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Found 3 results

  1. This has become so frustrating that it's almost unplayable. I'm kind of new to the whole private server thing, and I finally get everything up and working... until I try to play almost any character. Every character I have tried to roll so far has run into a brick wall when it comes to quest progression. I tried to play a goblin, couldn't progress because the car wouldn't pick people up as it was supposed to (when I try to honk at the friends, it says invalid target). I tried to roll a panda monk, and when I get to the quest where the master wants you to cross the bridge and defeat the guy (right after stealing the flame and burning the scroll, near the beginning), I beat the guy, but it doesn't conclude the quest and he comes out of stun and keeps fighting me. I tried to roll a DK, and when I get to the quest where you are supposed to disguise yourself as the scarlet courier, the disguise doesn't work and all the scarlets still attack me. I started thinking maybe it was related to the special classes / races, so I rolled a gnome hunter, but as soon as I complete "to the surface" at the beginning, there are no other quests to be taken (and yes I tried to talk to quest givers even if they didn't have a marker). I even tried to go to other quest areas on this gnome, and nothing. When I tried to go to far, I died and though I died in Dun Morough, I'm teleported to the graveyard in Westfall. I honestly don't know how there are any level 110s on the server if you literally can't progress a character normally. So what gives? Is this a work in progress that is going to be fixed at some point?
  2. Hi, my Char Jeessi on Grommash, die by every Hit of a Monster, one Hit and thats it, i unstuck my Char, but it is still the same, please what can i do? On the screen you see, how much Damage one Monster do to me, i cant make the Quest in my Garrison, the Mine Quest, because the Monster there are now too strong, because this Bug, i cant do anything so,please know someone something?
  3. Hi admins and GMs, I'm playing Grommash and I leveled my first character to 90 (hell yeah, I was happy, I'm a wow player since the BC and I like the build and thinking of WoD), and I'd like to level, but there aren't much quest which works. I asked this question in my guild, but they only said to grind some mobs. I don't like xp grinding, I like any other grinding (proffs, honor, useable and transmog gear etc.), but when I'd like to gather XP I'm doing quests. I know that an "average" player will accept this, but I like WoW because of quest, but I'm not a rich man to play on original, and I like the community of Firestorm. So don't misunderstand me please, I don't you have to fix it now or else. Just like to ask, when will be the quests available "normally"? Yours faithfully, Saintgreene