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  1. Guide to fixing Launcher error: The CAS System was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed to create storage component. After downloading the client uTorrent makes the folder and files readonly (to protect the integrity of the torrent contents...). As a result when you start the client you get the infamous CAS System error: Further keywords to aid finding this guide: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE To FIX this remove the readonly flag from the folder and it's contents: Rightclick the folder, find the checkbox for the read-only flag, untick (make it empty), then press Ok / Apply.
  2. Here's my solution for the CAS errors. first download the files from here, extract it, and open the folder, copy the files inside the folder and paste on ur main WOW data folder, DO NOT REPLACE THE DATA FOLDER ON UR MAIN WOW CLIENT!, just copy what inside the DATA folder and paste it!!
  3. So I get this CAS system error whenever I try to open wow.exe and my Avast antivirus(which is a very good antivirus) pops up and says that the ashran URL has a virus. I made a thread about this on the technical support section and I didn't get any answer and many other people have the same issue. So what am I supposed to do, exactly? Even if I turn off my antivirus I'll probably have the error and I don't want to constantly fuck my PC's security whenever I play wow(which is a lot). This didn't happen to anyone a few weeks ago, so I think something's up with that ashran URL where the game and shit gets downloaded from.
  4. I myself noticed a lot of Access denied errors and some people had de CAS error. This all comes down to a certain setting in Windows. you should do this for every expansion! 1. close the launcher 2. Go to the folder with the data folder. example: C:\wow\ (data folder is in wow) 3.Go one folder up example: C:\ 4. rightclick on the wow folder and click on properties. 5. Under attributes there is a read only checkbox. uncheck it. 6. Start the launcher. this should resolve the CAS error and access denied errors. NOTE: either the firestorm launcher or wow itself keeps turning the read only back on. So if you encounter the error again, repeat the steps.
  5. Hey guys, I have recently downloaded and installed wow on my other computer and I stumbled upon an error showing this message: "The CAS system was unable to initialize: Unable to create storage component". I tried everything to fix this error and I will list these four simple steps below: 1. Right-click onto your WoW folder (not the firestormlauncher folder, and not the game application, but the folder that contains the game application) and uncheck the read-only check box. 2. Go to your WoW folder/Data and delete the folder called indices. 3. Now delete the Cache folder in the main game directory if there is one. (If it doesn't exist, just ignore this step) 4. Now restart your computer; and voila! The game should launch now. If it doesn't launch through the firestorm launcher, just use the actual application in the WoW game directory.
  6. Operating System: Windows 7 64 bit Character Name: Rhoby Error Info (If there is one): CAS system unable to initialize: Error downloading versions data from patch service Description of problem: The other day, when I started WoD, this error popped up, followed by 10 Avast warnings that a malicious URL was been blocked. Nothing changed in my computer: the day before I was playing with no issue at all. Out of the 10 warnings I get 5 have as object, while the other 5 have Screenshot: