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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys First thing sorry for my englando but im not soo good in english. My problem is really easy since 2 weeks i cant see the dmg that my charter do.(the yellow numbers apperar after do dmg) Im sure isnt only one charter pronblem cause all my charter is have the same problem. i think is a setting (but i dont remeber if i set that case the only thing i had changed was the bar for spell etc) I think is a setting cause in another account i did for the test i can see the dmg. thx you all for the help have a good day and good quests. Cya MrSeveRozzi
  2. Hello guys i am looking which class will i play when my game downloads, do you have any suggestions?
  3. Hello, I have problems leveling my new warlock because its damage is weirdly low, it takes like 5 sec to kill a 1 lvl rat that you are supposed to be able to one shot even in lvl 1, please check it out so i can continue on my warlock. TY //Kevin
  4. affliction

    Don't tell me that this is only my problem because it can't be.... it just can't. i know that must be other afflictions feeling the same in pve. I tried to give my best dps in this specific VH HC dungeon (like always). I'm ilvl 836 with artifact weapon lvl 829. Now look at my damage..... -.- .... lol .... -.- the top dps player gave almost the triple of my dps.. 1st question: why did unstable affliction dmg got nerfed without a being announced on the latest changelog? and why did you nerfed it without resolving the main problem of unstable affliction (the stacks not stacking properly + the dispel consequence). 2nd question: what about the other important affliction spells? Like the Grimoire of Sacrifice extra aoe damage or SOME of the artifact abilities (both passive and actives), both major and minor traits not being activated since the beginning of the expansion... 3rd question: i've played affliction since the stone age in other private servers and my damage contribute to a team as never been so poor... WTF is happening ????? I know that affliction is not good in pve this expantion but this is worse than not being good... this dps is too low for my ilvl and wlvl so something must not be right.. the top dps player gave almost 3x my dps. is it my fault?!
  5. I hope that in this patch 7.1.5 warlock again have considerable damage in pve !!! Why this sad play of warlock on pve !!! Please fix this. They messed up so much that it sucked Please fix the affliction damage on pve please!!! I do not want to have to stop playing Warlock !!!
  6. Please fix the damage of the warlock affliction in PVE, it is very low
  7. Seeing that warlock CM is purposely choosing not to seeing the problem, I'm adressing all the pvp community that's extremely upset like me of these months of affliction totally mayhem in bg and arenas with op damage and healing. For warlocks on the bugtracker and the CM damage is fine and 100% blizzlike, so here are the facts to clear some minds: As seen in this video (arena 7.0.3 of September (so no pre-patch) warlocks dots don't seem to be so juicy like Firestorm ones!!!!!! HOWWWW but what a surprise! They weren't blizzlike?? Not a single dot is ticking for 30-40k damage, save for stacked up Unstable Affliction, whereas here only corruption can crit for 57k Now please go on the bugtracker and put a thump up at this report https://firestorm-servers.com/en/report/see_report/27538 so we can have that scr*bs that play that bugged class the well deserved fix after weeks and weeks of supremacy. Corruption isn't the only thing bugged but is a start. Thank you friends for helping putting this plague (no pun intended) down finally.
  8. My stats: Attak Power: 36065 Weapon Dmg: 16395 - 24594 PvP-Power; 44,93% Passive: 25% More dmg http://de.wowhead.com/spell=12712/kampferfahrung Test target: Warlock Armor: 25.05% Physical dmg reduce PvP-Resilence: 75% Test: 1 Smash hit: 25658 2 Smash hit: 28959 Calculated dmg: http://de.wowhead.com/spell=1464/zerschmettern = 275% Weapon Power + 3427 maximum dmg; = 71060,5 + 25% = 88825,625 DMG (((88825,625 / 100) * 25) / 100) * 144,93 = 32183,74 DMG (32183,74 / 100) * ~75 = 24137,80 DMG This is what the enemy player should take on dmg I am not sure if this is 100% right, if i forgott something or if i done something wrong pls tell me this i will edit this. If this is right i will link it on bugtracker.
  9. Dear admin,go for arms war and show how it needs to play in pvp. My overall experience of the game 9, you the fixit when anything look at the formula the official servers or listen to crying players on the 1K rate? Warrior is one of the great dps of melee,as he can hit from 20K mortal strike and a execute from the sudden death of 12K. I's funny to look at it,you need proof? My proto warrior at the beginning of Draenor(on official server) hit 80k from sudden death,to say nothing about the specialization of the weapon.Will make screenshots if need be