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      International Game Master Recruitment — Sethraliss & Sylvanas & Garrosh and Gul'dan   06/23/19

      Firestorm International is looking for Game Masters for Sethraliss, Sylvanas, Garrosh and Gul'dan. We're currently looking for members from all regions that wish to join our staff team. Each Game Master will be providing assistance to players through Forums, Discord and In-game tickets. Remember that there are requirements for the position. By signing up for the position you will gain experience with working in a team, and much more. Please put an effort into your application as we provide the general format for you and all you do is have to fill it in. Click here to read the requirements and apply!
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      New Graphic Ideas   07/29/19

      If you are a Graphic Designer and want to volunteer to help the International Firestorm Staff with creating contents, make sure to take a look on that topic here.
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      Events on Twitch!   09/02/19

      The International Firestorm Staff is going to stream its Weekly Events on Twitch. For more information about our Twitch channel and the Weekly Events, you can check here.
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      Securing a Firestorm Account   11/16/19

      Securing your account is very important, so please read our guideline here:    
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      Boost Firestorm Discord / VIP   12/20/19

      Be ready to boost our Discord and in return, you become a VIP. You can read about that here.

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  1. You will need a torrent client to expansion you want. We've provided some links to clients but, you can use one you prefer. µTorrent. BitTorrent. Deluge. You will need a program to decompress the files and extract it to your specified location. WinRAR. 7-zip. For this tutorial we'll be using µTorrent. 1. Choosing your Expansion: Go to the Firestorm Website or Forums. At the top of the navigation click on the "Join Us" button or alternatively click here. 2. Downloading the Expansion: 2.1. Client Choices: Minimal Client The minimal client is not the full download of the game. It will allow you to play but download content as you play. Note: You may suffer from lag, problems, and content taking awhile to load. Full Client The full client has everything in it, and you will not have to download content while in-game. 2.2. Downloading Process: After installing one of your torrent clients or using your preferred one, you should be able to click on the link on the page and it should say "Open µTorrent", "Open BitTorrent" "Open Deluge", etc. If that option isn't available for you, you can right click on the client button and "Copy link address". Open µTorrent and click on the link icon. Paste in the link you previously copied to the box and click "Ok". Viola, now your game should begin downloading. Now, you play the waiting game and wait for the download to finish. Note: The downloading time may take longer; it depends on your internet connection. 2.3. Unpacking the Archive: Once the expansion is completely downloaded, right click on the file archive, and then click on "Unzip" or "Extract Here". You may alternatively open the archive up and drag/drop the files to the specified folder. Once the extraction time is over, open the folder and run your game by clicking "Wow.exe". Important Note: For those that are using the "minimal client", the initial launch of the game can be long (approximately ten minutes or so). Important Note: To play and connect to the realm Gul'dan, you must not run the "Wow.exe". Instead, launch your game via the "Launcher.exe" provided. Technical Support: If you run into any problems with your installation, game, connection issues, etc. please submit a thread in our Technical Support and we'll do our best to assist you with your problem. Read-only Issue: Right click on the game directory and click on "Properties". Un-tick the box "Read-only". Then click "Apply" then "Ok". Changing the Client Language: List of Locales: "enGB" : English (Great Brittan) "enUS": English (America) "frFR": French (France) "deDE": German (Germany) "itIT": Italian (Italy) "koKR": Korean (Korea) RTL - right-to-left "zhCN": Chinese (China) (simplified) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW "zhTW": Chinese (Taiwan) (traditional) implemented LTR left-to-right in WoW "ruRU": Russian (Russia) "esES": Spanish (Spain) "esMX": Spanish (Mexico) "ptBR": Portuguese (Brazil) Changing the Language: If you wish to change your in-game client language, open your game directory, and navigate to the WTF folder. Open the file that has .wtf at the end (usually config.wtf or Firestorm.wtf). Look for "textLocale", "textLocale" and set the lines to what language you want it to be. We've provided some locales above! Example: SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS"
  2. i tried to open the game today and this message keep showing, what i do?
  3. Does anyone know how to connect to Icecrown? I have set my realmlist to [set realmlist wotlk.logon.firestorm-servers.com], but the client will not connect. As I understand it, the Firestorm launcher isn't available anymore, and I can connect directly with my WotLK client. Any help would be very much appreciated -
  4. Is the server down?. I've been trying to log in for over an hour now but always get stuck at the "Connecting". I've tried deleting cache and restarting computer. Any other ppl experiencing the same?
  5. Hello, Does anyone have an estimate as to when the server may be stable to play? As of now after updating fully I am only able to play for 5 minutes before getting disconnected, at which time I have to restart my computer to open Firestorm again. How long has it taken on other patches? Is there any way to get notifications for stability (e.g., an thread about the server update by Firestorm themselves)? Thanks
  6. Whats this suppose to mean? There is no Sylvanas realm on the realmlist And cant login to game, realm. Anyone else have this problem?
  7. Hello, i have ask and problem, because I download the client from te Firestorm website and I have error when i try to login i have error communicat BLZ51901001 What I must do guys ???
  8. I have a fully stable internet connection but somehow i randomly get disconnected from the server. There is nothing showing ingame that i would have a bad connection (no lag or lag spikes). it happens completely random after about 10-15 minutes of gameplay ingame. After i disconnect i cant enter until i wait 5 min ant restart wow. this is very annoying as you probably can tell. anyone experienced the same? is it just the servers?
  9. For some reason, i can't login. this started happening about an hour ago when i was still able to play. I saw something on the news at the login screen about having authentication problems. Is something currently wrong with the server?
  10. Hello, i always get the BLZ 51914001 you have been disconnected issue. I downloaded the client from the website and unpacked it directly on the desktop. what can i do? i tried to play on other Legion server... but the same problem.
  11. So I downloaded Legion from your torrent, unarchived it and located it through your launcher. Then I ran it through the launcher and entered my credentials. Then it waited on "Connecting" for a few seconds and displayed this error: I made sure my credentials are right and all, restarted the game, deleted cache and wtf, but still no success. Can anyone please help me?
  12. i log in, play around 4-5 mins and then I get this error message! happens all the day till yesterday! need some help!
  13. Hey, I have been trying forever to play Warlords of Draenor but I always get the error message "The connection to the network data source did not respond within the expected amount of time". Since Legion will come soon, I am afraid this will stop me from playing it aswell. I'd appreciate any help so much.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to login into WOTLK, but for some reason it cannot connect. I have no problem with my internet connection (cause I'm writing this post on the same computer). I've restarted the laptop repeatedly, no luck. Any ideas? It was working fine earlier today (5.5 hours ago). Thanks!
  15. Oprating System : windows 8.1 - 7 Character name : Rouz Error Info :#105 - ( Connection Diffculties ) issue with IRAN's IP - you can see our country's IP connection on " check the account logs" Description of Problem : Hello Firestorm , i'm here to inform you about problem that has been going on for nearly 3 months , well 3 months ago , we faced a problem with connection , that wouldn't let us log-in to our accounts , unless we used a VPN , other players have already reported this a lot of times , so i will not go into the details much , but in order to help you to better "Understand" this issue , one of the players (in my guild) made a video to clearly explain what's going on with our connection to the server . on this vidoe you can see all information clearly , i hope that it will be helpful Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/85v9ffgddcb4511/Firestorm.wmv Youtube link :
  16. download speeds are really really slow for me and it's not my internet connection. it takes 5 minutes to download the map. 1 hour or 2 to enter the game, 30 minutes to download npcs, i'm not the only one experiencing this problem