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  1. Hi all. I have several question in regards of the 7.2/7.3/7.3.5 update that recently took place on the server: Will there be a changelog for the new implementation? And if there will be, when? Legion Assaults - they work I think, I've completed several of them, but they are not shown on the map as WQ and also do the end 3 man scenario work? Professions - when will be some of the profs fixed - cries in 700 jewelcrafting.. Nightborn - is the race mount obtainable - it's a quest reward ~mi want da manasaber~ Is there a list of the working Mage Tower scenarios? Well this pretty much sums up my questions.
  2. It has been a while since you last posted a changelog aka what has been done/changed to the server...we notice things, but can not be sure until you post it. Also some things get fixed (like npcs/skills) and we can not know if the fix is good is good or not, because we are not notified of any changes...if you wan better feedback from players YOU have to give us also information regarding changes made to the server. In addition, a frequent changelog post gives us players a sense that the server is being worked on, improved. Ninja updates are not good for players' moral, especially lately when its more fail than success with ninja activity,,, Kind regards and hoping for some official feedback PS:'Soon' is NOT any kind of feedback btw
  3. 7.2

    Greetings my fellow Firestormonians! Hope all is well, I was wondering if anyone has heard any rumours info regarding an approx release date for 7.2? Moley xoxo
  4. Will there be any changelog about Sylvanas soon?
  5. Hello guys, You're doing great stuff with the server and we all appreciate it , just to make it clear I'm not crying or whining about anything but what happened to Changelogs / Updatelogs for Sylvanas? It's been over 2 weeks since the last one?
  6. Hello, as many if not all the players have noticed that things are being changed and 'fixes' implemented......servers are restarted daily (some are intentional others not so much). So It would be nice of the devs/gms/cms to post somekind of log or list with what has been changed...lets call it a CHANGELOG In great anticipation I bid you farewell........... xoxo
  7. Hi Just a question to you all I read that this changelog18 is applied already This means this should work: Professions Skinning Fixed skinning questlines to unlock skinning ranks in Broken Isles. Add skinning loot tables of creatures in Broken Isles. Mining Fixed learning of Legion’s mining ability the first time you mine a node in Broken Isles. Fixed mining questlines to unlock mining ranks in Broken Isles. Add mining loot tables of nodes / creatures in Broken Isles. Herbalism Fixed learning of Legion’s herbalism ability the first time you gather a herb in Broken Isles. Fixed herbalism questlines to unlock herbalism ranks in Broken Isles. Fixed herbalism loot tables of herbs in Broken Isles. the truth is they do not work... Guys? Do they work for you?
  8. Can we testers get a changelog? It's easier for us to report more efficiently if we actually know what's been fixed and not. It's a bit frustrating to have to test all the things we've reported when we log into the game to see if they're fixed or not.
  9. This post is here to help all those responsible in identifying better all the things that become bugged after the last Weekly-fix. The last set of fixes changed in worse many things, that actually could potencially stress and worsen the PvE gameplay, things that are important to maintain a good interest level for the server. After these fixes,lacking in CARE and CAUTION, many people, like my friends here, got frustrated and sad by seeing the game turning worse (for a good part) almost every week; some people are even considering to abandon Firestorm because of this... and me, to see all this... just leaves me sad, because I would tell them to stay, but I can not, because I do not blame them either. So, I want to list here all bugs (and bad fixes) created with last weekly fixes. Raid Group When grouping more than 8 players (8 buff) the 9th buff applied gets cancelled from last one applied at the time. The same with passives, they are too not considered working properly. Blackrock Foundry - Gruul: The Overead Smash does.ì not only hit players on its front but also players situated on other directions. - Oregorger: It casts "Explosive Shard" on casters instead of melee players. Now it's INSANE for casters to stay alive. - Hans'gar and Franzok: During fight, when one of them should jump out of the area, the twin which should still be inside to fight, instead follows his brother, leaving no possibility to attack them. On this phase the twins do not come back to the fight, causing everyone a slow and annoying death. - Pathing of some bosses is wonky: both Gruul, Oregorger and Ka'graz remain to a fixed distance from their aggro tank, making the movements stupid. Mage - Frost Orb: This spell launches the orb upward diagonally, not hitting enemies in front unless point blank. Shaman - Bloodlust: Still not working since 2 weeks ago. Garrinson - Trading Post lv2: New release, new bugs!! As always... You're always the same!! The second level of the Trading Post Building is totally EMPTY... Same for Menagerie lvl2 (that doesn't even work) (These "wonderful new releases" are not a good point in your favor, if they never work. So they don't help in gaining more trust on your work)