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  1. Hello, Somebody know why i can't apply transmog? Sometimes i can to some items, but sometimes not. Is this a known issue? I have all my transmogs selected, but when I Apply the transmog sound plays but nothing happens. (I have the required levels and gold and all that) relogging also doesn't work Thank you in advance!
  2. Hey, I've accidentally spent my war resources and can not do any research on etrig and have made the 3 support points for the worldquests, but have not been unlocked, so I think it's up to you, can you make me unlock the worldquests? Sorry if im wrong her, but i still need help with this problem. Greetings And i cant write a ingame ticket, always says Ticket issues. Thanks
  3. When Disenchanting gear, 9 out of 10 times the gear disappears but I don't get any materials for it.
  4. Hello, I wrote a report in RU forum about abusing the bugged talent https://www.wowhead.com/spell=270658/azerite-fortification by some players (including r2 player Jawñ). The problem is that this talent is not scaling by pvp modificator on arena and increased by actual healing shown on description. Test made by MadK0rt (he is a part of the RU testers team) shown that instead of 5k healing on arena, the talent does healing of 31k. It's a huge advantage given only by 1 piece of gear. So, 3 of them in total (head-shoulders-chest) make the healer almost unkillable on arena if the team tries to focus him. In 2s the passive talent healing will be more than 20% of total healing made in that case. The thing is some players are abusing this bug. For example, player Jawñ was catched while queuing 2s with all of 3 pieces of gear with this talent. He is defenetly aware of abuse because 1 azerite item with this talent even was 365 instead of his rest items (385-390 ilvl). I notifed the RU administators about that and suggested to double check the top ladder players if they have all 3 pieces of gear with that talent and provide the punishment since they break the server rules: General exploiting: The malicious use of bugs in a way that normal game-play would not permit, generally giving the user an unnatural advantage. Punishment: 1 day account suspension to permanent account suspension. It's important to clarify that to get all 3 high ilvl pieces of gear with that talent is almost impossible. So, if the player has it, it means he is definitely was abusing the bug. RU adminisrator Madorana replied to me that they will notify Firestorm stuff about that case and they will make a decision about the punishment. So, I just want to double check that you guys are aware of the problem. Can some1 here from stuff team confirm that? I also want to know if the fact of this bug abuse will influence the results of PVP seasonal check? Personaly, I think it would be unfair to reward the players who was catched on bug abuse so that's why I'm asking you to double check all top25 players if they have all 3 pieces of gear with that talent on it and provide the punishment. Here are the screenshots made by MadK0rt (RU tester on Firestorm) during his test of that talent https://dropmefiles.com/gR0Fh (it's in russian but he speaks eng so he can confirm that). It shows that instead of 5k healing, the talent does 31k on arena. Here are the screenshots of player Jawñ with 3 pieces of gear containing the bugged talent https://dropmefiles.com/1G3y8
  5. when i wanted to create a new demon hunter in BFA i couldnt find him WHY ? tempo bug or deleted or just me LF HELP !
  6. Hey! Im actually trying to get some achievements and just started to explore all zones which i did except silithus.. its not possible to explore it since its a bfa zone and speaking with (Zidormi) changing the timeline doesn't work in silithus.. is there any way to fix it? Because of the same problem i can't obtain the last "Candy Bucket" in that zone to obtain all achievements for the "The Hallowed" title..
  7. My Artefact Weapon is buggy. I can see it in my Pre xmog and it should work for both weapons. But it only work for my Main hand. Can someone help or say me what i am doing wrong?
  8. I can't join a random group using the group finder tool (pressing the "I" on the keyboard. It says all the time: "INTERNAL LFG ERROR" please help me fix this issue. thank you
  9. Hello, I picked zuldazar as a start zone from scouting map, I've done every single quest that can be done so far. I get friendly status. Literally I travelled everywhere in zuldazar and seek quests. There is no quests left. I can still see exclamation marks on my map but when I head them, there is no one who gives quests. Besides I had to be friendly with Nazmir for proceed world quests. That leads us another problem, scouting map doesnt give the quest that starts other quests on that region. Help please. #Elantrialeth (Horde)
  10. Hello guys, i have a big problem. Acutally im doing quests in the Kul Tiras regions but everytime when i log out and log in later, my quests disappear. They are not in the questlog anymore and i only see grey questmarks. Also i cant stop and renew the quests. For example im at the second part of the questchain in Stormsong Valley. I started 4 quests a few days ago but after the last login i cant find the quest NPC or every quest looks like in the following screenshot. https://prnt.sc/p8aj3t By the way this problem only happens in BfA regions. I hope someone has a solution and can help me. Greetings Hippias
  11. Hi. Started a new Hunter gnome today. I got through the first couple quests and arrived at New Tinkertown. However, I cant find/start any new quests there? In my mini map and in game there are not indicators of available quests. I see one singe quest on the large map called The Great Gnomeregan Run but the quest giver is no where to be found. Any ideas why this could be happening? I do get the game data download indicator on the top but nothing is downloading i think. When i hover over game menu button, download stays at 0%. Could the class/race be bugged or is it something else? New to WoW btw
  12. Hello, I'm trying to solo Eye of Eternity to get the blue and azure drake. But when Malygos destoys the platform you are supposed to be caught by an orange drake. This doesn't happen. I just fall down and eventually die. Any ideas how to fix this?
  13. Hello, i boosted a character of mine to 110, after that i startet the first Q for BFA.After a few Q i was inside the Q "Out like Flynn" for the warkampagne. I realised that i am 110 but i have no gear. So i abadoned the q and get some gear. After i had noe some gear i cant find the q anymore and i cant start other q...... i need serious help here
  14. I leave a quest where you have to collect stuff by mistake. and now if I try to pick it up, it's empty. the problem is that this is a story quest of vol'dun . i have no idea how to resolve it . Someone can help me ? the quest is https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47316/secrets-in-the-sand Meerah gave it to me . thx to anyone who can help me
  15. Im 113 and run out of quests. I have no quest at table. I start Nazmir quest line stop at [That Which Haunts the Dead] where one slain for quest have immunity so cant be killed. On map it show two more quests Catching Up and There is no plan "B" but there is no npc/object where i can accept that quests. In zuldazar it show no quest at all.
  16. Help me
  17. Hallo, ist es richtig, dass die Haustierkämpfe auf Firestorm nicht möglich sind, bzw. auf dem Realm Sylvanas zumindest? Lehrer und Quests sind da, und angeblich hätte ich die Grundausbildung abgeschlossen, bekomme aber keinen Slot für ein Tier freigeschalten... lg cagu
  18. When i first downloaded the bfa server , and try to do the draenor quests to get a garrison with my already lv110 frost dk , i enterd the dark portal and start doing the starter quests. And then a quest remaing , named "The Cost of War" , its marked as a low lv quest , but i cant even start the quest because when i click on the quest , nothing happen . What can i do to complete this quest , or i dont need to complete this quest to get a garrison ?
  19. Hi! So I was wondering how many people have encountered this issue. This is a video I recorded just moments ago of the bug/issue I'm referring to in this post: So basically, here's what's going on: After completing the quests that lead up to the starting quests for Nazmir and Zuldazar being available, as soon as I accept one of the quests from the scouting map, any other options disappear and then become unobtainable. So if for example I decided to start with the Nazmir questline, I can no longer start the Zuldazar questline and so I get stuck at a certain level when it comes to questing. Ive tried everything. Reinstalling the game, deleting the cache and wtf folders, having a party member share the starting quest with me (doesnt work), etc. Nothing seems to be working.\ I've asked some people in the world chat and it seems that only a few people seem to be experiencing it. I've seen a couple of complaints about the same issue im describing in this thread, but a lot of players don't seem to have encountered this issue either. This issue btw happens on all of my horde characters, but doesn't happen on any of my alliance characters so it must have something to do with the scouting map of the horde. Is anyone else having this kind of problem? Or is it just me? I hope I can get some answers cause all my horde characters (which is the majority of my characters) are stuck at around levels 111-113 because I run out of quests
  20. Hello, im trying to unlock my World quest/emissary quest, etc ... but I can't do that because one of my quest in Zandalari called "Walls Have Ears" (link https://www.wowhead.com/quest=47520/walls-have-ears) I walk up to the place of the quest giver and he's never there, I tried fixing my char, reload, relog. nothing works... it's been 2 days here is a screenshot from me at the place without the quest giver : https://ibb.co/KK3v6qG
  21. Iz seems like anyone cant finish their quests because the quest giver npc isnt there so demon hunter cant be played. And for some reason I can't post in support
  22. I am unable to do the quest because dalaran is already in the broken isles for me and i cant use mounts or get to the other areas
  23. Good day, my in-game character name is Jazzleen and I was trying the mage tower quest "End of the Risen Threat". Now, I had some issues where I got tped to somewhere so I decided to use the unstuck feature from the site, so like as usual it teleported me to my hearthstone location, which is currently set in the Shrine of the Seven Stars, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, in Pandaria. Now when I tried to get in, even before the loading screen finishes, a WoWError, or Wow Error 132 pops up and crashes my wow game, unabling me to play the character completely, please help teleporting my character somewhere else like Dalaran and fix the area itself. Thank you and Merry Christmas Firestorm Staff.
  24. I got a msg that I can claim my reward. I cannot because Claim Reward button doesnt works, I want Stormwind Skychaser and now I cannot take any of mounts. Please, help me if you can, thanks!
  25. Hello Fs- Staff, you taught me a lesson. They delete bug reports without fixing the problems. You delete forum posts that indicate problems with your server, but do nothing about it. I asked you why my post was deleted, but I didn't get an answer. So what is the reason for this? Are you afraid of criticism? And you don't know how to deal with it. Are you overwhelmed by the work you have to do to secure game standards, but all you want is our money from the Item Shop? Are the bugs so complicated that you can't find a solution, but you want us to keep using the bugtraker just to get a solution? Look, I will publish this calendar bug one last time that you deleted from your bug tracker, as you deleted the other three bug reports, AND my article on this topic in which I wanted to draw the attention of a dev to the bug. If you delete it without getting a response to the status of the error, I will repost this post. Bug 1: Your calendar does not work, especially not for guilds transferred from the FS Legion to the FS-BFA. If you want screenshots, see the bug tracker reports you deleted. Bug2: The Visioin of Madness in the fight against Mythrax should have a longer CD time, after they got interrupted. As you can see here at 5:03min. Count the time from the interrupt till the add starts to cast again. Thank you server for your attention. Neosilver