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  1. when i wanted to create a new demon hunter in BFA i couldnt find him WHY ? tempo bug or deleted or just me LF HELP !
  2. Hello, I am new to Sethrliss and have a couple of questions about it: - What is the Win/Loss ration per faction? - How is PvE on the server such as dungeons, raids etc..?
  3. Trying to do the rouge class quests and finding myself stumped. There seems to be no NPC's. I searched the bug tracker using multitudes of keywords to no avail. Any help, ideas, suggestions? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi, I played mostly Cataclysm WOW in the past and I would like to try something newer, so Sylvanas here looks quite interesting to me. What is the current status of the server from bugs point of view? I don't expect it to be so smooth and tuned as well-tuned Cata servers...but how much are the classes broken here now and what percentage of quests and low level dungs is working properly? I have seen some comments from people complaining about bugs and things like Garrison not working for horde etc, but those were mostly a year or more old...so I hope it changed to better by then. Which classes are the most OP at this time for PVP? And which classes/specs are broken so much that it is not worth playing them? How good is Demon Hunter class? Are random dungs and BGs being played on levels 10-80, or only on max level?
  5. Hello, Firestorm. First of all, sorry for my English. I'm Russian. I want to introduce you my experience of weekly class hall chest loot. I've been searching for a long time for weekly chest loot according to patch 7.2.5 (as devs said server is using 7.2.5 myth+ loot system) and found no info about it, cause every single thread is about patch 7.3.5. So I decided to use Wayback Machine internet service that can allow you to view web sites with a specific date. So I've opened same thread but with date according to patch 7.2.5 when Tomb of Sargeras released. According to that threads loot system, that installed on Sylvanas matches the one in the topic. From my experience it works great, but when it comes to 14+ keys system's work is kinda bugged. (all screenshots are below) For those people that are lazy enough to open the links here is the screenshot of the retail 7.2.5 loot table.(and yes, dungeon loot from +10 and higher is broken on Sylvanas too, because it drops 890 loot only) And this is the list of sreenshots with my weekly loot. (sreenshots are clickable) Some of the loot I got matches info from the loot table. And when it comes to +14 and higher loot is kinda broken as I said already. You can do your own research on this bug. Devs, Its all up to you now... English WebArchive link Russian WebArchive link
  6. Why is there no demon hunter in patch 7.3.5?
  7. Yo guys, I just want to know if the class order hall quests are working at this point or not. People have said that they're not in older threads, but in game I see players running aroung with the artifact skins which are unlocked by completing the full order hall questline... Now what's the truth... I have boosted DK, and a non-boosted DH and the only quests I can get from the class halls are not working. The quests are for example: I have to kill and loot the bosses from dungeons, and the others are weapon collecting quests (which is irrelevant anyway since you can get those from the titan guy). Also I tried to begin the questline from the start as the wowhead and all other guides was telling me. Neither works. Furthermore I got stuck in one of the main azshara questline (drawing table/book fight in azshara for instance), and I can't complete the artifact intro questline as well. I was just in the hope that these might help me unlock the class hall questline. Can someone please give me an advice, tip, or information on how one can make progress/gear up in this server, what's working and what's one should focus on? Things just works differently here than on retail. (PS.: sorry for my bad grammar if i had any)
  8. I was did my mm dungeon today but i can't open my class hall chest! "You are received..." I cant loot my class hall chest!
  9. Hello guys i am looking which class will i play when my game downloads, do you have any suggestions?
  10. Hello, i want to select a DPS class which have short cd's and some nice PVE damage. i cant decide which one to choose between firemage, outlaw rogue, or demonhunter (havoc)
  11. 1. frost mage has higt dps 2. dh has higt dps 3. unholy and frost dk has higt dps 4. warlock has higt dps and bugs debuff 5. monk has bugs root got freedow slow move 6. no work arena1,2,3 use macros 7. bugs ret talent auto bubl fail got die? why rdy open rated? ty GM rdy bad work, Games over!
  12. When i go to the Moonglade, there is no quest, so i cant obtain dreamwalk. Can someone help me ?
  13. Stop bugs Destr.Warlock room every 3sec, And Same Frost DK Stop bugs damage DH and Arcane Mage! Stop lag skill and server Where fix WQ? nothing fix Stop stay only need FIX ADDONS! JUST ALL NEED FIX AND STOP VERY LONG NOTHING FIX!
  14. So, recently I have started playing on legion, I rolled spriest at first then bm hunter but I have noticed that both of these classes have some crucial bugs that affect the game-play so I decided that its time to re-roll again but first, I would like to know what class/specs are on top of the DPS charts atm and what class I should really ignore due to their circumstances. And overall what class is worth to mention in legion since i have never played it. PS. I really enjoy feral, is it worth maining it or will I get overwhelmed with bugs?
  15. On Blizzard, just for the facts, this item can be won by only THRE classes and the DRUID is not one of them see here http://www.wowhead.com/item=134278/nightborne-defenders-badge&bonus=1826 Instead Firestorm invented a rule pretending is official like this and gives itemslike this to other classes. Where is your logic?
  16. 1. just start i use macros /Focus arena2 bugs cant use focus in Skirmish arena, how poblem? 2. Ret Paladin same no fix, enemy ease kill ret paladin, nothing fix 3week, have OP warlock, shaman, druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Dk, Monk, Mage In Blizzard have 830 ilvl Ret pal give 300k dps, Firestorm there 838 ilvl max 250k dps nice? 3. Skirmish arena i cant see people, stupid attack my die Thanks games!
  17. do order halls work and those things that are special for every class? like the way you get your artifact and stuff
  18. Hello all! I think some of you may realize that there is no pvp class set on tournament realm for every class at horde side(and there is some missing on alliance side either). Please check this report and bump this, for the sooner fix. https://firestorm-servers.com/us/report/see_report/6174 Also, it would be nice if a buddy check this on other WoD realms, to help the developers' job. Thank you!
  19. New to the game. I'm currently downloading MOP. I've checked some reviews. It seems that this game is only worth playing if you choose the pandaren. Is this true.? Is the story equally good if I choose to play with some other class, maybe the dwarves.? Also is the hunter class any good for this expansion.?
  20. Yo peeps,since Legion is months away and retail is beyond boring (and not worth paying for),I decided I'll play here for a little while.I am interested in some information about some classes,how decent are they,how many bugs do they have,and how often do bugs get fixed. I'd like to know about Enhacement(Resto),Rogues(Sub),Unholy/Frost,Destruction Warlocks. Hope someone can help out,cu ingame peeps.