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  1. Hello, i have problem with demon hunter starting quest when i want to do quest named ´´Eye on the Prize´´ you must kill one enemy but they are bugged down in texture so i cant complete that quest need unstuck that enemy please maybe restart server idk
  2. Hello. I lvl up me Rogue to lvl 100 so go to Stormwind get Legion Dalaran Heartstone and use it. I be teleported but I dont have any Legion start quests. Like "Down of Azsuna" Iam stuck two weeks and cant do anything. If I jump to the water and swim to Azsuna dont have any qusets I try do one more lvl on units but dont getting xp. making two in game tickets, one bugtracker topic.. nothing. Is here way fix it or give it to me char manually ?
  3. Hello, I'm trying to solo Eye of Eternity to get the blue and azure drake. But when Malygos destoys the platform you are supposed to be caught by an orange drake. This doesn't happen. I just fall down and eventually die. Any ideas how to fix this?
  4. In Stormwind city the boat for Northrend seams to be broken. it either never shows up or its just a floating crew for the ship. same goes for the dock in menenthil harbor in the wetlands. many people are noticing, hope it can be fixed soon. thanks
  5. It is required for you to get a lance and go on a mount and so I did but apparently the mount still wont let me on it even though I got the Argent Lance from the Lance Rack and clicked on the mount. Please fix I'm trying to do a transmog run.
  6. A quest named "Let sleeping giants lie" in aszuna shipwreck arena is bugged and i am asking for help. The chest required to open to complete the quest in always flagged as busy no matter what i do. Please help me
  7. when i am abt to do the quests there in garrison "bigger is better" is bugged i cant go to lvl 2 in my town hall and i do have 200 resurce pls fix it soon
  8. I love Firestorm, and the service it provides... but what is up with the server guys? Sylvanas has more bugs and downtime than a back alley whore. Every day there's crashes, and that's even after a good restart. About 70% of the quests don't work, many dungeons don't work, almost NOTHING in Highmountain works including quests, boxes, and interactive NPCs that are necessary for an entire quest chain. Almost nothing on the entire server that requires a script to run works. Most of the time mobs that are supposed to be patrolling don't even look at you, like they're all participating in a big ol' circle j**k. I love seeing the game in action, and free of charge but damn.
  9. legendary

    Hey folks, So I think I could be bugged..... Whats your opinion.. I'm 871, I have 33 traits in two weapons.... and 27 in the other I always do my emissary's and I have level 33 in pvp. I've done EN 4 times ish and EN HC once, and many MM5+ (approx 35+) I have 12 days and 16 hours played and I still haven't had a legendary drop... Is it possible I'm bugged and I got skipped over for legendaries? I sent a ticket asking if a GM could invesigate and got .. ''Greetings, legendaries are random drop. Have a great day!", which was about as helpful as a chocolate radiator. Thanks
  10. Hi, I started to play 2-3 months ago just to relax from College. My pc is bad and old (the game runs at 8 fps on Legion) so I only do low level quests and avoid PvP and Raids. While playing I have been founding a lot, and I mean A LOT, of quests that are bugged or simply don't work for one reason or the other. I have been keeping some kind of lists of these missions but before sitting down and writting them in the bugtracker I want to know if I'm not going to be ignored. I know this server is "end-game oriented" and most of the players don't care for low level areas, so it's understandable if you (the mods) aren't going to take your time from fixing high-level dungeons to fix one of the Worgen's starter missions. I just want to know if I should spend my time on it. Lots of love and keep the good work <3
  11. This has become so frustrating that it's almost unplayable. I'm kind of new to the whole private server thing, and I finally get everything up and working... until I try to play almost any character. Every character I have tried to roll so far has run into a brick wall when it comes to quest progression. I tried to play a goblin, couldn't progress because the car wouldn't pick people up as it was supposed to (when I try to honk at the friends, it says invalid target). I tried to roll a panda monk, and when I get to the quest where the master wants you to cross the bridge and defeat the guy (right after stealing the flame and burning the scroll, near the beginning), I beat the guy, but it doesn't conclude the quest and he comes out of stun and keeps fighting me. I tried to roll a DK, and when I get to the quest where you are supposed to disguise yourself as the scarlet courier, the disguise doesn't work and all the scarlets still attack me. I started thinking maybe it was related to the special classes / races, so I rolled a gnome hunter, but as soon as I complete "to the surface" at the beginning, there are no other quests to be taken (and yes I tried to talk to quest givers even if they didn't have a marker). I even tried to go to other quest areas on this gnome, and nothing. When I tried to go to far, I died and though I died in Dun Morough, I'm teleported to the graveyard in Westfall. I honestly don't know how there are any level 110s on the server if you literally can't progress a character normally. So what gives? Is this a work in progress that is going to be fixed at some point?
  12. Hey there I have this working on my desktop computer, but can't get it working on my laptop. It's giving me the infamous #2 error. Yes I've made sure it's all not read-only, yes I'm running as administrator, yes it's been allowed through firewall... so what gives? WoW.exe gives me the #2 error The launcher wants to completely redownload the game from Firestorm even when aimed in the right place. What're we to do? The server needs more people playing and if it's this hard for me, I feel most people will give up quickly.
  13. I've reported this on the proper channel (/report) but wanted to talk about it here too. So if what I believe is true, then this is a near useless building. The bug is that you can only hire ONE follower from this building... Then every week when you attempt to hire a new follower it gives you the same follower option again, and you can't have duplicate followers sadly. This means this building only provides some of the toys from running dungeons and opens up the treasure hunter missions. Beyond that it doesn't do the main function of the building - which is super sad. Is anyone else experiencing this same issue of bugged follower recruitment? Anyone find a fix for it?
  14. Hello! This quest from Draenor in Shadowmoon Valley is not working! When I go to Yrel at Shaz`gul base, I have to inspire her and get out of there with her,i can inspire her,but when we are out of the base she just disappears! Then I go to Twilight Glade and see her with grey question mark above her head,so it means quest didnt count in some way that we got out of that base. I tried this quest like 7 times,but how i already said,she just disappears after getting out and quest is NOT complete. Please fix this,cause i cant progress the storyline without it!
  15. I am trying to start the quests in Northrend and the boat is bugged/will not show up to the dock.
  16. Hi I bought the faction change in the evening yesterday the alliance (Shapiron-Human Deathknight) my character, carrying was from this orc (Domaniton-Orc Deathknight) and in the course of the transfer the pvp-gear alliance was left over. May doing something be this in a case? Greet your help would be very important because the 810 items are levels-only 600 were left over.Pls Help.!!
  17. Can someone explain me this? Check combat log. Thank you for response. (No, it is not visual bug.)
  18. Seeing that warlock CM is purposely choosing not to seeing the problem, I'm adressing all the pvp community that's extremely upset like me of these months of affliction totally mayhem in bg and arenas with op damage and healing. For warlocks on the bugtracker and the CM damage is fine and 100% blizzlike, so here are the facts to clear some minds: As seen in this video (arena 7.0.3 of September (so no pre-patch) warlocks dots don't seem to be so juicy like Firestorm ones!!!!!! HOWWWW but what a surprise! They weren't blizzlike?? Not a single dot is ticking for 30-40k damage, save for stacked up Unstable Affliction, whereas here only corruption can crit for 57k Now please go on the bugtracker and put a thump up at this report https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/27538 so we can have that scr*bs that play that bugged class the well deserved fix after weeks and weeks of supremacy. Corruption isn't the only thing bugged but is a start. Thank you friends for helping putting this plague (no pun intended) down finally.
  19. Hello, I've been farming whole day tons of herbs on my warlock with Herbalism and Inscription to make 500 Rogue Decks to farm Darkmoon reputation.. When I use the item it works well, quest window pops up and then i can summon the npc and complete the quest... HOWEVER, on my priest, where i need the reputation, I cannot use the item for some reason.. Just cannot click it.. Item should require only lvl 10, but SHOULD NOT require inscription, but seems it does.. On my inscription char i can use it, but on my priest ( tailoring / enchanting ) I cannot.. It's the last thing to do for me to get Insane in the Membrane.. and I dont wanna get rid of neither of my proffesions for five minutes for inscription since i have a lot of recipes taught on my tailoring and enchanting.. Please fix it (y) Thanks
  20. When i accepted quest Taste of Iron i cant enter the cannon. Tried all methodes like relog,exit game, take that quest relog etc... Its last quest to get out of the Tanjan Jungle. Please help me with this... I spent to this character like up to 100 hours and i am really sad about it. Need help please. My bugged character name - Panzuscik
  21. when i finish with the quest that you kill the queen and get the key and go downtair i have turn in the quest and i get (return to the blak temple) then loading screen start to download when its finish ( i found myself) disconnected so i logged in and boom i have back to the demon hunter place and i dont have any quest and i cant use the portal so plz if any gm online now can you teleport me out my name is (sarzfull) :'( thanks
  22. As we all know there are many bugged quests in all of the Draenor zones and in many other zones too. We also know that the Devs are preoccupied with the new Legion expansion and as such are doing very little to fix Draenor for the time being. So until such time as the devs are able to switch their attention back to fixing the multitude of bugs on currently existing servers I have a suggestion. A 'Bugged Quest Completer' Perfect for these problems of being unable to locate the hand in. I have experienced this approach first hand on another server and it worked well. I have no idea how they accomplished it but I do know they had a database of known bugged quests that was referenced when you clicked a complete quest icon once you had completed such a quest. If the quest was known to be bugged it would auto complete and you would get the appropriate reward and follow up quest should there be one. If the quest was not a known bugged quest you would get a message to that effect and nothing further would happen. There would obviously be grey areas such as the quest 'Finding A Foothold' - The first character I attempted this quest on, had already built the level 2 Garrison and the hand in ? seemed to be inside one of the town hall walls. However, I was able to complete this quest when I noticed a complete quest button - Brilliant! - On another toon I managed to complete and hand in this quest to Prophet Valen who was located in the Lunarfall Ruins as he should have been, before I levelled my Garrison to level 2. However, on my next attempt, Prophet Valen was not where he should have been at the Lunarfall Ruins although the yellow ? was there. I have spotted him at another location but was unable to hand in. I went ahead and built my level 2 Garrison and the yellow ? was in the same spot inside my Town Hall walls, as it was on my first attempt. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate whatever it was I did to get the complete button to appear and so that quest remains as completed in my log, along with a few others I have not been able to hand in. Please give us a way to auto complete these pesky quests that prevent quest chain progress!
  23. It seems that whenever I am in a dungeon, regardless of whether or not we complete it, I get dungeon deserter after leaving. I have tried teleporting out, walking out and even disbanding my group, even if the dungeon is cleared I get the 30 minute timer. Is this a bug or a known issue, or am I doing something wrong?
  24. Soo not sure if anyone else aside from myself and one other person has noticed this but on the Grommash Server for Warlords The "Time to Regroup" quest is not triggering at all, this is aside from minor bugs ( such as joshia or what ever his name is being in the game, in one spot, three times). Figured I'd bring it to your attention since another Player had the same problem, at the same time, the second time I did a run through. screen cap is attached with the mini map showing the quest point while I am standing at the known, proper location.
  25. I did the quest "Frederick's Fish Fancy" (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27450/fredericks-fish-fancy) so that I could get a pair of Pants as a transmorg and when I turn the quest in, I didn't get anything (Except the Infectis Puffer Sashimi) and the quest is now done...do I can't do anything about it. I want my "Infectis Incher Leggings" Pants....please give them to me.