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  1. Whats with all the server crashing today?
  2. merhabalar oyuna girdikten sonra server seçerken oyun çöküyor yardım edebilir misiniz ? hello after entering the game can you help the game crashes while choosing the server?
  3. There is big problem becosue everyday server is crashing around 8pm there is no way to raid we got this problem 2 days in row last week and same today 8pm and server will crash for like 15 min after we log in server is lagging hard how we can raid on this server when is crashing like old servers in 2008
  4. Hello! I just installed the Firestorm Launcher and downloaded the Legion expansion. When I press the play button after a short time an error appears on the screen and I can't get into the game. I've seen a similar topic and the solution didn't work for me. I am currently using Windows 7 Ultimate.
  5. The server is crashing like 5 time in a hour or less or it is just me ? (sylvanas realm (legion) )
  6. so recently ihave been trying to play on the MoP server but every time i open the game after 5 mins of playing my game frezzes then my entire computer crashes ineed help please
  7. Silvanas Server Crash avry 2 min pls fix the problem
  8. Can anyone tell me why the server has been crashing atleast 12 times this morning? Any status report or notification on the issue? just a few days ago the server was offline for several ours while they allegedly moved the server to a more powerful system. This seemed to fix nothing in my experience.
  9. Is there any information on what is causing server crashes every few minutes or any ETA on when the server may be stable? It's been a few weeks now, I'm not sure how long is typical after a patch, but this has been going on for a while still.
  10. Hello, i have written so much but i just need to do it again because you are not solving the problem.. I spent money on my account and i cant login. I am experiencing problem that only few players are. I cannot login to my account. But other accounts work fine. I click connect it says: "Connecting", "Retrieving realm list or something" and then brings me back to login screen, i cant even get to character selection. I saw @Savagery thread and @Friend replied to him that only thing he needs to do is wait for server restart/crash. But how long am i supossed to wait? You dont have scheduled restarts and server didnt crash yet, i am experiencing it 12 hours+. I advise you to have scheduled restarts every 12 hours so (midnight 00:00 and 12:00 afternoon) so people who experience this problem can have it fixed everyday. Just please read this because this is too much, there is not many threads and you cant read our problems... Just please...
  11. So this has becoming quite the issue over the past week. WoD clients keep crashing. It's not just me. It's EVERYONE. I do hope we can get a fix for this soon. This makes the game play pretty nasty. Especially when pvping you get a random crash. It'll be even worse in PvE while you're so close on defeating a boss. Your entire raid crashes.
  12. You know eventually people are just going to migrate to other private servers. I'm not sure how many more times the server is going to crash today but the least you could do is provide some type of explanation (In English) as to why this is happening. I count 5 server crashes so far since I've been on and I suppose it might be related to a server restart this morning to correct problems, but who knows. Usually I'm pretty patient about this stuff but this morning while purchasing Heirloom equipment the server crashed and when I was able to get back on I had lost one of my purchases, "250 gold". I didn't even bother filing a ticket because if I did that for every issue I'd spend more time writing tickets than playing the game. You guys need to start communicating when issues arise instead of leaving people in the dark. The last announcement I see was dated last Thursday, so it's not as if I'm not seeking answers to this on my own. There's other servers I can go spend my money on.
  13. I love Firestorm, and the service it provides... but what is up with the server guys? Sylvanas has more bugs and downtime than a back alley whore. Every day there's crashes, and that's even after a good restart. About 70% of the quests don't work, many dungeons don't work, almost NOTHING in Highmountain works including quests, boxes, and interactive NPCs that are necessary for an entire quest chain. Almost nothing on the entire server that requires a script to run works. Most of the time mobs that are supposed to be patrolling don't even look at you, like they're all participating in a big ol' circle j**k. I love seeing the game in action, and free of charge but damn.
  14. When my wife plays on this server, the game intermittently crashes to a black screen and locks up her computer. She does not have this issue with other 3D MMORPGs (ArcheAge, Wildstar, or even retail WoW). She uses a laptop with an AMD A10 Vision (Radeon HD 7660G). I have updated the drivers to their latest version, rolled them back, tried full screen and windowed modes. I have also forced the computer to use the GPU. Also, I have tried the 64 and 32 bit versions. Does anyone else experience this issue? Does anyone have any ideas for a fix? Perhaps compatibility mode (but which compatibility)?
  15. OS:Windows 10 Expansion:Legion 7.1.5 (23420) I've had this problem when I downloaded the Firestorm torrent. The problem is that when I logout the games crashes, when i play it again the graphic settings and more are not saved. This happens in the x64 version and the regular version. This didn't happen in the launcher version, the one where the game downloads while you play. Let me know if anybody had this problem or think what the cause is or how to fix it. THX
  16. Game crash. Cant open the game.
  17. Everytime when i played for Deamon hunter game crashed after 5 minutes of playing, but any crashreport doesn´t show up.. Game is just turn off without any reason Any other class doesn´t do that.. What is wrong? Sorry for my english
  18. Firestorm U RLY SUCK Stop with these CRASHES/RESTARTS/Etc Srsly u litterally fucking us up. I ussually never complain or use forum for this matters but CMOOON. Cant do single shit in game for days now.
  19. crash world boss levantus
  20. So I downloaded the WoW Legion from the torrent file that is given at the start here in FS, but a problem occured while trying to launch the application, can anyone help me to fix this error? SS: http://prntscr.com/eyzthi
  21. Hello,i'm sorry if i miss the topic,or alredy have one like this,but i recently downloaded wow legion,updated to 7.1.5 ( torrent version ) and when i hit play,wont start,and i get this error. If anyone knows,please answer and help me! Ty
  22. Hey out there I dont know whats going on with the developers or gms at firestorm but I really wanna know ONE specific thing - which is - WHY THA HELL DO WE GET KICKED/DISCONNECTED/CRASH every FKING 30SECS. I lost 2 fking artifact Research CAUSE of ur useless crashes - dammit if server isnt ready then inform US, instead of pissing us so freakingly much. Regards Long Time player - Since Elegon Server
  23. Greetings. Anyone here can tell me why the Legion realm is so unstable today? I just logged in and it has already crashed 2 times, and I have seen no reply about in the forums, only people crying that they got saved in dungeons (even tho they continue to do the dungeons after knowing the realm is unstable) and I was wondering if it has something to do about the updates they released yesterday or not. thanks in advance.
  24. So i'm not sure where to type this so im sorry if it's in the wrong place in the forum. I have this problem where i went to Shadowmoon Valley and started building my garrison and the moment it was about to load in (the garrison) my game crashed (Error: #132) and i had to request a character unstuck to get out of that infinite crash loop.. then the only way to get back to draenor and continue leveling was to go to Ashran so i went there using a portal in Stormwind but the same thing happened i started loading and then the game would go in that infinite crash loop i requested again a character unstuck so that i get out of it.. if anybody knows a solution please help me! The problem might be from the newest update, not sure but i hope it gets fixed soon.. otherwise i can't level up my character..
  25. I would ask devs in the name of all community WHAT are you doing with server that you have to restart it 5x a day... I just wonder whats wrong. Do you make updates? Do you have memory leak? What is the cause? Its so annoying when you play with friends and suddenly server crashes.... My 2 friends already switched to retail because they got enough of restarts in the middle of the day? So please answer WHY you restart server so often so i can understand instead of be mad at you...