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Found 222 results

  1. Hello guys, I was doing the shadowmourne questline, to be exact i just had collected 50 Shadowfrost Shards for, so when i gave in the quest i was reading the RP part of the quest and then i got disconected i guess server crashed... so i log back on and i haven't got the new quest and my 50 Shadowfrost shards and i can't accept a new quest because it's not there help me please.
  2. Hello everyone im just wondering why didnt anyone solved the rogue bug that exists when you activate stealth and a few seconds later stealth magically disappears out of no where... mind you that im not taking damage, diseases, poisons etc... it just disappears... im posting this here since this forum is confusing as shit and i didnt know where to post
  3. Buenas, desde hace 2 días, al iniciar con mi druida Gorthock, el juego me avisa de una "clave duplicada" y me cierra la aplicación, pero con el resto de PJs si que me permite conectarme y no se que debo hacer, he puesto ticks a GMs he informes de error pero no se soluciona ¿Que hago? Dejo una imagen del error.
  4. I've encountered a bug, where whenever I get to the top of Naxxanar, Thassarian is just standing there with a silver question mark over his head. I can't continue the quest due to this.
  5. I read someone's post about no '' HK: '' message system, can you please fix it? My girlfriends & I play for 6 months and still no this HK This is very bad.. please FIX IT..
  6. Why when I kill someone.. don't get: '' HK: Private, GrandMarshall, Rank 1, 2, 3.. or pvp level '' ?? Can someone fix it? It's bad when you kill someone, nothing write there.. Fix this and everything shall be better.. Nice to play then.. many of people have the same problem, and this is meeeeh..
  7. Why some tanks have so much HP on PvP instance and some don't? Prot paladins have so much HP and prot warriors DONT HAVE NOTHING, prot warriors is so nerfed or bugged. You have to fix they HP!
  8. Hello there. i wonder if theres any chance to fix a bug. You get sent to a blue screen unable to do anything. This appear to occur when you go down to sewers or going up from sewers. pls look into this.
  9. key

    we play from an ip address whit my friend, and both of us got the mythic key !!!!
  10. Hallo, ist es richtig, dass die Haustierkämpfe auf Firestorm nicht möglich sind, bzw. auf dem Realm Sylvanas zumindest? Lehrer und Quests sind da, und angeblich hätte ich die Grundausbildung abgeschlossen, bekomme aber keinen Slot für ein Tier freigeschalten... lg cagu
  11. I know how people say Alliance sucks in PvP...but that ain't true! I have nothing against Horde players...but as playing PvP i realized something is very,very off. BattleGround Strand of The Ancients is one example of a big bug or I don't know what! Alliance, we were attackers and as I got in a tank I headed to the door and hit right in the middle of the doors. I needed about 20 hits to destroy doors.I died about 3 times until i destroyed the doors with help of another player. Cannons were hitting us and damage was big enough to destroy us in 10-20 seconds with help of horde players. ... We haven't made it sadly, we were hitting the last doors,but it was too late. ... Now we were defending and i got to a cannon s another side. I couldn't even hit with my cannon 'cause it was bugged. Another player barely made any damage with direct hits on a tank with a cannon,as other Alliance players did too...We gave up on cannons. As the first tank destroyed 1st doors with about 7-10 hits in the middle(and i needed about 20 hits in the middle) i realized something was wrong. Second doors...The same tank that destroyed the 1st doors was still on 75% of health ,even if it took much damage by 10 players hitting him,came right next to the doors and hit the ground with fireballs and destroyed the 2nd doors with 5 hits. Tank was destroyed about 10 seconds after. It seemed like it were hacks, but why would most of the players on the Horde side Hack? they seem to be normal players as Alliance are too. 3rd door were totally,,totally proof that something was literally on Horde's side. Tank came and gave about few hits and doors were on about 80% of health,,and tank just got through and another tank got inside after it. it was about 4 mins before the end and we knew we couldn't make it. at the end they won. ... I am not saying that Horde was hacking, I hope nobody did that. And Since the bugs are often in other Bgs too, It would make no sense that 98% of Horde players used such a big hacks. I am saying this seems to be a bug,in almost every battleground where Horde has some "boosts" that make them stronger and make bugs vs Allaince. I am saying that Alliance does not suck in PvP. Ofc there are "noobs" on both factions, but that all friends I know that are skilled in PvP die by 2 hits of one Horde player?... I am sorry but something seems off. I am not Judging Horde player...I am just reporting what seems to be unfair. It pisses me off, it pisses all players that end up in this situation. I don't know does this sometimes happen to Horde players, but As i can see, I never experienced having Bugs or "Boosts" on side of the Alliance to just crush Horde with few hits. Please somebody replay to me. I know there are other players that have the same problem. Thank you
  12. Hello there, it's my first post in this forum and I hope I did it in the right place. I have this problem with my pandaren, I can't leave the isle either pick hord or alliance. I did the previous quests and I'm stuck here since last week. Is there any bug or did I do something wrong? I need help because I can't continue.
  13. wher do you finish it when compleated.
  14. So I enterd arena and I lost my legendary Cenedril, Reflector of Hatred and I got this item as u can see on picture
  15. Can anyone see my post in BugTracker? An idiot answered but i've evidences about that bug here. Link of BugTracker:
  16. Can i complete this achievement ? Glory of the Icecrown raider 25/10 player ? Because i want that mount so hard (achievement reward) a some people told me i cant complete ICC because of baloon or smthing like that. So im asking if i can complete all of those raids.
  17. Can anyone answer my post? -.-
  18. Can someone look to Shadowform - Glyph of Shadows - Visuals bug. It is very annoying when you switch specialization or when your Shadowform is not active. Bugtracker link: #50446 [Ability] Shadowform - Glyph of Shadow - Visuals. Thank you in advance. Kind regards, @Tigd
  19. Hi ! First of all, sorry, I didn't find any good category to post it on the bug tracker so here it is. It can happen to everyone, but it only is important for healers. When I have one of my teammates as target (or focus) and the mfker decides to vanish to make enemies lose him, I lose him too. This is really annoying for us healers because if our mate drops low on life and vanishes (Shadowmeld for night elves, Vanish for rogues or anything else), I have to retarget him to be able to heal him. And this shouldn't happen. Thanks for fixing this ! Out of subject : I also reported a bug on pets Passive stance for all pet users, give it a look/upvote !
  20. Like the title states, I'm able to complete Candy Bucket quests but I'm unable to open up the Bag of Treats...All I get is a red message saying I can't do that right now. I've attempted to do this on two different accounts, with two different computers and the results have been the same. Is this happening to anyone else?
  21. My character (Earthbelly) was flying into The Great Sea using the flight master mounts when I logged in, even though I was supposed to be in my class hall. When I clicked to stop at the nearest flight master, after a few minutes, my character died and is currently stuck in The Great Sea. Clicking "Return to Graveyard" or "Teleport to Graveyard" does not fix the issue and only shows "Can't do that while moving".
  22. The Video says all Realm : SylvanasSylvanas
  23. Hello, I just wanted to ask why I can't see Rune of Razorice or Rune of the Fallen Crusader on my artifact weapon. I don't know how to fix this, because if I apply illusion on my artifact weapon I can see it.
  24. When I level up First aid i got stuck on 720+ because had no orange or yellow to level up, so used google and found recipe for this by revered in Wardens, so i needed Pristine Falcosaur Feather (10) 10x but mobs (reptile) that drops this reagent are gone, not even single mob that drops this is out there deleted or dont even exist ... I searched all over possible places following youtube and guides but guess what in Firestorm those mobs are deleted not even exist... So how in the **** world will I be able to find this reagent to make first aid 720-760, seems like First Aid is doomed and so other proffessions too their drop recipe quests are bugged and please do something about this Development team Thank you for your attention.
  25. Realm: Sylvanas Character (Sylvaniae, horde, 110, Hunter) I have a problem after arene has crash wow and I cant login me character, and don't help unstuck after login say fatal pleas