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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Sylvanas Community, I am opening up a topic out of curiosity. I was wondering how many achievable achievements do we have on Sylvanas? Once I saw an Orc Shaman (Abshalom, or something similar) with over 12K points. While it is still around a third of all the achievements, there was some work put into that. Probably - ok, most likely - you will not have a database or exact number for this; however, it would also be great to post some Armory links in this thread, just to make some comparison. Directly linked to this topic (achievement hunting) I found a great thread started by Istrion, and I highly encourage everyone to post into this thread and help this guy to update the list for all of us. He collected the working raids and dungeons to one list: Thanks for all the replies.
  2. Hey i have some question about content before legion, some raids/dungeons don't work bosses is not implemented or don't give any loot, we have a topic containing what is raid/dungeon list with this problems? And we have correction of this problems?
  3. Greetings, I would like to ask about the next content step that FS will take. Are there any informations about it? Or a status how long it will take for the next content release or just new instances? best regards Neosilver
  4. I just started out and downloaded the launcher, selected legion and went right in. After pretty long waiting times in the character creation because the character won't show up, I finally entered the realm and was greeted by even more stuff that takes forever to load.... actually download, to be more precise. Is there a way to task the launcher to download EVERYTHING so I can have a smooth experience?
  5. Will the garrison works in Legion? I asked allready in worldchat and ppl asking me why i want the garrison back in Legion. It seems like a homespot where you can work on you own reciptes and you can get alot of useful items by the follower quests (at least you get mount which you can sell in AH). Will WoD Content be missing in Legion?
  6. Hello. I'm new to this server and i would to know the difference betwen the pvp realms and the fun realm in WoD, and what content (dungeons, instances) are avaliable. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, i just was wondering ... Is the Expansion content merge scheduled ?? and for when ??? So i can finely start doing something ( like solo old content and farm it ) if any admins or someone have any idea please let me know i would really appreciate it Thanks in advance for any information