go to try and clear it once again, We have noticed though, that none of the bosses have re-spawned, only the normal creatures. Now, this isn't only happening in Hyjal, It's been happening even in "The Nexus", "Onyxia's Lair", and even in the Wyrmrest Temple area with the dungeon below. We have also attempted to do the Lich King's dungeon, but the Scientist boss (Don't know the name) Is bugged. When you enter its Room for the boss fight, The boss is just Stuck as a soulless Ghost of an NPC looking at the other Abomination boss cage (again, don't know the name of the boss). We quit the dungeon without completing it, After that, we have not checked but are 90% positive that the bosses we fought, have not re-spawned at all. Thank you for your time!
  4. Hey, anyone else got Login Problems on Sethraliss? If i choose the server, it doesent load and after a few moments it says login failed? Anyone can help out pls ?
  5. when i wanted to create a new demon hunter in BFA i couldnt find him WHY ? tempo bug or deleted or just me LF HELP !
  6. Name: Woldemortt Location: Aurgus --> Krokuun Bug: High Exarch Turalyon quest Time : PM 4:00 - 5:00 ,December 30 ,2018 Hi! I accepted "Prisoners no more" mission out of 2, by High Exarch Turalyon i finish with it. And when i came back, to High Exarch Turalyon he was disappeared. One mission left the " Threat Reduction". After I Find Exatch turalyon,close to Aggonar, but i can't accept the quest, or something other..
  7. I can't finish that world-quest due to the fact that the NPC is untargetable. Fix please.
  8. Hello, yesterday i started playing as a undead, i started doing quest called "Night Web's Hollow" when i killed the spiders, i went back to the NPC that i should, he was called "Executor Arren, but when i "open" him, nothing shows, there is an empty page and i cant complete the quest.
  9. Greetings, Today I beat feral druid class challenge at the Mage Tower, I got the skin for my artifact, but I didn't get neither class mount nor achievement [A Challenging Look]https://www.wowhead.com/achievement=11611/a-challenging-look# ,that other people get. However I have this quest (https://www.wowhead.com/quest=45902/the-imp-mothers-gift) that's not marked as complete because I can't get the objective "Raise your weapon." Help me solve this issue please. P.S. if any proof is required in form of screenshots I can provide it.
  10. bug

    Hallo, na was ist denn da mit dem letzten Hotfix bei Aggramar im Normal Modus passiert? Das war gestern schon eine Überraschung, als einer der Tanks einfach mal mit einem One-shot gekillt wurde. Und das bei Tanks die den Boss im Normal und HC tanken. Hat da der Dev es zu gut gemeint? Ein Report im Bugtracker steht zwar schon dazu, aber über einen Hinweis, was da schiefgelaufen ist wäre ganz nett. Weil am 3.3.19 gabe es diesen Bug noch nicht. Meine Meinung nach werden da die Stacks, beim inaktiven Tank, nicht richtig abgebaut oder sind noch aktiv, aber nicht sichtbar. Sodass diese mehr schaden bekommt, wenn er Aggramar übernehmen soll. Somit ist dann der Willensbrecher das Ende dieses Tanks. Interessanter Weise kann dieser Bug zufällig bei einen der Tanks auftauchen, wir haben versucht mit einem Relog der Tanks das Problem zu beheben, aber dies hat in den Trys nicht funktioniert. Sprich einer der Tanks war schnell down und dann musste schnell improvisiert werden. Also kurze Frage, was ist da los? Haben andere Spieler ähnliche Probleme? Hat ein Dev eine Erklärung dafür? LG Neo
  11. Tuning the Gnomecorder quest is bugged. Please fix it.
  12. Hi I have problem... I need complete this quest : A Non-Prophet Organization - 0/1 Find Velen But , when i find him , the quest is not complete. Can someone help me , thanks. Nick in game : BlackHown 17.2.
  13. There is a little thing in my Friend list that tells me i can claim my reward from recruiting a friend. And yes, it's bugged, because i can't claim it. I want Heart of the Nightwing, but i can't pick anything.
  14. Hello As first, sorry if it is wrong place to ask about it, im so new into this game and community, just 2 week of playing so everything is very fresh to me. I'm currently playing as Subtlety Rogue Blood Elf and yesterday I achieved lvl 78 yaaay, and one of my last spell unlocked - Mastery: Executioner. It states that spell passively increases my finishing moves for.. 0% Is it visual bug and it actually has currency? I was reading about it and it should be something about 20%. So my question is does this spell works and really increases my finishers and just "0%" is bugged or does it really not working at all? Thank you in advance and please don't be so angry if it is not the correct place to post this type of questions. Cheers, have a great end of weekend or next week.
  15. Vártam 1 napot és elég sok órát, de még mindig nem volt jó, az npc nem szerepel a mappában, és nem lehet fejleszteni. Kérjük, tedd meg előbb, így lehetetlen játszani.
  16. xxxxx
  17. I am unable to do the quest because dalaran is already in the broken isles for me and i cant use mounts or get to the other areas
  18. Hey guys, I started playing yesterday and after a few hours I noticed Skull of the Man'ari is not talking. I used to play on official blizzard servers but BfA is shit and wanted to play legion agian. I had no issues with artifact weapon on blizzard servers. So I want to know if this is bug or if this is supposed to happen? Just askin. Thanks for answer.
  19. Good day, my in-game character name is Jazzleen and I was trying the mage tower quest "End of the Risen Threat". Now, I had some issues where I got tped to somewhere so I decided to use the unstuck feature from the site, so like as usual it teleported me to my hearthstone location, which is currently set in the Shrine of the Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in Pandaria. Now when I tried to get in, even before the loading screen finishes, a WoWError, or Wow Error 132 pops up and crashes my wow game, unabling me to play the character completely, please help teleporting my character somewhere else like Dalaran and fix the area itself. Thank you and Merry Christmas Firestorm Staff.
  20. I got a msg that I can claim my reward. I cannot because Claim Reward button doesnt works, I want Stormwind Skychaser and now I cannot take any of mounts. Please, help me if you can, thanks!
  21. when I have to choose the server , if I click sylvanas it stays stuck at logging in to game server, when i choose greyman, it works fine. i've asked a friend of mine, he logs in with no problem on sylvanas
  22. i just bought a mistweaver monk from the store. i have a problem that when i am partied and near the person in game, and i switch to tiger stance, I CAN'T SWITCH BACK TO SERPENT STANCE. it wont let me change back unless i mount up and fly some distance away from that player, OR unless i leave the dungeon or relog. this is a big problem. am i missing something? i spent 30.00 on this character and i can't change stances to play it..
  23. There is big problem becosue everyday server is crashing around 8pm there is no way to raid we got this problem 2 days in row last week and same today 8pm and server will crash for like 15 min after we log in server is lagging hard how we can raid on this server when is crashing like old servers in 2008
  24. The shaman cancast instantly healing surge since level 10 if you choose enhancement talents. It is supposed to be available when you attain level 66 and it becomes instant and uses 20 maelstrom if possible. If not possible it will cast it normally. Thanks for reading my topic. Bye
  25. Cant do "rolling with my homies" quest as a new goblin in Kezan. Do I just not play goblin since this quest is not working?