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Found 2 results

  1. Just got back to WOW after a break me and my friend ratstorm are trying to have fun in 2s but we keep fighting bug demo locks that do x3 ratstorms dmg (DH) 3k last season. We meld his thal'kiel's consumption or netherwalk/Pre con it as (MW) but that doesnt really matter too much we never get hit by that because we are better than the people we fight 99.9% of the time anyways its the pets being bugged perhaps? i mean comon x3 the DH dmg? im drinking every 1minute as MW. Losing to backpedalers firestorm@us talk to me please Take a look at the screenshot in which we win and also lose because the backpedaling 1200 learnt that he can use a pet attack to keep MW in combat:) people have cried before about this but i think its time to do something about it firestorm its killing PVP 2s and 3s
  2. Before Reading: Please forget about Implosion, Forget TKC, Forget any warlcok spells, just let's focus on warlock pets. Hi everybody. While i was playing demonology i've found that all warlock's pets are dealing way low damage. I've seen plenty pvp videos from retail(arena, bg, duels, world pvp, etc.) you can see in all of them that pets can easily drop 25%-50% of enemies hp (depending of how skilled your are and your enemy), however, here, at sylvanas realm, pets barely do important pve/pvp damage , most of damage come from TKC (it's ok but, it's a high 45secs CD). While TKC is recharging our damage is so poor (even spamming Doom on everybody) even summoning Doomguard, darkglare, bunch of imps, improved Dreadstalkers and GoService Felguard at once our damage is very poor, it should be higher. What do I post this? Because: I couldn't find any pet scalling template for legion, Even knowing that "Summon Darkglare" should deal 110% SP everytime it cast eye lasers, how to know how much SP Dark Glare must have? Same for other minnions. So I can't test and post the bugs at the bugtracker. I would be really grateful if any of you can provide any info about this issue. All demo warlocks will appreciate it. Thank you for reading.