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  1. Hello everyone It would be my problem that once yet Gul'dan on I was playing and I would like to come back but I forgot my email address mett there are more,I remember my password,polythrone 100 mages were the characters © MorphoLogic 1991-2
  2. Hello, Firstrom! Help, I'm in a crisis! When I log into the shop, it does not show my character, a level 18 blood elf paladin on the Garr'osh server. I just bought a lot of points, and now I can't access them! Please help! Best, Brosephus
  3. Realm: Sylvanas Character (Sylvaniae, horde, 110, Hunter) I have a problem after arene has crash wow and I cant login me character, and don't help unstuck after login say fatal pleas
  4. Hey everyone. I was just interested if any of you have ever bought a character from the Firestorm shop. And if so how many of you. This is just for my own curiosity. And others if they're interested in knowing too. EDIT: I've tried making this into a poll but I keep getting an error. So if you can please just say whether you bought one/more or not.
  5. how to switch a character from one account to another account ?
  6. Regarding the character marketplace, is there a way to hold a private sale of a single character? In other words, I find someone in game that wants to purchase my character, and I'm willing to sell said character. Is there a way to make that sale directly to that person without the character being up for grabs by everyone in the character market?
  7. First i thought it is my installed wow the problem, but no it isn't...It is something with my character...On my pc and my wow i tried to play with my current Main Anvenya but it would lag and kick me out and "crush server"...My friends from other countries told me server crushed excatly after i joined with my main...did any kills,trying to ride mount...For my dad much quests are available in Legion parts, but for me no, i have done only 2 quests in Azsuna and 3rd didn't want to work...When i join with any other character It works fine, With my main which had problems playing after transfer from Garrosh/WOD to Sylvanas/Legion...I found out by others my character makes server crushes,...I tried to go to Unstuck but it was same, after i deleted data,but it was same,It always shows it is "Loading" parts, i need to wait about 3minutes to enter Legion parts,and my dad needs to wait 15 seconds or less, I found out there is nothing else I can do about it so i need staff's help as soon as possible cause my character is not playable..Thank you
  8. You can easily recover deleted characters. It costs 10 donation points or 25 loyalty points per character. Characters deleted more than 2 years ago can not be recovered. ================================================================= Follow this link: Click on the expansion where your deleted character is from. Click on Manage Your Characters. Click on Character Deleted. Click on the character you want to restore.
  9. Hi! I haven't been playing for a long time and decided I would get back to it. Now that I am back I find out that Ashran where I had my character have merged with others into firestorm. I have been trying to look around to find a way to transfer my characters to sylvanas legion realm. So far I havn't been able to find a way to do this eventhough I see others have done it. I would like to know how? I am sorry if this is a very simple process that I have simple overlooked but otherwise thanks! Best Regards Mark
  10. I've had quite a few max lvls on Warlords realm, but moved all of them to Legion via the transfer. Is it OK for me now to sell those characters on the WoD realm via the firestorm shop, or are they anyhow "entangled" with the new transferred ones on the sylavanas legion realm that would prevent me to do so? Thanks for your replies.
  11. Ok so I just purchased a copy to expansion from warlords to Legion sylvanas and then I purchased a faction change. I logged in after doing everything and come to find out my character has all her gear on but only her legs are not showing she is wearing them but they are not showing and on my screen she is literally naked....I can see the parts of her you know what. I have a snap shot of it but am not posting it on here since it is literally nudity...I have deleted my cache folder and tried to re-log and still does not work. Also when I try to remove the legs the entire game freezes up and nothing happens it just goes back to normal but cant remove them. Please Help!!!
  12. Hey, it seems like my character has some buggs. Everytime i do VH i can not finish the dungeon because the gate dropps to 0%...and this happens everytime even if no enemy is near the door. Often we have to brake up befor the first boss. Another problem ist, that i can`t talk to "Edirah" in class hall to get artefact knowledge....other mages can talk to her... I hope someone can help me and fix the problem, thank you.
  13. Can I Transfer Character From My Old Account To New? My Brother Want To Play WoW From My Old Account, But My Heroes Are There Too And We Can't Play At The Same Time! My brother wants to play here from an old account, but my character is also there and i was wondering if my character can be transferred to a new account?
  14. Hi guys, So today i went to the Raid, Sunwell Plateau, and when i got in, i noticed that some moobs weren't appearing, and when i passed NPC's, bosses, they didn't attack me. So I figured I should be getting DC pretty soon, so I logged out. When i logged in, my character got stuck, like all of the image was freezed, i didn't have anything happening in my monitor like the image was really frezzed, and i couldn't do anything. I went to other char's and they were fine. But my Paladin is stuck, So I went to Firestorm's site and did unstuck my character, and it did, I was relocated to Stormwind City, but the problem continued, the image is freezed and i can't take any action in game or have any kind or camera movement. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Tyzun.
  15. I would like to ask how would I be able to transfer my character to Legion, I've seen in the forums and website that you can. Tried googling, nothing came up. Thanks!
  16. Here we go, show me your screenshot of one of your last game moments. (you can make screenshots with hit the print button, the button right of f12. in directory "screenshot" of your game you will find the pictures) have fun, flaming is not allowed
  17. Hello! I was regular player on the Pandashan server. I stopped playing year ago, and i would like to play again on Legion server. I downloaded game and its working and everything is good. But there is a problem. I heard you can transfer one character for free, but it doesn't even let me do that. When i click Change my current character option, i only get to shoot picture and make it my profile avatar. Why is that happening? I linked my account from Pandashan with this one. I would really like my character here. It was on Taran'Zhu.Also. i dont know if its important, but i was force migrated to Taran'Zhu after server ( whose name i forgot, it started on E ) shut down. Thanks for reading and i would appreciate any help.
  18. hi i have question well i have character on WoD taht i raised and bought armor and else,but when i came to legion today for 1st time i wasn't able to transfer/bring my character to legion,is there any way to do it? or will it be able to do it? if it is not able i would recommend to do it cuz it would be helpful for me and others, THANK YOU
  19. I was just wondering if the info "You must have already purchase 100 points from our store." means, that I need to have 100 FS point on my account right now or that I should have bought 100 points during the lifetime of the account? Because I bought 50 (+bonus) recently and 50 awhile ago and I still get the notification. Or is this shop/database just a little slow to note this? Can someone enlighten me? Thanks!
  20. My problem is , when i enter my password and choose the realm i dont see my characters as the picture shows , and when i try to select the realm again i get this error but it doesnt disconect me , it stays like in the first picture. Whats the problem? I have like 6 Characters on my account and i played earlier today.
  21. I have big I transfered mý character before 1 week and i shouldn´t log in to the Legion Can ýou help me ?
  22. Hello I have problem with character transfer. I transfered my character before 1 week and i shouldn´t log in to Legion I need Help
  23. bug

    i had befor i started with wod like 5 chars 80-90 with full gear and stuff on Taran`Zhu and now rip all gone ??
  24. Anyone know how to sell character on firestorm shop ? Thanks
  25. Hello community, I've been playing on Pandashan (MoP server) for quite some time and now I've decided to bring one of my characters to WoD where I'm currently playing. I've recovered my old account already but now I'm wondering how do I actually transfer my character from that account, any suggestions or ideas? Thank you all in advance!